Song Review: Momoland x Chromance – Wrap Me In Plastic

After their breakout 2018 success, Momoland have pinballed from one novelty to another, trying to find something that might stick. This has been largely unsuccessful, though they remain a competitive force in today’s K-pop landscape. Their pursuit of viral sounds has led them toward a few different collaborations, the latest of which sees them paired with masked EDM DJ Chromance on a cover of his 2020 TikTok hit Wrap Me In Plastic.

While my eyes glazed over as soon as I read “TikTok hit,” I’m always hopeful that K-pop can do its thing and somehow bring something new to the endeavor. Unfortunately, Momoland’s version is pretty much a straight cover. And, having an upbeat girl group sing these lyrics comes across as even creepier than the original.

There’s a reason why I don’t review English-language pop music. Too often, I get stuck in the weeds when it comes to lyrics. And the lyrics here are… something else. I honestly can’t tell if the original was meant to be some sort of weird parody, but Momoland play it totally straight. And, that makes the end-result feel awkward and off-putting. The protagonist of this song seems to give up all her agency to a man, and the repeated dollhouse theming brings to mind the worst of K-pop fetishization. There appears to be no subversion present within the track itself, unless I’m missing something. It’s just a straight-up creepfest.

Taking the lyrics away from the track (which is hard to do), the synthesized reggae beat is nothing to write home about. My favorite moment is the vocaloid-esque break right after the chorus, but that may just be because it’s one of the few times I don’t feel like I need to take a cold shower.

 Hooks 7
 Production 7
 Longevity 7
 Bias 5

35 thoughts on “Song Review: Momoland x Chromance – Wrap Me In Plastic

  1. Oh hell no. The message these lyrics send to young women and young men with these gender roles that are so controlling and domineering is horrible. Plus it is so BDRSM, and when you combine it with the idea of plastic, and asphyxiation highs and all that, it is beyond creepy, it is really sick.

    Other thoughts
    1) “I’m a Barbie girl” song did the wrapped in plastic line so much better, and also made the song mean the opposite in a deeply ironic way.
    2) Momoland seems to be losing members with every release.
    2) I can’t pick out JooE anymore. It’s like the whole Jennifer Grey nose job thing. Or Renee Zellweger eye job thing.

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    • I’m so glad people are calling out the questionable lyrics – I saw people on other sites going “OMG! I love this song! It’s so cute and fun and I want to listen to it on repeat!” and I was just like… how?

      There’s a time and a place for BDSM, and that song was NOT IT.

      Also – they haven’t lost a member. Nayun sings on the track but wasn’t able to appear in the MV because she was ill (she apparently has vertigo and it’s worsened lately).


    • Nancy will forever be my dream. Of course I like although the other from mld. But I Don t like this song. Greetings from Germany


  2. Yikes – before I paid attention to the lyrics I enjoyed the vocal affect because it reminded me of artists like 100 gecs and Hannah diamond. However – yah that sucks.

    I think there is room for references BDSM in pop music but like not performed by teenagers and it’s not even like enlightened BDSM. so no thanks.

    anyways this fell flat. I feel bad for the English speaking members who have to cringe through this.

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  3. Funny, when I first listened to this I thought ‘this sounds like a TikTok song’. It’s that very minimal, vaguely catchy production, gimmicky chorus with weird lyrics. TikTok vibes all over.

    It really is a little jarring to see their delivery of those lyrics – without a hint of irony. Barbie Girl by Aqua this is not. That song is way more catchy, too. In terms of music, I am a little nostalgic for the time when Tik Tok referred to a Kesha song.

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            • Well, you wrote on it at least twice.

              2. Tik Tok – I really do think you have to be under the influence of something to enjoy this fully. The lyrics are just so annoying. They’re not cute, they’re not funny, they just make her look/sound ridiculous. That being said, the song is a hit for a reason. It’s devilishly catchy. 6/10

              Ke$ha – Tik Tok
              Previously known as the vocalist on Flo-Rida’s obnoxious Right Round, Ke$ha is being compared (unjustly) to Lady Gaga. I’d take Bad Romance over this any day. Everything’s pretty derivative here. It’s not horrible, but it wouldn’t be a hit if Gaga wasn’t big. Oh, and the lyrics are annoying. C

              I think you also gave one of her songs a 1/10, but it was pretty bad anyway.


      • It was always a guilty pleasure of mine – I loved it but thought the lyrics and delivery were seriously annoying. As always, my objective thoughts on what is good taste cannot stand in the way of me enjoying a good beat haha :’)

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        • After this chain, I went once again and checked out some of my favorite mainstream pop songs from the 2010s American scene, and I am surprised at how good some of those songs are. Call Me Baby was called a guilty pleasure, but any modern pop songs with strings and melody is called a classic. Pitbull’s Timber has more oomph in its ambitious instrumental than half the modern ‘art songs’. And finally, Katy Perry’s Firework has ages amazingly.

          I am not saying that current music is bad, it is just that the current scene is, on average, in America, much less ambitious. Thankfully last year was a step in the right direction, and it can only get better (I hope).


          • I’m not sure if you meant to type Call Me Maybe (?) in which case I agree, I still think it’s a great song. Very glad it gave Carly Rae Jepsen a boost bc she went on to make great music. Pitbull is a hilariously horrible lyricist but at least his songs were fun- Timber really went for it. For Katy Perry I much prefer Teenage Dream or California Gurls to Firework (but I loved Firework back in the day).

