Song Review: Dongkiz – Universe

Dongkiz - Universe
After a debut year stuffed with upbeat funk pop comebacks, Dongkiz explored edgier sounds in 2020. Neither concept has brought them much attention, but I think a youthful, exuberant style best illustrates their charms. New single Universe calls back to their 2019 era, albeit with much more generic trappings.

Unfortunately, you can feel the budget being stretched with this comeback. The group is supported by a small agency, which will always be an uphill battle when competing with the HYBEs of the industry. Judging by Universe’s simple performance video, they could really benefit from a money-making hit. The song’s intentions are in the right place, but I don’t see it breaking out in any meaningful way.

Aside from that worry, Universe is a fun little funk pop offering. The production lacks character, but I’m always up for this kind of groovy, brass-fueled bop. A whistled hook quickly gives way to a bouncy beat, underlined by swirls of retro synth. The verses unveil a few nice melodic turns that keep interest building. In contrast, Universe’s chorus feels quite predictable. Luckily, its effusive instrumental gives the familiar hook plenty of roller rink ready drive. Dongkiz bring some character to the track, though they’re constrained by an arrangement that plays things straight rather than introduce its own memorable calling card. For listeners who don’t already enjoy this style of music, I’m sure the track will feel distinctly average. But, its upbeat, pleasant nature gets some extra love from me.

 Hooks 8
 Production 8
 Longevity 8
 Bias 9
 RATING 8.25

4 thoughts on “Song Review: Dongkiz – Universe

  1. This will be my guilty pleasure for the rest of the week. Nothing particularly memorable, but it still puts a smile on my face.

    Btw, I know it’s nowhere near the time for it yet but I’m super excited to see your 2021 Risers and Fallers list! It’s been a fantastic year so far so I’m really interested to see how high your favourite tracks have climbed.


  2. Who are these kidz and what have they done with my Dongkiz? The song as Nick says is actually OK, but it isn’t the Dongkiz vibe anymore – the campy ghostbusters theme sampling funk style of Blockbuster. The Fever disco song off the album “Dongky town” which of course has to throw in a refrain of won’t you take me to Dongky Town! Also, the falsetto work on Fever song is awesome.
    This song is fine for its limited budget.
    I hope these boys are doing OK and land on their feet in time.

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