Song Review: Rosé (BLACKPINK) – Gone

Rose (BLACKPINK) - GoneWhen Rosé’s On The Ground was released, I noticed that quite a few fans seemed to prefer its b-side Gone. So of course, I immediately checked it out. But more than anything, the song just reaffirmed my disinterest in this style of pop. I can’t say I’ve listened to On The Ground much since its release, but its electronic beat drop didn’t bother me in the way it seemed to grate on others. At least it gave the song a pulse. Gone is just dull.

There’s a glut of this subdued “acoustipop” on the market. Sometimes I refer to it as “diary pop”, and songs of its ilk usually stake their claim on a sense of authenticity, with the artist laying bare their deepest feelings regarding a breakup or a screwup or a hookup. I have no reason to doubt the intentions behind these songs. That’s not the point. I just wish more performers would realize that these big feelings can exist within big songs. That’s one of the most thrilling things about pop music – the ability to musically galvanize and be deeply personal at the same time. Too often, tracks like Gone forget the first part of this equation.

This is a much broader criticism than Rosé deserves. Gone is fine, but for me it’s “in one ear, out the other.” From the muted guitar strum to the familiar sing-song melody, the track feels familiar from the start. Rosé gives a lovely performance, but too often Gone forces her voice into irritating affectations — especially during the trilled climax of each chorus. Moments like this wear thin, and fail to cast Rosé as the unique performer she can certainly be. Still, I’m sure Gone will resonate with many fans, and that’s always a great thing.

 Hooks 7
 Production 7
 Longevity 7
 Bias 6
 RATING 6.75


26 thoughts on “Song Review: Rosé (BLACKPINK) – Gone

  1. I think 6.75 is a little low given it’s not as irritating or bland as some material you rated at least a 7. But that’s just me, I like Rosé a lot, I’m biased here. She’s my BLACKPINK bias (the will I had not to swerve to Jisoo’s lane when I found out she listened to Sorority Noise, my emo teenage heart screamed) and I’m glad that for the most part her vocal performance here doesn’t grate on me as much as it usually has for their last few CBs. (Imagine, biasing the main vocal despite not enjoying her vocals. She’s very attractive and charismatic, that’s a huge part of it to me. But she absolutely has her vocal moments when YG is not forcing her to force it.)

    Anyway, Happy Easter!

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  2. I live for the beats within music, so I just don’t really know what to say here. I don’t listen to many ballads either, yet they still have some sort of percussion or are emotionally engaging at the least. ‘Gone’ just doesn’t do anything for me, so I’m hesitant to give it past a 6 even though it does sound decent.

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  3. I can’t lie I think the whole release has grown on me.
    I think the Ground stages have been fun and I always thought this was the stronger song on the release.
    I really like the guitar sound, the way different guitar textures are layered in to build out the arrangement without it appearing to be a “dense layered arrangement” is deft and a feat of delicateness. There are nice staccato notes and effect pedal ambiances that pad the track very nicely.

    This is also one of my favorite Rosé vocal performances. It would be cool to hear her perform this with a soft rock arrangement. I also think the writing is strong and the lyrics are kinda fun and engaging….and yeah I love whiny, oversung, sharp, very affected vocals. It’s something I grew up listening to so it resonates with me. I actually have had to train my ears to appreciate traditionally technical proficient singers hahaha. (though I love Opera, Berg’s Wozzeck being the last I saw in person pre-covid)

    I really don’t typically gravitate to this material but I personally think they pulled it off better than most can.


    • doubling down…it’s not the sort of K-pop I gravitate towards at all (it’s essentially Western pop being promoted in Korea). In fact, I came to k-pop to listen to music that didn’t sound like this. but as I got more familiar with listening to everything coming out and as trends shift towards this style – i acquiesce and enjoy


    • Have I introduced you to Forestella yet? Kpopera
      I don’t know what individual video to link, so I will just give you the four hour loop, something KBS hasn’t done for anyone else that we know of.
      ‘ which starts with the best cover of TVXQ Magic Castle ever.