            Current music is just very different because the dominant genre shifted so much. It’s not for me either, but I wouldn’t say that music by the Pitbulls and Katy Perrys was more ambitious than the current Drakes and Cardi Bs. Now, Tik Tok music is another story..


            • Ya, I meant Call me Maybe. Guess all the years as a K-Pop fan really confused me for that!

              True, don’t let Pitbull write the lyrics, and you actually get pretty great pop music.

              Funny you prefer Teenage Dream and California Gurls, because I literally never got into them, always was a Firework person.

              Ya, the whole Tik Tok musician craze is… sad. I mean, the viral song climate promotes memes and bad rhymes instead of actual music. There are exceptions, but they remain only exceptions 😦

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  4. I have to say, MLD is doing a terrible job managing them. I think only TS entertainment really beats them (maybe star empire too… ).

    When it comes to the song, lyrics had me making a face the entire time, the reggae beat doesn’t have any energy, and the girls sing in a way in which it doesn’t matter that they have multiple members( you can’t tell the difference which is a hame because it’s a rather easy thing to do with this group most of the time). I wish the song went in a fun direction, it is momoland after all…

    Nick do you have a favorite member of momoland, if so who is it?


  5. Okay, I left this midway through. The lyrics are super-problematic (like, worse than No More Perfume on You level problematic). I mean, how would anyone agree to sing that?! No wonder Momoland’s members want to leave, their agency makes them sing stuff like this?! I borderline feel like yelling…

    Even without the lyrics though, this song is terrible. What Yan Zaman just said above is true. This is a disaster. A terrible disaster.


  6. Eeeeeee noooo
    It’s the high pitched, girlish delivery of the BDSM referencing lyrics that makes me uncomfortable. If there was an artist with a girlish persona who is actually into BDSM and wants to make a song about it, I’d be fine with it. It’s her choice. This, though, just feels creepy, like Momoland’s members are unwittingly playing out the fantasy of someone objectifying them.

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  7. My guess for the “Breaking Down The K-pop Song” will be these choices:

    SHINee – Lucifer
    B1A4 – What’s Happening (crossed fingers for this one)
    Seventeen – Very Nice
    EXO – Mama
    Boyfriend – Janus

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  8. Okay, as an American, I percieved an entirely different meaning out of the song. From the very beginning of the music video, the “user” logged into their account and proceeded to play “Momoland” music”. Momoland’s use of robotic movements and clothing, not to mention the somewhat robotic cadence to the vocals, indicated a sort of Siri = Apple, Alexa = Amazon, or Bixby = Android feel to the song. As if they were trying to give thoughts to technological personal assistants. Which I find to be clever and intriguing. What if Siri did fall in love with her user? Wouldnt she refer to him as master? Even the choice of words brings home this message to me. “Wrap me in plastic and make me shine,” referencing the purchasing of smart phone or device. “We can build a doll house” (emphasizing the word “doll”) as in childish, cute, fake. Not real. A desired dream, as if to suggest that Siri is ‘pretendin’ or ‘desiring’ to be his girl (fake) and will follow his “design”. Which of course, she would do because she does not have autonomy, or decision making abilities, of her own. She is a robot. When viewed from this perspective, the whole song takes on an entirely different meaning, rather than some hyper-sexualized BDSM nonsense. Not to mention, this perspective explains far more of the visuals utilized in the music video, including their metallic clothes, their profiles, the use of outdated electronics and computer monitors. I mean, cmon, if Alexa were going to sing a love song to her owner, I think it would sound something like this song.

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  9. I absolutely love the song, the music and the way the girls look. I can’t be more happier with everything about it, i don’t get it why all this hate about the lyrics, like do you expect all lyrics to be ”normal”, i like the way this song is different. It’s really a song like Barbie girl, which was loved by many, but of course, because it’s Momoland people tend to hate.


    • Well, I don’t hate Momoland. I don’t hate any idol group because… what’s the point, really? I’ve liked some songs, and disliked others.
      I don’t think I ever said I wanted lyrics to be “normal.” I do think the lyrics and delivery are problematic here, and beyond its overall theme I don’t buy the Barbie Girl comparison.

      Barbie Girl was clearly a tongue-in-cheek satire, which is evident from its performance style, music video and some of its lyrical content. Plus, it was written by the group themselves, leaving no doubt that it was the message they wanted to convey. I don’t get that with Plastic at all. The intent may be completely innocent, but it doesn’t come across that way. If it had been a stronger song, it might have been easier to look past that.

      I’m glad you like it, though. No song is for everyone, and that’s okay.


      • Well it’s a colab with the producer, a korean version of American song, it’s clearly they didn’t write it or have something to do with the lyrics. I bet the agreed in that because it’s a catchy song and it may get viral, as the original, i don’t think that there is some big deal about it. The video is pretty normal, nothing specifically worrying. Singers like actors play/sing different roles, so nothing wrong with it, it doesn’t have to do something with themselves. The song been already out for a year and got positive reviews.. until Momoland decided to sing it.


  10. I read about the writing of this song, it’s a song about the girls who create online personas and have guys pay them to watch them do things. Eat, put on makeup, Making them wait while they do time-consuming things (“quick shower, won’t be too long”) … they’re actually making fun of the guys.
    They’ll talk the fantasy BS (wrap me in plastic; i can call you master) but sexually , she does nothing. She simply gets paid to be an actress.
    I think it’s a cool idea, but if one doesn’t know the backstory, it could absolutely be taken the wrong way.
    Also: Very catchy melody, IMO.


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