Song Review: Cherry Bullet – Love So Sweet

Thus far, I’ve found Cherry Bullet’s music to be pretty hit or miss. They don’t have a large discography, and their title tracks tend to tackle vastly different sounds, making it feel that FNC Entertainment is trying everything they can in pursuit of a hit. But, this versatility has pushed the group toward K-pop’s retro synthpop trend. And as you all know, this sound is a particular favorite of mine. Not only is it quite nostalgic, but the approach tends to allow for plenty of great pop melody.

Love So Sweet is no La Di Da or I Can’t Stop Me, but it’s my favorite Cherry Bullet single in ages. And unlike many K-pop singles in recent years, its verses are its strongest selling point. They’re underlined by a percolating synth groove that makes for a driving structure. I wish the track had remained this spare and interesting all the way through. I also love the melody during parts of these segments, which starts on a high and gradually winds downward to create a satisfying sense of movement.

Love So Sweet’s chorus is successful too, but it’s just a bit too cutesy and saccharine for me. The hook is strong, but would have been improved with a less affected vocal performance. Luckily, everything comes together for a standout finale, where the instrumental surges with a new sense of fullness. Like the rest of the song, this helps contribute to a dynamic through-line. Rather than stop and start to allow for needless breakdowns and choreo showcases, Love So Sweet knows exactly where it’s going and makes sure the ascent is just as gratifying as the endpoint.

 Hooks 8
 Production 9
 Longevity 8
 Bias 9

21 thoughts on “Song Review: Cherry Bullet – Love So Sweet

  1. Well, hey this is a little pocket of fun. It isn’t new and isn’t complicated, but a well-done pop song. Also very Twice-like and with better vocal lines. I big L Like it! (on the grading scale of small-l like, big L-Like, small-l love, big L-Love)

    Off-topic: Hoppipolla released a great song today “Your Ocean”. It’s a ballad, so I don’t think Nick will review it, but it has it all: cello, guitar solo, awesome vocals, power note. On the same grading scale, I big L Love it! ‘

    I never really got into Hoppipolla before, but I think that ends today. I mean, this was the next thing to pop up on my youtube feed, and this live performance is awesome. True Musicians. This is my kind of band. ‘

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  2. It’s so, so good! I see it as some kind of mix between April’s Oh! My Mistake and Weeekly’s Tag Me, and I think they’ve found a sweet (hehe) spot here. Hope they stick with this sound for the next comeback!

    The album’s nice too!

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  3. I like the arrangement- the song sounds very quiet somehow, but not in a bad way.
    It’s not my type of song (seems like this synthpop trend is not my taste) but it’s sweet and I think it does something interesting.

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  4. Yeah, this is lovely. I don’t know how much staying power it will have, but it’s very enjoyable and refeshing while it’s on. Sweet but not sickeningly so


  5. I’m so glad this got a positive review. I wasn’t sure how it’d be received on Bias List, since as you said, you tend not to love the ultra sweet and cutesy.

    However, I am a complete sucker for the stuff and can’t get enough. This song is firing on all cannons for me.
    I didn’t want another “power” 80’s song. My fav 80s stuff is bubblegummy or sophistipop like Scritti Politti and Prefab Sprout.

    Getting past the negatives: I do think they should’ve kept things minimal in the prechorus and the complete dropouts that happen in between sections is not my thing.

    Otherwise – I love love love
    These are the retro vibes I want, it gives me a little bit of April “Oh my mistake” vibes.
    I love delicate delivery that blossoms into something simultaneously sweet and powerful.
    While the track is certainly driving, parts of the structure feel nontraditional in a way that excites me. I appreciate that the “anti-drop” second half of the chorus has much in common with the verses. It allows the transition back to 2nd verse to feel like a through-line.
    I also am so here for the vi-iii-IV-I progression.

    But the hook is not weak and they power it up at the end.
    This is def my fav title track of 2021 so far (cuz we’re only 20 days in)

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  6. Nick i think you should definitely check out their b-side ( whatever)
    It’s so good specially the chorus in my opinion this should’ve been the tile track if i were to rate it i would give it a decent 8.5/10


  7. Glad to see a stronger return from them after the mediocre Hands Up + Aloha or whatever it was called. I was really worried they’d just continue using bits of classical music and stuff in place of a chorus…

    However I have to say I prefer their b-side which is actually called “Whatever.” For me, none of their title tracks have quite measured up to the inimitable debut song “Q&A,” and this is the song that comes the closest.

    The MV this time around is really simple. I wouldn’t be surprised to see FNC going through some budget cuts… hopefully CB are able to make it through after a chaotic 2020.

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  8. Sweet and pop sounding! I don’t mind this at all. I kind of miss hearing more songs like this. They make me smile- which is something I really need these days.


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