Song Review: Blitzers – Breathe Again

Blitzers - Breathe AgainBoy group Blitzers are the latest 2021 debut to throw their hat into the ring, joining this year’s rookie class with a boisterous blend of rap and rock. I’ve always enjoyed this genre mash-up, and welcome any attempt a group makes to stand out. To Blitzers’ credit, Breathe Again doesn’t simply regurgitate trends from their peers, though the song’s musical touchstones have existed in K-pop since the 90’s.

Breathe Again’s greatest asset is its energy. Even before the rock guitar barrels in, the opening vocal harnesses a sense of drama. The melody is pitched a little high here, but I like how Breathe Again skirts between vocal and rap rather than rely solely on one or the other. Blasts of guitar fuel the verses with a welcome bombast, giving the track a fresh and exciting texture. It also covers for the song’s lack of melodic creativity. The guys largely riff on the same few flourishes – an approach that matches the rollicking nature of the instrumental but threatens to grow a little stale as Breathe Again wears on.

The production does the heavy lifting once more during the song’s hook. A chanted vocal underpins this skeletal refrain, lending a larger-than-life emphasis bound to get your blood pumping. These grand, battle-ready chants are beginning to feel a little overplayed in a boy group landscape often painted as a “legendary war,” but I think the arrangement works alongside Breathe Again’s turned-up-to-eleven guitars. The song isn’t perfect, but Blitzers have done their job. They’re on my radar, and I’m eager to see where they go next.

 Hooks 7
 Production 9
 Longevity 9
 Bias 9

12 thoughts on “Song Review: Blitzers – Breathe Again

  1. Blitzers. Santa’s reindeer Blitzen goes on a bender and starts slurring his speech. At least the name is memorable and is not an acronym. It seems if I am reading it right it is “buh-lih-djuh-shi” in Korean. Can we all agree the name sounds much better in English?

    OK, the song, it’s a solid debut but would sound better if it came out a year or three ago. . It piles all the contemporary elements in there that we international fans love these days. So it is a solid, but I am not hearing new sounds that thrill me. Just another one of this type to add to the catalog.

    The song is also like a madlibs of songs: ____ song crossed with _____ song and a flavor of ____ song, minus the ____, plus the _____. The plus here is clearly some called a “rock influences”. To me it sounds like ordinary kpop with guitar on the backing track, not something structured differently because there is a guitar. Decorative guitar.

    One another thing about the vocals. They are pretty good too. The song does something very clever by keeping the bulk of the singing parts from about middle C4 and about A / A#4, which is a comfortable range for every tenor ever to sing in. If you are hearing the same riffs and repetition, its because the song returns to A#4 again and again. There are some higher nice falsetto ad libs here and there, but only just enough for the fans to coo about them. The rap or spoken word section go slightly below middle C, but not in one of those affected deep hoarse raps that plague other groups. And the deep whoa-oh-ohs in the chorus has the low octave down D#3 sung on the backing track with the parallel octave D#4 which they will actually sing live. Right in the same range as the bulk of the song.

    In other words: the song is so placed comfortably, that it makes them sound vocally awesome. Are they that vocally awesome? I don’t know. I can’t see how they could screw this song up live though so bonus points for whoever picked this song in this range. For once, the live showcase may actually possibly maybe be live – here is a fake “fan cam” angle ‘


  2. Great burst of energy that is maintained throughout the song. I adore the rock guitar and the heavy war-like atmosphere. But, the song felt stretched, like, it could have been fit in a more compact package. The pre chorus felt uninspired and repetitive. The shouts in the chorus also felt a little off putting while listening. This is a great song to debut with though. If they’re going to continue this rock sound, I’m all in!

    I dont know, the group itself feels like p1harmony trying to be ateez. I know it’s not p1harmony, but the concepts look alike. The modern, rugged, industrial layouts…?

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  3. I really like some of this. I am a sucker for rock-rap, so those parts are a hit for me. I feel like the song could use a little more intensity though – the arrangement feels a little slow and a little empty at times.

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  4. I like this a lot. I guess I’m a sucker for rock-rap, too. I also enjoyed their live stage. They have some of that A.C.E go-for-broke energy. I’m giving the rest of their album a listen.

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  5. It has charm, I’ll give it that. The only critique I really have is that the arrangement seems a little unsteady in the beginning, like, “where is this going?”.

    It’s a shame what happened to them pre-debut. I heard as many of 7 people were cut from the lineup because the company decided to do some graduation/voting thing before debut. Not to mention the company didn’t debut them on time because of the lack of necessary fundings (that they disguised as the members need more skill before debut). Wishing them the best though.

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