Song Review: WJSN The Black – Easy

WJSN The Black - EasyJust over a month since their last group comeback, WJSN have unveiled their second sub-unit. The chic WJSN The Black consists of members Seola, Bona, Exy and Eunseo, and promises a groovier compliment to the Cosmic Girls sound. Debut single Easy fits that bill. It’s sleek and satisfying, even if it falls short of being an instant classic.

As this groove-oriented sound becomes more common in K-pop, songs need to work harder to stand out. In my opinion, that means finding those melodies that cut through the tropes to demand attention of their own accord. Easy accomplishes this in fits and starts. Its hooky verses are instantly memorable, offering a breathless ascent before softly tumbling back down. I love the girls’ breathy delivery here, which feels restrained but impactful.

Easy’s pre-chorus build doesn’t have as much bite, but the instrumental chugs along with an almost-industrial crunch. Then, we hit the song’s expected drop. Rather than replicate the limp EDM drops that were so common a few years ago, Easy settles into a slinkier groove. This structure can work wonders if paired with a killer hook, and WJSN just about get there. The breathy vocals return, painting an air of sophistication. The melody draws out, matching the lyrical content as it unfurls with ease. A secondary chorus spices things up later in the track, along with a standout rap from Exy. It all comes together quite well, even if nothing quite lives up to the icy charm of Easy’s opening line.

 Hooks 8
 Production 9
 Longevity 9
 Bias 8

16 thoughts on “Song Review: WJSN The Black – Easy

  1. I love this! In some ways I think this takes the Unnatural vibe and elevates it, I think it’s much more fitting for this particular subunit. Hopefully, WJSN as a whole can return to their cosmic sound and allow WJSN the Black to continue in this direction, cuz it’s working!

    I dig the way the opening line acts as a centerpiece of the song, even if it’s contained to the verse. The way the first chorus quickly returns back to this moment highlights how excellent it is. In my opinion, this song would be extra killer if that secondary chorus was a lifting melody — not just “I look good for you” vocal chop.

    The beat is cool but I would write it off as ‘too of the moment’ if not for those mysterious guitar lines and crunchy industrial flourishes.
    I’m really pleased and will be listening to this quite a bit, I imagine. I’m also happy they followed Unnatural so soon, I hope we get more WJSN releases in 2021.

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  2. So WJSN break with their usual chirpy sound and go more grown up and sultry like Sunmi and Chungha style. No, really, this may as well be a Sunmi or Chungha song. Which is not a bad thing.

    I had to check a lyric video – except for the rap they all sound thisclosetoeachother, so it may as well have been a solo song, and yet its actually all four of them singing the lines in turns. Sure sounds like one person to me.

    That said, I like the song. For me, the rap is unfortunate but not terrible. I like the styling too, sultry without being sexy. The dance also has some smoother, newer moves than girl groups usually use.

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  3. It’s been a while since we’ve had a sexier concept for a girl group specifically, though you could argue it’s a suit concept instead. That said, the choreography and song style definitely leans into the slick while still being much more sultry, which seems like the perfect match honestly. Girl groups are surprisingly lacking in the slick department. Considering how much girls and boys alike live for the suits, I’m surprised that many don’t just do it? Look at 3YE for instance. They’ve pulled it off thrice now.

    Both of the chorus parts are incredibly well done, and I’m glad that the song introduced more to the chorus by the second time rather than waiting the third time. Exy’s rap is just great every time. She never fails in that department.

    I love the commitment to singing the melody. The verses are very high and ear-catching, but never did I feel the girls were struggling to sing or that it got obnoxious aside from that one part right before the last chorus where they just pump it up with the worst autotune ever. You’re also right that it’s a very instant click for the verses. I personally think the chorus is much catchier and hooky than you think though.

    Also, there was also vLive (not live vocals) performance, with clearer vocals (without that weird autotune.)

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    • Yes, agree, girl groups should do this more often.
      Mamamoo’s Decalcomanie sultry suit style promotions came to my mind too.

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      • Hear, hear!

        SNSD: Mr. Mr.
        KARA: Damaged Lady
        AOA: Egotistic (Queendom)
        After School: Shh (Japanese)
        Et Al

        More, please!


  4. Ooh this is smooth. Maybe too smooth? I think a more alive percussion, more full throated vocals in the chorus, and developing that “ah ah ah” hook in the 2nd half of the chorus a little more could have made this a real standout. Still, a nice song and video!


  5. I like the breathy style they went with. It’s nice to hear moaning on the track, reminds me of Janet Jacnson


  6. Initially, I wasn’t sure. I had to close my eyes and really concentrate on the music. There’s where most of the magic is for me. Between the opening guitar (which gave me instant Roxy Music vibes), to the thumping bass line, to all the marvelous little one-shots and single-use flourishes peppered throughout the entire song, it all adds up to an enjoyable experience. Yeah..’s a keeper.

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  7. Totally forgot that I listened to this when it came out, so I was surprised when I clicked on the video just now and was like, “This is…familiar…” That may not be a great sign for the memorability/stand-out nature of the song, but it’s pleasant and has a nice groove!


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