Song Review: SuperM – Let’s Go Everywhere

SuperM’s Let’s Go Everywhere first arrived two weeks ago as the soundtrack to a wonderfully weird in-flight safety video on Korean Air’s fleet of planes. If nothing else, this super group is certainly going to cash in on every CF deal that Korea has to offer. I’m still very much on board with this SuperM project, though. What could have been a tiresome effort to pander to Western audiences has turned out to become a delivery method for SM Entertainment’s trademark sounds – regardless of how dated or “uncool” those sounds may be.

Let’s Go Everywhere pulls from the SHINee well, circa 2013. Its bright, funk-pop energy has been missed for some time. Since the track was ostensibly designed as an advertisement, it feels like about 40 seconds of song stretched out to three and a half minutes, but with a composer as gifted as Kenzie on board, I’m not complaining.

Like Jopping, Let’s Go Everywhere fuses English and Korean language lyrics to mixed effect. Its messaging is (expectedly) too on-the-nose for the soundtrack to an airline company, but none of the lyrics are as cringeworthy as “jumping and popping.” More importantly, the song’s groove is strong, melding upbeat electronics with rhythm guitar and an unflagging dance beat. The breakdown just after the first chorus is especially promising, and I wish it had been developed more. While not as powerful as the inimitable SHINee blend, SuperM’s vocals are engaging and crisp. The rap feels unnecessary in a song like this, and there really isn’t a second verse to be found, but the hook is strong and unabashedly pop. If nothing else, Let’s Go Everywhere hearkens back to a simpler K-pop time, where the chorus was king and performers weren’t so consumed with self-imposed ideas of “musical authenticity.”

 Hooks 8
 Production 9
 Longevity 9
 Bias 9
 RATING 8.75

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One thought on “Song Review: SuperM – Let’s Go Everywhere

  1. Thank you. Thank you for that comment.
    I was starting to get worried early in the first verse when these popped up:
    just get down, wanna go high
    put your hands together
    let the music take control
    but thankfully the lyrics stick to innocuous vapid quotes of overused phrases like these and not the more inventive fare like, oh, “I’ve been walking with the cheese that’s the queso”

    Anyway, yes. Shinee. There is a Shinee sound revival going on right now, and I am aiiight with that. As far as CF’s go, this one is pretty good.


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