Song Review: Berry Good – Time For Me

Girl group Berry Good are at that fateful crux in their career, seven years after debut. It’s the time when they’ll need to decide whether to keep going as a group or let their contracts lapse. Although they haven’t yet managed to break into the K-pop big leagues, they’ve released their fair share of solid tracks. Hopefully, Time For Me (할래) won’t end up being their swan song. But even if it is, the group continue to deliver the classic pop sound that has long characterized their discography.

With that said, nothing about Time For Me is unique. It’s the kind of fun, upbeat track that goes down easy but leaves little in its wake. Berry Good string together elements that could have been pulled from any number of girl group songs, including the requisite post-chorus breakdown. Time For Me fails to find one memorable hook that might raise it above similar efforts, but for fans of this style, the song is perfectly fine.

Come to think of it, “perfectly fine” is often an apt description for groups at this stage of their career. Berry Good play to their existing fan base with an uplifting performance, but Time For Me feels like it’s treading water. Gone are the explosive vocals of 2016 standout Angel, or the beguiling atmosphere of Don’t Believe. In their place is generic girl group K-pop. I have a number that describes this kind of a “good” song, and I’m afraid it’s 7’s across the board for Time For Me.

 Hooks 7
 Production 7
 Longevity 7
 Bias 7


11 thoughts on “Song Review: Berry Good – Time For Me

  1. .
    Haven’t I heard this song a thousand times before?

    The girls’ performance is fine. It’s the song itself = basic girl group kpop.


  2. I get sad whenever I think about how the main producer behind their two amazing tracks you mentioned passed away a few years back, both for the loss of life and also for the lost potential Berry Good could’ve captured if they’d kept up that quality. I think their agency just didn’t know what to do with the group after that.


  3. BerryGood had the best swag ever for one of their signed album promotions. It came with 5 cleansing face masks that you get at the K-Beauty stores. They smelled like berries.

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  4. Back in february, Gowoon and Seoyul left the group. With all but johyun and sehyung gone, this appears to be the last song that’lll ever be released by berrygood. Their last two albums didn’t even sell 1,000 copis when they were first relased, so I doubt there will ever be a reunion. Also, sehyung and johyun always seemed to be visuals as opposed to real vocalsits so I doubt they’ll release an official swan song


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