Song Review: SixTONES – Boku ga Bokujyanai Mitaida (I Don’t Seem To Be Myself)

Since debuting last year, SixTONES have blitzed the J-pop market with music, and their consistency in both quantity and quality has been admirable. The group is not a one-trick pony, and new single Boku ga Bokujyanai Mitaida makes that quite evident. As the theme to the live action adaptation of manga Liar X Liar, the track calls for a lighter touch than the group’s usual rock-heavy approach. And by bringing in the brass-kissed band appeal that’s recently been re-energized by popular acts like Official HIGE DANdism, SixTONES have proven they can compete in all sorts of genres.

Boku ga Bokujyanai Mitaida (google translated to “I Don’t Seem to Be Myself”) is the kind of slow-burn track that J-pop does best. It doesn’t hit you with sharp EDM drops or a harsh, imposing melody. But, that doesn’t mean it’s sluggish. In fact, the blend of piano, brass and rollicking percussion packs quite an energetic wallop. The instrumental certainly feels alive, weaving and cresting and hitting you with a satisfying embellishment when you least expect it.

At four minutes, Boku ga Bokujyanai Mitaida is not overlong, though it does feel a bit listless at times. Despite a rousing finale, my excitement for the track begins to wane about halfway through. With that said, we kick off on a real high. So, the verses and choruses that follow are like cherries on top of an already-satisfying cake. And, that brilliant chorus is bound to get your heart pumping (and in the mood for J-drama goodness). I’m eager to see if SixTONES will continue to explore this sound on later releases.

 Hooks 9
 Production 9
 Longevity 8
 Bias 8

(mv is the short, edited version)

5 thoughts on “Song Review: SixTONES – Boku ga Bokujyanai Mitaida (I Don’t Seem To Be Myself)

  1. Lol, and once again we disagree on Snow Man / SixTONES. For me, this is a 9.25, and an instant contender for SOTY. It is interesting reading what other people think.

    Nick, what do you think about Snow Man’s Big Bang Sweet? I gave it a 1.75, and Deforested gave it a 0. While I doubt you will, it truly is a disaster. I wonder what you think about it.


    • Oof… those are some low ratings. You know I don’t give ratings that low, but I still think I like Big Bang Sweet more than both of you combined. It’s easily the worst of their promoted tracks, but I’ve grown to enjoy it for the bubblegum bop it is. If I were rating, it’d probably be a 7 or 7.25.


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