Song Review: WEi – Bye Bye Bye

WEi - Bye Bye ByeTo put it bluntly, I haven’t enjoyed a single song WEi have released since debut. But, idol groups are often at the whim of their producers, and switching collaborators can totally change a team’s sound. New single Bye Bye Bye pairs the guys with MosPick, who’ve proven themselves reliable purveyors of upbeat boy group pop.

The improvement is apparent immediately. WEi have moved on from the tuneless noise of February’s All Or Nothing and arrived at the beach. Bye Bye Bye kicks off with the strum of filtered guitar before bounding into an energetic verse. It’s nothing we haven’t heard a million times before, but it gets the job done. More importantly, this energizing backbone offers an equally-compelling playground for the group’s vocalists and rappers. This arrangement dials back for verse two, but never to the point of feeling jarring.

Bye Bye Bye’s calling card is its two-part chorus. The first half is almost too repetitive for my taste, but the breezy responses to the “bye bye bye” hook keep it aloft. Thankfully, this is followed by a more robust melody, adding tension to an otherwise laidback groove. This contrast benefits the track, crafting a well-rounded centerpiece that maintains interest. Given WEi’s scattered musical past, Bye Bye Bye comes across as a bit generic, but it’s the kind of generic I tend to favor. Add this to 2021’s growing slate of fun summertime tracks, even if it won’t be the first on my playlist.

 Hooks 8
 Production 8
 Longevity 9
 Bias 8
 RATING 8.25


21 thoughts on “Song Review: WEi – Bye Bye Bye

  1. sometimes before I go to bed I watch Music Shows and play Settlers of Catan with some friends online. If you leave the settlers of catan app for too long it will boot you from the game, so since I’m chromecast’ing Viki to my TV – it isn’t easy to scrub.
    That said, when WEi’s All or Nothing came on, I would always scrub past their performance. I just couldn’t do it. I’d risk getting booted from Catan.

    The song is nice but I do find the verses and first half of the chorus a bit droll. That said, I don’t think my Catan games will get quite as interrupted during this promotion 😉

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    • Sounds like me when shiny new things pop up on my youtube sidebar. Do I click away or, aw, real moral dilemma people! I should listen to it at least once through to be fair! But over there, on the right there is …. nope, it has only one minute more. I can wait, I can …. I can just click over there.

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  2. although it’s not as good as Donghan’s solo singles (R.I.P.), I appreciate this. easily their best single so far.


  3. Bye Bye Bye is definitely my fav title tract from Wei as well. Like you said, there’s nothing NEW and GENERIC but maybe that’s why I love the song hahaha.Their previous title (my least fav) is overwhelming and too loud for my liking. For this comeback, I really love how I can immediately remember the chorus after just one listen. Yes, it’s the only song added to my playlist among other tracts released today.


  4. It’s not a bad song, the chorus is not my favorite. Switching out the vocal loop for a more flowing melodic line would’ve made it splendid, but we didn’t get that. There’s a lot of good to decent here, but it is definitely very generic. Serviceable is the proper word I think. Not quite a song I care much for, but it does the job.


  5. It alright! Its not the most original, but it is a solid pop song with a nice delivery and package.

    However I am a touch too old for it, as although I was never a fan of certain boy bands of days gone by, my mind still went to “I might sound crazy but it ain’t no lie, baby bye bye bye” running through my head throughout this whole song’s chorus. It would make a good mash up actually, or a very clever break, to drop into that song from this song.

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    • I had the same experience with the chorus even though I’m fairly young. For better or for worse, I think some songs manage to seep into the cultural consciousness.

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      • For better! What a classic that song is. I’m too young to really have experienced NSync or the Backstreet Boys at their peak, but their hits are still well-known and beloved, even in the current generation of teens.


    • I’m so old I didn’t recognize the reference and had to look it up. I was busy with babies and mostly listened to the Blues Clues theme song. Now that would make an interesting mash-up.


      • There are a lot of songs that could have a quality mash-up with the Blue’s Clues theme. The verse brings to mind several 2nd gen song possibilities, but for the chorus, my first go to would be to mash it up with Z:EA Step by Step.

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  6. I liked this! I’m noticing a recent trend where releases that I didn’t really expect to know much about are suddenly very much on my radar (GHOST9, Ha Sungwoon, and now WEi) because of the summery pop vibes which are right up my alley. Honestly I don’t remember much of WEi from their previous couple of releases but this one was a ton of fun – this is an example of predictable, but still in a fun groovy way for me.

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  7. Their debut track “Twilight” actually grew on me– fairly generic, but still a fun song I’d come back to. No comment on AoN lol. This one is fun and cute and I’m happy! I’m of course purely invested in Yohan and I happen to think concepts like this suit him more.

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  8. There is something bothering me about Wei for ages and its their complete lack of vision. Now it’s not their fault its the management but please tell me how you have effectively a supergroup of X1 (including the winner/centre!), 1the9, JBJ etc, but have no idea what to do with them? All of their songs sound like different groups. Twilight is NU’EST’s Bet Bet, All or Nothing was Oneus/AB6IX/any nugu bg at their low points, and this one is a least 5 different “cheerful” bg songs put together. I know groups in general tend to hop around concepts but most at least have a fallback go to sound, Wei doesn’t have one. And with all these bgs around that isn’t gonna help them stand out.

    Donghan’s solo stuff is fantastic, Yohan despite being tied to the “rigged bg” tag could make it solo imo too. I don’t think either are being done any favours by being in a group.

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    • I think it’s ok for them to explore different concepts and style considering it hasn’t been a year since their debut yet. Changing sounds/ style based on which have worked /not working for them is definitely better than sticking to the same ‘bad’ sound like Cravity’s nct inspired sound with cringing English lyrics. All for a sake of establishing ‘their own sound’.
      Their company has a long way to go though, but I hope 3 mini albums is enough for them to find themselves and know which the concept that suit them most.

      Agree with Donghan and Yohan points though. They both can be a successful soloist if not in a group. Solo Donghan was really doing well, and Yohan has a big enough fanbase to has stable solo career as well.


  9. Wow, I didn’t expect this to be actually quite enjoyable. Considering their last release, I’m a bit lost and didn’t know what to expect anymore. I’m glad they stopped with messy edm sound and came back with a simple/ fun summer tract – Yes, a big IMPROVEMENT for me. The song itself is quite memorable and catchy in the chorus part. I find it as memorable as Oh my girl’s Dun Dun Dance, in a sense that I can immediately recalls the chorus but none of other parts. The only down point for me is that I wish the bridge is longer and there’s more build up towards the last chorus. It is a bit flat towards the end there.


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