Song Review: Dongkiz – Crazy Night

Dongkiz - Crazy NightOver the past couple of years, Dongkiz have been one of my favorite way-under-the-radar groups. Last year’s Beautiful took them in an ill-advised “edgy” direction, but other than that their music has been a ton of fun. They really embrace K-pop’s inherent goofiness, even introducing a silly ghost mascot during some of their live stages. New single Crazy Night (못된 송아지 엉덩이에 뿔) takes that goofiness to new levels, pushing the limits of my tolerance for these kind of concepts.

I appreciate how off-kilter Crazy Night is. It certainly sounds different than anything else released this year. And, the quirky video is tons of fun. But, the track quickly becomes more about mugging for the camera than crafting a listenable piece of music.

This aim is on display right from the start, as Crazy Night opens with a high-pitched squeal that has me reaching for the volume. The plonky funk instrumental provides a backdrop for some of the most irritating affectations I’ve heard in some time. I’m not sure who convinced Dongkiz to rap in this style, but it was a very, very bad decision. It’s the audio equivalent of pulling faces, and isn’t nearly as cute as the producers think it is. Worse yet, there’s no respite from this bizarre aegyo assault. Even Crazy Night’s chorus (if you can call it that!) opts for weird squeals and screeches. Dongkiz have basically dropped a beat, done a bunch of armpit farts over the top, and called it a song. I don’t get it at all. Maybe it just went over my head?

 Hooks 5
 Production 7
 Longevity 5
 Bias 3


33 thoughts on “Song Review: Dongkiz – Crazy Night

  1. Well I like it! This made me laugh and smile, so I am going to say YES. Dongkiz have perfected the art of having actual fun while performing an actually fun song. Also, the bass line in the chorus is really cool.

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  2. HAHAHAHA, I can’t!!! 🤣

    This feels like a really weird version of MCND’s goofiness, and it had me crying in a confused laugh. Honestly, it’s so weird that I kinda like it but I’m pretty sure I’ll get tired of it soon For now, I don’t mind it.

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  3. Sometimes when a song like this drops I cant help but marvel at how many people must have been involved in the series of decisions leading to this point. Like, not just one but several people thought this was a good idea. Blows my mind!

    There are parts that are almost salvageable and cute, but for the most part this is just wildly irritating. Huge waste for a group that clearly has a lot of talent and potential.

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  4. I can see the appeal of the song, it’s weird but there’s a surprising amount of melody and depth to the singing. The chorus is also weird, but there’s something interesting about it too. The structure is different at least and the bass is nice. IDK…

    MYMA, how dare you. You make like another song I thought was pretty nothing. Alien, now this? Now that I’ve relistened to it a few times. It’s actually a pretty good song.

    The concept is too youthful for my tastes though. 1:31 is weird. I know they’re adults… but I don’t know if that makes it worse or not.


    • This reminded me of some of the goofy shit my music major friends pulled in college, which I find comfortingly age appropriate given that today’s BGs mostly seem to dress like they’re either 12 or 30.


  5. I love Dongkiz. I can’t tell if this is bad or so bad that it’s good. Psychedelic eggs?, the weird ass (and quite literal at times ass shots) dance moves?, the squeaky vocals? Man idk what I’m seeing/watching here but it makes me want to see it again.

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  6. That mv was fun. And that bass was cool. And it sure took me a few listens to find out what exactly the chorus was, more like where. A melodic post chorus would’ve helped a lot and I was eagerly anticipating one. Anyways, what were those psychedelic eggs and the trippy effects supposed to be, nevertheless it was fun.

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  7. Well, that music video was… something. It’s weird, really weird, and I don’t get what the whole point is (other than that they’re having fun, so that’s a plus I guess).

    Anyway, about the song. It’s the same as I could describe about the music video; it’s weird, a bit quirky, and fun. Though I expected plenty from it, especially with the chorus. The chorus is nice, but it would be greater if that were expanded further. I don’t know if it’s just me and my lack of attention, but the arrangement is messy af, like it was a bit difficult to follow the song but I somehow still enjoyed it.

