Song Review: HyunA – Good Girl

Though HyunA released I’m Not Cool last week, she was originally scheduled to promote a different track last year. That song is Good Girl, which officially breaks free of its b-side status with a music video today. I liked I’m Not Cool well enough, but this feels more like a single. I’m glad that she’s choosing to promote it as well, even if it doesn’t quite live up to the best of her material.

Good Girl takes much of the same attitude and energy from I’m Not Cool, but adds a welcome shot of melody to give it a poppier appeal. The opening synth effect calls back to HyunA’s classic Bubble Pop, while the first verse offers a punchy hook that traces a satisfying melodic arc. The pre-chorus pulls back more than I’d like, but builds toward the song’s chant-along refrain with panache. I actually think Good Girl’s chorus is its weakest element. It’s definitely catchy, but the performance feels like it’s missing some punch.

I could also do without Good Girl’s noisy breakdown, which brings chaotic synths into the mix. Given the percussive nature of the track’s verses, I think a drumline instrumental would have fit better during this segment. Still, the track holds together pretty well despite its occasional messiness. It’s a great conduit for HyunA’s considerable charm, and I love the straightforward percussion that underlines much of the instrumental. It’s refreshing to hear confident drum beats that aren’t just high-hats and lurching EDM elements strung together.

 Hooks 8
 Production 8
 Longevity 8
 Bias 8

36 thoughts on “Song Review: HyunA – Good Girl

  1. I definitely like this better than “I’m not cool”. However, I have to agree with you on the chorus, it’s catchy but doesn’t really feel like the centerpiece of the song, which is what I think it should be. Personally I don’t mind the synth breakdown which is suprisingly since I’m one of those people who often can’t stand these type of sections in kpop. Maybe be because it only happened twice? I think if they changed the melody in the prechorus and chorus this would an easy 9 for me. Still, I might actually listen to “good girl”, can’t say the same for “I’m not cool” lol


  2. This is a pretty good pop song, but one that sounds entirely generic. “I’m not that good girl that everyone likes” Sounds like it was song camped and shopped around all the usual girl pop stars and wannabe pop stars, and landed with Hyuna with some phrases translated into Korean just for her. I don’t know if that is what happened but that is what it sounds like to me.

    Its OK, but not my style. Its the message, I’m not that good girl that everyone likes, its so overused. Me me me. Another song about being me me me.

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    • For us girls, bad is the new good apparently. What’s wrong with the good girl that everyone likes? The ‘me’ song trend is also extra prevalent in recent years..or so it seems. To me it often sounds less like confidence and more like bravado masking insecurity – but maybe it’s not that deep. I understand it’s meant as a fun, empowering sing-along.

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      • Yes, bad is the new good, again for this generation. (Taking the loooong view, Bad girls have been good girls ever since Mae West “Come up and see me some time”. Or perhaps Mimi in La Boheme and Fantine in Les Miz.)

        Way overthinking it: its also the song of the loud obnoxious girl declaring her empowerment while also acting as the frenemy bully in the schools, which really just hides her own insecurities and bad parents. Its so cliche. Gah.

        OK, moving on ….

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        • Same feeling as a male.
          No I do not need to hijack my father’s truck while doing donuts around the parking lot then crashing it.

          I am happy and content with my small group of friends who are *very* likable. You shouldn’t be toxic, that is not empowerment, I know that is not what Hyuna meant, but still. I am so tired that you have to be swaggering around when you could be a nice, genuine person.

          Now here’s a video which showcases why I simultaneously love myself and hate myself.


        • Truly I think ‘good girl’ is associated with complete obedience and not being ‘good’ is supposed to signal individual personhood and/or a love of ones true self vs. having to be what someone else thinks you should be.

          Especially in idol culture there’s a lot of tightrope walking women have to do so they’re ‘good enough’ and ‘safe enough’ which I can only imagine is lots of pressure so not being ‘that good girl’ seems to be more saying ‘I just want to be the full version of myself instead of a curated version’

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            • With the context of choosing herself and her relationship over lying to the public for Cube this video/song seems to be another personal assertion. Looking at the lyrics again she even says she isn’t a ‘bad girl’ but wants to be herself instead of ‘that good girl that everyone likes’ so it all tracks.


              • That’s fair! I can see how the theme works for Hyuna because she has actually personally experienced being painted as ‘bad’ for choosing her own path.


  3. I like the beat under the verses, the chorus grew on me a little bit throughout the song but overall..this is not for me. There’s too much chaos and noise, not enough substance to hold it together for me. I think I actually prefer I’m Not Cool.


  4. I’m realizing hyuna has been solo for about a decade now and still doesn’t have a studio album. Why do female acts tend to get more EP than studio album? I feel like male acts tend to get them quickly


        • Nick has never reviewed Gaho, but maybe if we keep mentioning him he will start today with Home … although last year’s Song for You / Beautiful double A side was more hella octave busting adventurous.
          If I keep mentioning them maybe we will get one of those not-so-random random shuffles.


            • Yes! Now go listen to Beautiful, which knocks Song for You off its pedestal.
              I live for the guitar slide crash at 2:36.


              • Man, his voice is no joke. I think I heard it once or twice last year, but never paid attention. Had I, it may have snuck into my top 50, it is great. Like his vocal range is pretty wide, I’d say second to Dimash Kudaibergen amongst male singers currently active.

                Some Dimash songs:



                I’d love a song with Huang Qishan, Dimash Kudaibergen, and Gaho singing together, imagine the vocal harmonies.


                  • Lol so true!

                    As a Dimash fan, I find it borderline annoying. Dimash is a great vocalist, but I feel some of his fans are a bit over-zealous. He is though, the most talented active vocalist in the world.

                    A common criticism I see of Dimash is that he does not embody emotion through his voice like, say, Satoshi Fujihara. But in recent performance, such as Qaragym-Ai, he has finally began showing that heavy emotional depth.

                    That does not exactly make his new song a masterpiece, though. I wish we get the next song with him and Igor Krutoy, those two are a great duo.


  5. Though the song may have some flaws within it, it manages to utilize everything I love about Hyuna as a performer. Beginning with a Juvenile taunt which Hyuna can sell before moving onto some fresh pop melodies which were missing in I’m Not Cool.

    Good Girl‘s centerpiece carries Hyuna’s vocals over a flexible charisma which drives the whole track to effortless charm. It feels catchy and enlightened by her performance, but to me, I love the freewheeling structure of the verses, Hyuna chews every syllable and elongates it with her undeniable swagger. Every part of it seems worth it (Except that lame transition to the rap, it sounds incredibly jarring to say the last) and guarantees success to the track.

    If there is anything I could do without that noisy post-chorus with its siren synth backing which absolutely kills any momentum the song could’ve offered. When Good Girl was gearing for its refreshing climax, this backdrop absolutely killed it. Luckily, Hyuna counters all of these problems and makes Good Girl a really satisfying listening experience.

    Nick! One question, what is your FAVORITE SONG of All Time?


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