Song Review: MCND – Not Over

Barring a few exceptions, MCND’s music tends to take awhile to grow on me. What initially feels loud and obnoxious becomes a total earworm over time. This happened with both Ice Age and Crush. I find that it also helps to watch the guys perform the songs. They have such gleeful stage presence that it’s hard not to get swept up in the goofiness.

It’s been about two months since the release of the group’s latest mini album, but they’re diving back in for follow-up promotions with the track Not Over (아직 끝난거 아이다). As the final song on the album, I can’t say I gave it much attention back in January. In fact, I’m pretty sure I dismissed it completely. But returning with a new perspective has improved the song’s fortunes. I don’t think it’s as fun or memorable as either of those previously mentioned earworms, but it has its moments.

This is your standard boy group hype track, bounding along a fun, keys-heavy beat with moments of brassy EDM bombast. As with many MCND songs, Not Over’s pre-chorus is its most melodic piece. The rest is largely driven by the kind of puffed-up posturing that’s become commonplace in K-pop. The guys never take themselves too seriously – thank goodness – but I wish that the track made room for a more inventive chorus. I don’t mind the shouting, but neither the performance nor the instrumental is quite unique enough to stand on its own. Instead, Not Over comes across as a convincing take on this specific sub-genre of boy groupdom – neither better nor worse than most of its peers.

 Hooks 7
 Production 8
 Longevity 8
 Bias 8
 RATING 7.75


17 thoughts on “Song Review: MCND – Not Over

  1. Here it is: a fine example of a song that is young and fun without being all pastel aegyo sailor suits. Another thing we like to say about songs like this: This is a song that knows what it wants to be, it delivers, finishes, and then ends right on time without overstaying or overstating itself.

    I Like it! (big ell Like, on a scale of small ell like < big ell Like < small ell love < big ell Love <<< Flove)

    I am also happy that kpop is resuming the old habit of promoting two songs off an album with videos not one and done.

    MCND are occupying the space that Block B has vacated during their military hiatus – the seems on the surface to be an alt indie band but is actually playing within the bounds of the kpop industry expectations so it gets the best of both worlds. (An example of alt indie not playing by the usual kpop rules is MONT, qv their Anti-hero song last year ‘ which grows on me every time I listen to it because I am a weirdo.)

    Whistle as hook is also a nice touch – it isn’t novel and in the wrong hands can go wrong but here it is perfect. Kpop people will think of BTS “Blood Sweat Tears”, also perhaps Roy Kim “Bom Bom Bom”, but we old gits think of Bobby Mc Ferrin, and of Scorpions “Wind of Change”. ‘ (OT: This is what I remember as a typical MTv unplugged stage style – hit songs refreshed with new acoustic arrangements. Another unplugged gem ‘

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    • Somehow really didn’t expect you to enjoy this one! Glad to see you do, though. I think I hear what you mean by Seventeen, the production of the chorus and the vocal harmonies are kinda reminiscent of them..I don’t have enough musical knowledge to name the exact things.


          • Believe me when I say this: there is worse kiddie entertainment out there than Teen Titans Go.

            I have imagined in my minds eye an episode where they start dreaming of cheeseburgers, and they go to their favorite cheeseburger place, and somehow they get locked in the walk in freezer with all the frozen cheeseburgers. The fairy one says I am the turning into the ice. The goth one says this cold is perfect. Then Beast, Teen Robin, and the Robot one bust into a rousing rendition of Ice Age come into Ice Hail! and bust them out of the freezer.


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            • I can’t tell if you have just ruined or improved my perception of the song.. (I loved the ‘normal’ Teen Titans, though. Gotta rewatch that sometime).

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  2. I know MCND has the tendency to be noisy for the sake of it but like they deliver such fun and youthful energy to whatever song they are performing that I can’t help but to be charmed. I’m not gonna say they make fantastic songs every time, like this one isn’t their best, but I’d much rather listen to them over way too many stuck in a rut boy groups these days.

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  3. Okay so MCND have complete fallen off my radar after all the hype Ice Age garnered and I think I may have misjudged them if this is what their music is like (someone correct me if this was just a one time style for them). Like this was a blast to listen to and kind of reminds me of the energy (not the style) that 2018/19 Pentagon had when they started to do more fun “we aren’t taking ourselves too seriously” music (think Shine, Naughty Boy, Round 1 and 2, Humph, and even Sha La La) and I’m here for it. Too many groups are trying to mature their sound by going edgy and angsty but this is sort of a reversal where they’ve taken the usual dark and brooding boy group sound and made it playful and exciting. Solid 8 for me and I might even throw in a few more points for making me smile (a rare feat achieved by very few boy groups now a days).


  4. After Crush, I started listening to them more and Ice Age started growing on me (never would’ve predicted that in a million years). I agree with you about their ‘gleeful stage presence’. Their energetic performance and infectious smiles have stolen my heart.

    The first time I listened to this, I was so put off by the chorus that I actually clicked off.
    I should have known better from my experience with Ice Age – MCND makes some good growers. Now that I’m listening to it all the way through I already like it better. Still prefer those piano + bass verses over the noisy chorus though.

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    • I didn’t like Ice Age at first but I went back to it after Crush. They just look so dang happy to be dancing and singing. It’s like they’re saying, “Here, have some of our joy – we’ve got plenty!”

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