Song Review: C.T.O – Oh! That Girl

It’s a tale as old as time: Taiwanese boy group sends sub-unit to Korea in the hope of competing within the already-packed K-pop market.

Okay, I guess it isn’t exactly a well-worn tale, but I admire the chutzpah it takes to attempt this gamble. K-pop often exports its music to foreign markets. The opposite isn’t nearly as common. And judging from their rather inert music video, C.T.O are clearly working under a limited budget. I mean, for a song this upbeat and funky, who thought it was a good idea to have the guys sitting the entire time?

Of course, this isn’t a music video blog, and taken apart from the visual Oh! That Girl is really fun. In fact, it’s right up my musical alley. My appetite will never be sated when it comes to this kind of light-on-its-feet funk pop. And though I could do without many of the cloying English-language lyrics, the song’s relentless beat more than compensates.

Oh! That Girl opens with a SHINee-esque chant before galloping into its brisk, exciting verse. There’s a sense of ease highlighting the arrangement. It’s so nice to hear a dance track that’s not overly fussy. The production finds its groove immediately and leans into it, adding brass flourishes for extra emphasis. The chorus is cheesy to the max, but buoyed by an infectious energy that urges (practically forces!) listeners to smile along. I love how this hook moves through several distinct sections – and none of them include an ill-placed instrumental drop! This is as amiable and fun as pop music gets, and I hope it brings C.T.O some deserved attention in Korea.

 Hooks 8
 Production 9
 Longevity 9
 Bias 9
 RATING 8.75

8 thoughts on “Song Review: C.T.O – Oh! That Girl

  1. “My appetite will never be sated when it comes to this kind of light-on-its-feet funk pop.”
    That’s it, that’s my opinion on the song.

    I would’ve really liked to see an energetic choreo/MV though!


  2. Aww, they’re so fresh-faced and adorable, and the song’s a bop. I can imagine lots of preteen hearts going pitapat over them. I found a live performance and a few other videos. Kpop has such a focus on amazing dance moves, and they have a ways to go to reach that level.


  3. From the first few seconds I knew this would be a Nick choice. Its got that groove to it.

    Maybe this is a pre-release, hence no dance?

    I frankly don’t care about their origins, only that usually the outside-Korea kpop wannabes put out a lousy product. This one isn’t bad. I have no way of judging their Korean accent. The English pronunciation is pretty good.


    • (Which always begs the question: What is kpop? What distinguishes kpop from any other pop besides being in Korean? I am way too tired and over it to start that discussion going.)

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      • It will ultimately come down to the fact that we live in a society. Social constructs, categories, (almost) none of which have clear-cut definitions..making discussions about their definitions kind of useless. It’s like those ‘what is a sandwich’ or ‘what is a soup’ discussions.

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        • “What is a wave”

          My sister got married near the beach. The priest composed a poem for the happy couple entitled “What is a wave?”. This was truly epic poem, epic in length, epic in quantity and variety of metaphor, epic in cheese. There we are all patient in the church listening to this poem, and then just when you think the poem was over the priest would sigh again and start the next stanza with “what is a wave, is it this or that, or or or …”

          The inflection was dramatic and substantial. Sometimes it went WHAT is a wave, sometimes what IS a wave, sometimes what is A wave*, and sometimes (yes) what is a WAVE.

          *I mean, is it one or a small part of many?
          Is it a swelling in our hearts?

          And then he presented the hand-written scroll of this epic poem to the loving couple who had to accept it with a loving and caring smile.

          This of course has become the family catch phrase for all sorts of endless questions that have no definitive answer.

          So I ask you “What is a wave?”

          … moving on …

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  4. I knew you would like this song. I agree it was a terrible decision to have them sitting the whole time. They should’ve had them dance with some close ups and a party scene. It doesn’t need to be anything special, but it should match the high energy song. You can kinda hear their accents in the first verse which was off putting. The main thing that doesn’t make this a slam dunk for me is the production, it has a good groove but the sounds themselves seem copied and pasted. In a way, I feel like I’ve heard this song from other acts before. I personally love instrumental hooks in songs, and while one probably would’ve been jarring in this track, a nice motif would’ve helped me enjoy it more. I love the melody and the deliever is solid most of the time, but the production is like a 6 or 7. However, CTO is offering something different, so hopefully we hear from them again…. music videos like this always make me doubtful

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