Song Review: Yukika & Pat Lok – The Moment

Yukika - The MomentIn a surprise release, city pop chanteuse Yukika has paired with Canadian DJ/producer Pat Lok for The Moment (그라데이션). Up to this point, Yukika’s music has captured a specific vibe very well. Even when the songs threaten to become too subdued for their own good, I always appreciate their sense of musical continuity.

The Moment fits well alongside her singles run, but brings a more club-ready sound. This isn’t surprising given Pat Lok’s influences. His touch injects an addictive drive to the instrumental. The song hinges on retro synthpop touchstones, utilizing shimmering keys, programmed percussion and wisps of electronic atmosphere. This creates an instrumental worth getting lost in, even if it’s largely the same arrangement throughout the entire track. Steadiness has become one of Yukika’s musical strengths, so I’m not shocked at how chill The Moment is.

As usual, Yukika offers a clear, polished vocal performance that avoids histrionics or modulation. During slower songs, I find this monotony to be kind of… well… monotonous. But coupled with the dull throb of The Moment’s instrumental, I think the aloofness of the performance works. Given this, it’s ironic that the chorus hinges on the word “gradation”! There might not be much real gradation at play here, but this hook is surprisingly sticky. The Moment won’t be the kind of song that would top a playlist for me, but its presence will never be unwelcome. I hope Yukika will consider working with more DJs and EDM producers in the future.

 Hooks 8
 Production 8
 Longevity 8
 Bias 8

3 thoughts on “Song Review: Yukika & Pat Lok – The Moment

  1. This song reminds of the time I searched through Spotify to find a weird song named Scorpio that I couldn’t remember who made it. I ended up finding some interesting hidden indie gems trying to find it. I never actually found the song, but it was nice to hear so many different sounds under one title. It sounds like something I’d have stumbled upon that time, or buried in a playlist full of other songs that sound too similar to it.

    Not a bad thing, and I do like these kind of songs. This song is as enjoyable as those songs, fun to listen with some interesting bits but maybe not anything that’s meant to stand out.

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  2. Yukika is nothing if not consistent. She’s not here to reinvent the wheel just to drop some pleasant bops and move on. This leans on the more vibey~ side of her discography so it’s a good Haley, kinda smokey song to melt into. I’ve been waiting for more Yukika and she more than delivered!

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