Ultimate K-pop Summer Song Match-Up: SHINee vs. WJSN

Song Of Summer Match-UpCongratulations to Red Velvet’s Red Flavor! The song easily bested UP10TION’s Tonight with 86.4% of the vote. Honestly, I’m not surprised. I absolutely adore Tonight, but even I would have voted Red Flavor on this one. It’s just a mammoth summer single.

For match-up number two, we’ve got SHINee’s 2015 comeback View versus WJSN’s 2019 track Boogie Up.

One song helped usher in K-pop’s deep house trend, while the other acted as a big transition in sound for its artist. But, only one track can move onto the next round. The choice is up to all of you. Feel free to advocate, cheerlead, cut deals, etc in the comments section!

The vote is open for twenty-four hours, and the winner will be celebrated in tomorrow’s bracket post.

Candidate One: SHINee – View

Candidate Two: WJSN – Boogie Up

Bracket Round 1


25 thoughts on “Ultimate K-pop Summer Song Match-Up: SHINee vs. WJSN

  1. SHINee’s View By Far for me!
    It’s an absolute behemoth when it comes to K-pop Summer. The Melody is carefully arranged, impeccably performed and refreshing as hell. The Instrumental is rhythmic, bursting out with life and groove. And It creates such a cozy atmosphere. It’s the epitome of Summer for me and I play the hell out of it, EVERY.SINGLE.TIME.


  2. The only match up that really matters today is England vs Germany. This one here right now, Shinee by a mile. Let’s hope for the sake of family harmony the same (expected) lopsided result doesn’t happen in football today. Hubby didn’t even wear his jersey, in case something something jinxes it. “They’ve been disappointing the entire nation since before I was born. *sob*” He’s on the nth stage of mourning, beyond anger and bargaining towards abject pity for Queen and country.

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  3. I had to go with View and it isn’t even close for me. View has a special place in my heart. My job can be pretty heavy at times and it is one of a few songs on a special playlist I have to boost my mood between sessions. Side note: if you ever wonder what your therapist does after you spill your guts to them…maybe it’s listen to View by Shinee? Lmao.

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  4. I already know View is absolutely gonna crush Boogie Up in the votes (and I totally understand why) but let me show my appreciation for the latter song here haha. The song is such a nice chilling summer night song and the instrumental chorus is actually quite fun and idk but something about the production feels so refreshing.


  5. Boogie Woogie absolutely. View doesn’t get me moving at all and doesn’t leave an impression when it ends. BW is a blast of fun and I prefer its bright energy and faster pace. WJSN is probably gonna lose cause it’s Shinee, but I’m sticking by them until the inevitable happens tomorrow.

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  6. First things first, kudos to Red Flavor, it really beat poor Tonight. That said, if yesterday was a one-sided stomp, I think today’s countdown might be me vs. a small ant, where I am the one being smashed. View is a summer classic, and certainly deserving the win here. The one thing Boogie Up has going for it is that it is more recent, and thus might win newer fans. But yeah, View all the way for me. Such a classic.

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  7. The matchups so far have obvious winners, and unfortunately I’m on the predictable side for both of them. Boogie Up is not bad, I’ve had it in my playlist for a while, but it’s not a song I keep returning to year after year. View is.

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  8. It’s gonna be SHINee, but I feel like the Aaron Paul screaming meme when I think about choosing between View and Red Flavor in the next round. :’)


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