Song Review: Brave Girls – Pool Party (ft. E-Chan of DKB)

Brave Girls - Pool Party**This post has been updated with the official music video now that the song is being promoted as a follow-up single!**

After a drought of strong K-pop albums, this week has delivered a host of great b-sides. As much as I love a knockout comeback track, an equally-great album makes the whole experience so much better. Brave Girls’ Summer Queen is all killer, no filler, with each track targeted specifically to the season. Chi Mat Ba Ram has already grown on me immensely, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it ends up being one of my favorite songs this month. But, Pool Party and Fever are nipping at its heels.

Ultimately, Pool Party is just too fun not to write about. Yes, it’s derivative – adhering to every K-pop summer trope imaginable. But, I adore K-pop summer tropes, so you’re not going to hear any complaining from me. The instrumental is frothy and fun, driven by swoops of refreshing synths and a big breakbeat. The track hits a high during the chorus, as the production becomes more robust and the girls offer a simple, swirling hook. “Pool party, everybody…” is hardly Shakespearian in its ambition, but that’s not the point.

This song was actually teased a few months ago on variety program I Live Alone, and I assumed it would end up being the album’s title track – especially since it fits the “summer queen” theme so strongly. In the end, I think they were smart to go with Chi Mat Ba Ram, which is more melodically complex and improves each time you hear it. But, I wouldn’t mind a fun mv for Pool Party as well. It would also let Brave Brothers promote his boy group DKB, whose E-Chan appears as guest rapper.

 Hooks 8
 Production 9
 Longevity 9
 Bias 9
 RATING 8.75



12 thoughts on “Song Review: Brave Girls – Pool Party (ft. E-Chan of DKB)

  1. This comeback has been done just… in the best way possible. The girls all look radiant and they’re a perfect match for the (great) songs they’ve been given. I think it’s impossible not to feel happy for them!

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    • I agree! Most groups who hit big almost always rehash the song that they blew up with for their comeback (EXID, MOMOLAND, Crayon Pop), but with Brave Girls it’s different. Gotta give props to Brave Bros for not fucking this comeback up.

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  2. “Pool Party” is decent. I can see why you chose it. Still, I’m going to have to lean with “Fever” as my favorite track from this release. To me, it comes across as the cleanest track. The girls are all singing in their normal registers, the music is more dynamic, and there is a slight city pop infusion.

    Coming in a close second is “Summer By Myself”. It’s another clean track with a lot of flavor. Like “Fever”, it’s smooth, and I like smooth. Should either have been the title track? Hmm.. ..I don’t think so. While I think their the best of the 4 tracks, I don’t think the masses will get behind them.

    My order for this release:
    1. Fever *
    2. Summer By Myself **
    3. Pool Party
    4. Chi Mat Ba Ram

    Ref * (Fever):
    Ref ** (SBM):

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    • Dammit, now I’m thinking the order should be: 1. Summer By Myself, 2. Fever, 3. Pool Party, 4. Chi Mat Be Ram.

      Ugh.. ..just ignore me, I’ll go away and sort this out.


    • Fever wouldn’t work simple because it’s more of a follow-up to We Ride, than Rollin. If We Ride had blown up, maybe this would’ve worked as the title but because it was Rollin, Chi Mat Ba Ram is a lot more sonically similar to Rollin than Fever is.

      Still think Fever is better though. Maybe the GP would’ve liked it regardless but that’s just a theory.


  3. This Mini-album is album is incredible! and honestly…it’s one of 2021’s most satisfying comebacks (In the over-stuffed albums of SHINee, ONF, Golden Child and Lucy). I mean, every song here is a shocker in some way or another. I love Chi Mat Ba Ram! I found the song a bit too one-note but I think it’s consistency is what sells it for me (much like one of my favorite songs from last year: Golden Child’s Retrotastic OMG). And when it hits that climax, all bets are off! It’s breezy, summertime bombast at its best!

    And the aforementioned album man! My favorite is Fever by far, It’s hooks grips on to me and the production is IMMACULATE! Right up there with the best b-sides June has to offer.

    Speaking of June, It’s already offered us more than a few of incredible comebacks!
    Chi Mat Ba Ram
    Spin Off
    I Got U
    Ready To Love
    Up All Night!

    And if I want to be a little guilty, maybe another shot for No Rules and Buddy getting their own music videos!


  4. Pool party is my least favorite song on the album. I think it’s the most forgettable. It’s not a terrible song, but week in comparison. I’m curious what about “summer by myself” made it last place for you?

    My ranking: 1. Chi mat baram
    2. Fever
    3. Summer by myself
    4. Pool party


    • It’s only last place on a very strong album, which means I still like it a lot. New jack swing is one of my favorite genres ever, so I was preconditioned to enjoy Summer By Myself. But, I also tend to prefer more energetic songs, and Summer is the most subdued on the album.


  5. This is just great. It reminds me of summer in the 2010s again – Katy Perry’s California Gurls, SNSD’s Party and all the other songs in that similar style.

    Looks like I’ll have to check out the rest of the album, too!

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  6. “”

    I am really excited about this one! And will there be any chance of a “Fever” music video?!


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