Song Review: SuperM – We Do

SuperM - We DoAs SM Entertainment’s Avengers-like super group, SuperM have been deployed as K-pop ambassadors, scooping up CFs in a variety of spaces. Occasionally, this results in new music. 2019’s Let’s Go Everywhere was a fun advert for Korean Air, while the newly released We Do soundtracks a partnership with Prudential Corporation Asia.

Songs like this threaten to devolve into little more than commercial jingles, and We Do suffers from this fact. It brings an upbeat funk-pop energy — right within SM’s wheelhouse. It’ll catch your attention immediately, as stabs of brass open the track in aggressive fashion. From here, We Do moves into a brisk, bass-driven verse. A series of catchy refrains make up this segment, but each feels too much like a funk pastiche to be truly funky. It’s the BTS Dynamite effect, where commercial polish drains the soul out of a song.

Still, I’m always ready to invite another funk pop track to the party. I like this general sound for SuperM, and it lets them showcase their personalities more than some of their fussier work. But, I wish We Do opted for a stronger chorus. The track feels repetitive to the point of redundancy, and could use a better-defined build and climax. Then, there are those English lyrics. There’s a reason I don’t listen to much Western pop music anymore. Trite or corny lyrics instantly take me out of a song, and We Do’s generic platitudes feel feigned and uninspiring. Still, the track’s upbeat energy is harmless, and occasionally quite fun.

 Hooks 8
 Production 8
 Longevity 8
 Bias 8

14 thoughts on “Song Review: SuperM – We Do

  1. It’s always a pleasure to see how much money SM is likely to spend on filler and make-up for songs that actually have zero inspiration and don’t go anywhere. And these continuous attempts to create multi-billion premium luxury Hermès Lamborghini Pinterest versions of Dynamite really start looking like a pathology.

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  2. And now we have the funk version of the all English conquer the world song. And OK sure this is the counter punch of SM doing a disco funk song for the west just like certain other bands. At least the lyrics are bland enough, nothing awkward going on there.

    This particular flavor gets three extra bonus points for me for these reasons:

    1) Its on the funk side of disco. I can’t perfectly place what funk song they are mimicking with the recurring brass salvos, but it comes close-ish to “Got to Be Real”. ‘ And besides the brass, let us also praise the bass player.

    2) Behind the chorus, there is a really interesting synth effect. It sounds kinda like an old analog Moog synthesizer, which was all resistors and transistors in that box so the pitch could be altered with wheels on the left side – the wheel literally and physically moved a resistor pot. It could be a more modern incarnation, but that woo-woo sound really started with Moog’s in the 70’s Pitch and vibrato wheel are on the left hand (Moog is pronounced the German double oo way so its Moh-g.) I just found this guy this morning demoing the wheels so if you are interested go watch this guy ‘

    3) Vocals. Yeah. Pure falsettos in there, minimal processing and tuning buttons leaned on.

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  3. I like this song because :

    – TEN
    – I don’t like both Baekhyun and Taemin “yelling” voice they tend to both use in many SuperM songs. But here the song allows them to tackle a register I find way more pleasant
    – I can turn my brain off for the lyrics for most of them since it’s not my first language

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  4. I instantly thought of BTS’s dynamite when I first heard this. It’s satisfying and polished, but needs a more dynamic performance.
    Golden Child and TXT were much, much better in this aspect, they exude some type of charisma or a sense of Joy that really makes the song stick to you.
    Or it’s that this type of sound is was in both Golden Child and TXT’s sound, Pump It Up and Blue Hour felt like an excellent continuation to their sound. That’s what I expected from SuperM, you’d expect them to imbue some bombastic cheese.

    I think this could have fit better when it comes to NCT Dream. Some songs tend to excel in certain groups, I don’t think TXT could pull off a song like Miroh and nor do I think Stray Kids could pull off a song like Crown.

    I am not sure if this makes sense but someone can correct me If I am wrong.

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    • Forgot to mention, that was also the problem with BTS’s dynamite, It didn’t feel like them. It didn’t feel distinct and didn’t capture their charms as a group, I feel the same with this song.

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  5. I’m really agree with the review of this song, but maybe a 7 for the hooks and 9 for the production. I love hear the Dynamite style filtered thru the SM filter – a little more harmonic complexity and much more interesting synth sound design.

    I like this more than Dynamite, immediately within the first few seconds..

    Even though it makes them crazy busy I’m glad to see a Baekhyun solo, SuperM, and EXO comeback before enlistment. Same with Taemin, later this summer it seems.

    Ugh I’m gonna miss them TBH!

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  6. I’m not the biggest fan of the song, but the members all look adorable. Also, yes Ten, show off your dance moves. For me, the hooks are pretty bland & there’s so much falsetto the vocal performance feels like it’s missing something. My initial impression is a 6.

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  7. It’s funky, so I like it.

    I know, a song being soullessly generic for commercial purposes sounds.. awful. However, I really enjoy both this one and Dynamite. I think I actually like the lack of substance these songs offer – like a light sugary snack. Dessert doesn’t always have to be creamy and heavy with complex flavour interactions.

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  8. Unrelated to the song but I have had this thought for a while. I’m a little unsure of Kai’s role in SuperM. Considering that the Super M project appears to be an “avengers” of sorts, I am not sure if Kai is not being used as much or if he brings nothing new to the table.

    Anyways, the song is I guess a product of BTS’s Dynamite effect. I don’t begrudge the group’s attempts to sing an english commercial jingle to garner more impact but I have the same issues that I had with Dynamite. It’s commercial and lacks personality, in my opinion. To BTS’s credit, I feel like they were able to sell a bit of the fun in the song but while SuperM have some moments, I’m not sure if they are able to do that well. The vocals here are quite good though.

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  9. I like SuperM but the song We Do is not catchy, i dont remember any lyrics or melody/beat at all…they are good singers and dancers but i immediately thought of dynamite the moment the MV started, the vibe, the venue, the production, the hair color and the outfit…

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