Song Review: WEi – All Or Nothing

Rookie group WEi is organizing their first few mini albums around the idea of “identity.” Their goal, I assume, is to display their versatility and show different sides to their music. It’s odd, then, that their title tracks have been formatted with a producer credit in the title – giving top-billing to their collaborators. But given that new single All Or Nothing (모 아님 도) is co-produced by a WEi member himself (Jang Daehyeon), I guess this is beginning to make more sense.

Debut Twilight was composed by Pentagon’s Hui, but I found it to be one of his weaker efforts. By bringing the production further in-house, I hoped that All Or Nothing would give a greater impression of WEi’s own musical sensibilities. Unfortunately, it’s a generic boy group track of this era, anchored by a noisy instrumental drop and bounding along a sputtering beat that’s all over the place. The song has its moments, but nothing feels particularly memorable or unique.

Too much of All Or Nothing is given over to the kind of barely-melodic sing-talk that has a hard time making an impact. The one exception comes during the song’s pre-chorus, which brings a brighter synth texture and offers a blast of powerful vocals. Sadly, this all culminates in a ho-hum drop – the likes of which we’ve heard countless times over the past few years. There aren’t enough unique instrumental elements to make this segment stand out. Despite all its puffed-out bluster, All Or Nothing kind of fades into the background.

 Hooks 6
 Production 7
 Longevity 7
 Bias 6

13 thoughts on “Song Review: WEi – All Or Nothing

  1. Honestly, I was really hoping for WEi to switch it up in a good way and then…this. It just isn’t my taste at all. Sounds dark, Gritty, but predictable. And the music video doesn’t really do anything for me either. Here is to hoping their next switch up in identity will be more up my alley!

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  2. I am really disappointed on this one *sigh* I expected a lot from daehyeon. Guess I shouldn’t let my hopes up again.

    One thing my mind crossed at during the song was “this sounds like no diggity” and I’m not really lying. The arrangement feels so similar, especially during the drop on the 2nd chorus. I don’t know, that’s the only thing I remember at first listen lmao

    It’s a big mess, from start to finish. It sounds so over the place as if everything is being thrown away in different directions. It’s not really coherent, which I really don’t like because it feels so unfocused *big sigh*

    I’m giving this a 6.5. I still have hope for this group since they’re rookies, but they are really in the need of a better producer. The boys are really talented, but it had to be masked with this… generic mess.


    • I’m a fan of Donghan since PD101 days and I’ve went through all of his music activity for the past 3 years (AND I don’t against him debuting in a group again) but his company really destroyed his solo career for this. I thought Twilight was bad enough but this song is even more disappointing, they were too confident to let a member to produce a title track

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  3. This is another instance of “well, at least the pre-chorus is kinda good..”. I don’t think I’ll remember anything else from this song. This is an interesting month with some really powerful hits and some complete misses.


  4. I have to be honest – I can’t think of a better way to describe this group so far than “tedious”. Their vocals, rap and dance aren’t terrible, but they don’t have any showstoppers, either.

    Everything about them lands right in the middle and leaves me feeling like Oui basically threw this group together in a rush to make sure they could keep the Yohan moneytrain going in a post-X1 world.

    I was a huge fan of Donghan solo and also in JBJ, yet this group’s music and concepts have been so bland and safe that even someone with intense charisma like him can’t stand out.

    Assuming Oui continue to half ass WEi, I wish they’d just left Donghan solo. He’s a weak vocalist but he got great songs and he performed the hell out of them. I’d rather get another Sunset or Focus than… whatever this was.


  5. damn shame their music is so bland bc seokhwa genuinely has so so so so much potential as a vocalist and needs better material (seriously go watch his covers on weis yt channel)


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