Song Review: Sorn (CLC) – Run

Pop music and running go hand in hand, and when I think about many of my favorite songs, they have that sense of propulsion that could be visualized by running (or driving) full steam along an open road. Perhaps it wasn’t surprising, then, that my favorite song of 2020 happened to be called “Run.” Now, we’ve got another take on the word, courtesy of CLC’s Sorn.

Hailing from Thailand, Sorn is fluent in English and has chosen to perform her solo debut in this language. It seems like this is becoming a more prevalent trend, as idols attempt to capitalize on K-pop’s ever-expanding global popularity. As with any aspect of a track, it doesn’t necessarily bother me as long as the song is good. However, I think Run would have been a snooze in any language.

Similar to Rose’s On The Ground a week or so ago, Run just comes across as beige. I feel like there’s glut of this toothless pop style in Western markets, and it’s certainly not what I’d hope for when it comes to K-pop idols. There isn’t anything about Run that’s unpleasant or unpolished, but nothing sticks out either. The acoustic-meets-pop sound is pleasant, but lacks heft. And at just under three minutes, the song doesn’t linger long enough to build toward anything momentous or dynamic. Sometimes I’m tempted to call this kind of music “diary pop.” It feels like it’s meaningful to the artist, which is important. But, its wistful sentiments are largely lost on me.

 Hooks 7
 Production 7
 Longevity 7
 Bias 7


7 thoughts on “Song Review: Sorn (CLC) – Run

  1. The song was pleasant, yet generic and lacked any long lasting punch. It’s very empty. Maybe if it was longer it could have built up to something, but it just really lacks variation. Overall, it ‘s enjoyable and I’m glad that we got to hear Sorn’s vocals shine on their own. It just really didn’t blow me away.

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  2. Not much to say about this. Sorn is also active on tiktok, but in a much more open and casual way than most idols which really surprised me. I genuinely thought she was some sort of influencer or youtuber at first.

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  3. “Diary pop” is a perfect way of describing it. I mean, good for the artist for pouring their emotions and thoughts into a song that means a lot to them but sometimes, as heartwarming as it may be, the song itself just feels stale or “beige”.

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  4. I saw Sorn mentioned in an interview that she wanted the song to go to safe place and something generic because she wanted to test the reaction of her fans, it seems to me a very good result considering the zero support she received from her company. It also felt repetitive the first time I heard it, but I must admit that every time it jumps on my playlist I don’t dislike it at all, actually I like it, so diary pop is a good adjective.

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  5. It helps to know Sorn’s background as a member of Kpop group CLC. They’ve basically been cast aside by their company, but still under contract til 2022. One member quit and successfully nullified her contract a few months ago. Sorn did this song on her own with help from friends. Agreed it’s a bit generic, but she has much more to show us.

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