Song Review: Taeho (IMFACT) – GGOMA (ft. Choi Ye Geun)

It’s a rare treat to hear new material from IMFACT, but it seems we’ll have to wait even longer for a full group comeback. In the meantime, main vocal Taeho has made his solo debut. GGOMA (꼬마) is a duet with singer-songwriter Choi Ye Geum, and finds him tackling an unexpected sound. From its unusual time signature to its jazzy instrumental, GGOMA certainly makes an impact.

While this might not be a genre I’m generally inclined toward, I can appreciate the song’s polish and energy. It bounds out of the gate immediately, galloping forward on a slick blend of keys and percussion. The production is brisk and exciting, built upon a catchy loop but twisting and turning in ways that give it life and personality. The tempo remains high throughout, even as most of the instrumentation pulls away during the second verse. Idol groups, take note: this is how to craft a dynamic instrumental without sacrificing momentum.

Taeho’s higher-toned vocal works well with this style, though I think he was smart to enlist Ye Geum as a duet partner. His vocals are so distinct, and a little goes a long way. She enters at just the right moment, joining Taeho for a chorus and a bit of scat singing during the finale. This blend of vocals gives GGOMA one last shot of firepower, ensuring the track never gets boring. Kudos to Taeho for going full-out on his own, unveiling a distinct and charming sound completely different than that of his group.

 Hooks 8
 Production 9
 Longevity 8
 Bias 8
 RATING 8.25

9 thoughts on “Song Review: Taeho (IMFACT) – GGOMA (ft. Choi Ye Geun)

  1. Off Topic: I heard the new Kingdom songs….and holy friggin jeez did those teasers suck. The Boyz sounded the most melodic to me and I am pretty sure Stray kids song will be much, much better in full but I am kind of upset with how they all turned out.

    Let’s talk about ATEEZ for a second, I’d argue that they were my gateway to Korean Music and K-pop in general, I fell in love with their three consecutive mini albums and had a blast listening to their songs all the way through. But for some reason, I can see that they are instantly losing their spark for whatever reason (I typed spank before correcting it back, holy gosh would’ve that been a disaster) I hope this obnoxious autotune will stop…. for some reason, Edenary has stripped away everything which made their 2019 batch so incredible. I just await for their next mini album to be good and I hope, HOPE that there is still the ATEEZ we all fell in love with hidden there. THEY CAN’T BE WASTED ON!


  2. I love this song so much, sure it’s not notable when stacked against such amazing material we have been given. But it’s just a fun giddy time! I love Jazz so much, and want it to be included in more songs (but now in the slow-tempo manner, I want those brisk arrangements) I love Taeho’s voice, I never paid attention to IMFACT before but with this release, that might…change!

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  3. Oh wow, I love love LOVE this! Love the jazzy arrangement and his unusual voice. I’ll add him to my little collection of jazz-influenced K-pop musicians (everyone go listen to Davii and BIG Naughty because they are awesome) and look into IMFACT. It’s so nice to discover someone new.


  4. Well hey how, this somehow did not show up on my morning list, despite Choi Yegeun being a guilty pleasure of mine last year, as well as Imfact from time to time.

    This is way better La La Land tribute than the Kingdom one we shall all comment on this weekend. As long as I don’t overthink it, it is a good time. Rating is about right.

    May I recommend Yegeun’s “Scarecrow” from about this time last year

    Imfact “Lalida” also from about this time last year. iirc this was one of the better ones of a series of kpop group songs released in a few months that all used that same tin horn sample. For a tiny group, the amount of fun packed in this song hit way above their budget level. ‘


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