Song Review: NiziU – Take A Picture

NiziU - Take A PictureK-pop has a long history of pushing into the Japanese market, and often there were concessions made when it came to sound and image. But with the rise of groups like JO1 and NiziU, the two industries have entered a new form of symbiosis. For all intents and purposes, these are J-pop groups produced as if they were K-pop groups. Both are steered by Korean forces, though they work with enough domestic talent to set them apart.

As JYP Entertainment’s latest entry into the J-pop market, it’s amazing how quickly NiziU have subsumed the bright, cutesy sound that Twice built their Japanese career on. It’s a seamless regeneration. One group moves on to new concepts as the other takes their place. I eagerly await the day that NiziU delivers their Breakthrough or Fancy. In the meantime, this style of high energy, high-pitched pop just isn’t for me.

Take A Picture is good, fizzy fun, with a chant-along hook that will instantly worm its way into memory. It’s energetic in the way a successful pep rally is, and just as exhausting. Ebullience and euphoria are two qualities pop music draws upon so well, but a song like this doesn’t have faith in its own merits. Nearly every line ends in an upward tug, as the girls opt for a chirpy delivery that wears thin very, very quickly. I’ve never been a fan of these vocal affectations. They make a song feel more like fan service than… well… a song. That’s a shame, because Take A Picture boasts a few catchy hooks that could have been developed into something more unique and satisfying.

 Hooks 8
 Production 7
 Longevity 7
 Bias 7
 RATING 7.25

8 thoughts on “Song Review: NiziU – Take A Picture

  1. JYP gives them crumbs and doesn’t even let them use their real voices. The high-pitched nasally tone they use makes their music sometimes unbearable. It has a time and place, but shouldn’t be used for the whole song. The girls have so much potential, but with the lack of promotion and all the good songs going to ITZY it makes me wonder why would they even make an all-Japanese girl group if they promote ITZY and Twice more in Japan than NiziU. NiziU doesn’t even get the opportunity to promote in South Korea.

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  2. imo the song is really catch and youthful
    it could tone down a bit in other parts because i do agree it is a bit jarring… but it didn’t ruin the experience if you’re looking for a positive edm song, the tiktok generation will mostly like it lol

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  3. If I didn’t know better, I would have thought the WAS Twice. Its all Cheer Up Knock Knock era all over it. Which is to say it is all catchy as hell.

    It also has the same vocals as Twice, which is to say about 2 competent singers and the rest 1/9th each. I have always found this girly timbre particularly piercing, its all head voice but in this weird quasi-falsetto nasal placement.

    The rating might be low, but maybe Nick was just not in the mood for his this weekend.

    Speaking of which, it seems like forever since the last Twice comeback. They used to be about twice a month.

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  4. My tolerance for high-pitched cutesy delivery is much higher than Nick’s, so I like this. I don’t prefer this style of vocal delivery but I’m not bothered by it either. It’s catchy, it’s fun, very Twice-reminiscent indeed. I approve.

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