    I love Dongkiz very much, on par with Infinite and Golden Child which are my most favorite idol groups. I may be a bit biased here, since I will rate this a 7.75. The song’s good for me, it just needs a little more tinkering in some parts then we could have a song that could welcome July with a big smile.

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  8. Well, this week I learned that I like songs that can be compared to flatulence, so that’s something. I started smiling at the first chorus and am still grinning, so that’ll do for me. It honestly doesn’t sound that different to me from WEi and GHOST9’s most recent releases, and I liked those too. I hope they get to do a few music shows with this one.

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  9. sorry but is the subpar rating even necessary… like, is this objectively worse than how you like that or mafia in the morning? is this one of the worst kpop songs of 2021? honestly dongkiz pulled this off quite well, definitely not their best but certainly not their worst either (that title goes to beautiful)

    and its all the more important that you give a more reasonable review because if im not wrong theyre in a really bad financial position right now and give them the much-needed positive clout they deserve,,, so yeah #charitywork


    • I’m sorry to hear this. They’re very talented and deserve a lot more attention. I’m just listening to Fever, which has such a fabulous retro vibe.

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    • Yep, I think the rating seems harsh, but this song’s style is definitely a polarizing choice! I’m not surprised that some are really put off by the performance despite the production being pretty decent.

      I do hope they’re able to keep on going as a group. I’ve consistently enjoyed their title tracks!


  10. My tolerance for goofiness and aegyo-rap is relatively high. This song and video are pushing it a little for me too, though. I’m not decided on whether this is still fun for me or a little too childish at points.

    The concept aside, I think the production is actually really nice. Nice and upbeat and fresh, not too boring and straightforward. The performance is a little much at times, but it is also fun to see a group really go for it with a silly delivery.

    Definitely would not be a 5/10 for me! I’d say a 7/10 would reflect my opinion on it.

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  11. Oh, c’mon, It ain’t nearly as bad as you make it out to be, although it’s obviously mostly about the meme value. I was left thinking it looks like someone asked “what would Block B have done with an aegyo song?”

    And, btw, trusty Naver Papago tells me the title means…

    “Horns on the butt of a wicked calf.”


  12. I know this post is a few days old, but I just had to circle back because I feel like, as a sentence, “Dongkiz have basically dropped a beat, done a bunch of armpit farts over the top, and called it a song,” did not get the recognition it deserved lmao.

    As for the song, for me, it exists so far outside of the binary of “bad” vs “good” that those terms honestly feel meaningless here. I literally cannot identify how I feel about this song. I did laugh, though not sure if it was in the way they intended. I’m so confused!

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  13. Personally, I loved it. It was weird and odd but the song doesn’t take itself seriously which I enjoyed greatly. It’s so incredibly entertaining and fun. It’s a very hit or miss song though due to how out there it is but I just genuinely cannot stop listening to it (it’s been on repeat). It’s about being immature and not being serious and it showed that in its sound perfectly!


  14. As a professional classical singer I find the vocal techniques here very difficult and uhm… I would say, immaculate? As in who would have thought that a fun, colorful, even memey kpop song would include such a dizzying flurry of techniques? (I’ve been singing classical seriously for 15 years and kpop for more than 5 years, and no kpop song has gotten me struggling so much while recording it. I’m not even exaggerating, I can literally show you the >300 rerecords I have on my laptop rn)
    So basically I would like to claim this song as my favorite from them, just by the difficulty and techniques alone. It might sound just slightly fun and otherwise confusing and unappealing to the typical audience, but for a professional musician, the unusual beats, switches in styles between verses, ***difficult vocals*** (highlighted for emphasis), and slight, intentional off-tunes are a literal TREAT. But anyway, do consider me biased because I AM. CRAZILY.


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