      The bass is the ultimate bias wrecker, and he is the maknae – still only 25 years old. The male soprano used to be a chemical engineer, auditioned on a lark, total amateur, and yet holy cow wow. You think there is a full chorus backing up the quartet, but no. its that guy hitting that note. My bias is the guy on the far right, because dimple. But my mom and sisters like the 4th guy, one from right, the leggiero tenor, because he covers old Mario Lanza songs and looks like an elf with super animated facial expressions.


      • ‘
        This guy, he just kills it. This is a =fan cam=, and it sounds this good with audio pulled off a camera mic! OK, echo effect on the mic, but this song, this sound just makes me melt.


    • Hi, me again. “Hijo de la Luna” at 1:15:19 on the four hour loop video is an old Monserrat Caballe repertoire song, translated into Korean, which is going viral in Spain.


  4. Great! Now the BLIͶKS after going to come after him. Nick? Is the burden of this mortal coil too much for you? Has someone close to you recently taken out several large insurance policies in your name? Come on, man.. ..I’m throwing you a lifeline. Take hold of it!


  5. This song isn’t really what I (or many other people here) usually expect from a K-POP artist. It’s really just a western acoustic sad empty breakup alone song 101, but I’m pretty sure that’s what Rose is aiming for, and she can pull it off to an extent so I’ll give her for that.

    It’s a 7 from me. (Although judging from your tastes I actually assumed you would rate it a 5 or something haha.)

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  6. I think she is talented but the new album does nothing for her. Both this and the title song are quite forgettable. I actually prefer her bandmate Jennie’s Solo (though marginally). That had some big moments but this is quite coffee house, pop acoustic without anything unique going for it.


  7. I honestly wish they added more stuff to the chorus and to the ending. As soon as the song ended, I was thinking “that’s it?” Anyway, I prefer On The Ground.


  8. Yeah, it’s just this isn’t my genre. I’m more towards songs that make turn down the volume because it’s way too loud. This one, well the chorus never felt like a chorus at all. Until the end of the song I was scratching my head whether I heard the chorus or not.


  9. Gone isn’t a gigantic pop song but it doesn’t have to be. Sure, on paper, the acoustic and laid back approach is kind of boring and uninspired but she carries it with her emotive vocals. There’s a breathy softness in her voice that reflects the vulnerability of the track making it heartfelt and quite soulful. And I do feel like lyrically it is good as well with a few clever and sharp lines. Though it doesn’t really bring anything new to the table, for what it is, I think it’s good.


  10. I actually don’t think this song is that boring or even predictable; it’s kind of catchy in a sad way. The only criticism that I can think of is Rose is kind of trying to be Kpop version of Taylor Swift (with better acting skills). Please don’t, R.


  11. This has to be the most boring k-pop single ever. Add nasally vocals to boot, and histrionic lyrics… it’s a 4 at best.


  12. I have to say the “On the Ground” has grown on me, though not enough to buy it. I like the ground swimming high camera effect on the stages. And the song is plastic enough to have a lot of covers uploaded already from all sorts of genres, like how Kelly Clarkson’s Since You’ve been gone had everyone covering it from hard rock to even more pop and everything in between.

    This song, this is that girl with guitar singing about Feelings, very Swifty Colbie Caillat Bubbly and a few others (which I cannot remember), which is to say I am not the target demographic.


  13. I agree. Gone is pretty bland. It’s just another cliche pop song that represents this era. But “On The Ground” is at another level. I was hooked the first time I listened to it. It’s weird how “On The Ground” is actually a new song but listening to it makes me nostalgic. So I don’t really prefer Gone.


  14. hey nick! love ur blog. have u heard of gaho? he’s not really … kpop, per say, more of a krnb/k-ballad artist but he makes remixes of blackpink songs. he recently made a remix of rose’s on the ground– no hate against the original song, but it’s not really my taste. the remix, though, is amazing and I have a feeling you may like it too. i think out of all of his blackpink covers my favorite is how you like that, he takes a completely different take on the song and it’s so refreshing and powerful. u might as well check gaho out too, his voice and music are amazing haha.


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