Song Review: Even Of Day (DAY6) – Right Through Me

Even Of Day - Right Through MeDAY6 sub-unit Even Of Day debuted late last summer, releasing a much more interesting mini album than its title track suggested. With Where The Sea Sleeps, I wondering why Young K, Wonpil and Dowoon didn’t distinguish their own music from DAY6’s core sound. That confusion continues with new single Right Through Me (뚫고 지나가요). I mean, why even create a sub-unit if you’re going to perform the same music your main group would?

More worryingly, Right Through Me is dull. DAY6 have crafted their fair share of K-pop classics – many of them b-sides. But, their 2021 has been marked by music that feels as if the guys are stuck on autopilot. They retain their sentiment and mood, but the songs lack the memorable moments that characterize their best work.

As a song about rejection, it’s unfair to expect Right Through Me to bound along a sprightly, upbeat rhythm. But, its laidback groove exists at a murky midpoint – too fast to harness the power of a ballad, but too reserved to dance to. The chorus has a nice sense of lift, but the melody and instrumental feel undercooked. Both come across as ingredients for a satisfying (albeit forgettable) b-side. As a title track, not much about Right Through Me captures my attention. And without a defined climax, the song simply passes by. Even Of Day’s high level of talent and natural personality make this a cut above standard idol rock fare, but I hope the guys take some time to re-energize and spark new inspiration.

 Hooks 7
 Production 7
 Longevity 8
 Bias 7
 RATING 7.25

7 thoughts on “Song Review: Even Of Day (DAY6) – Right Through Me

  1. Did you look into the rest of the album? Easily one of their best to date, much stronger than Negentropy and Gluon. Right through me is the weakest or second weakest track there. It’s GP friendly though which is probably why it was selected.


    • I agree, EOD’s previous album felt really flat and unusual to me, and I couldn’t get into any of Gluon’s music save for two songs, which imo are good but not comparable to the stuff on Entropy. This album’s full and dramatic sound is right up my alley. I quite liked Right Through Me, it’s easy to listen to but still maintains spunk


  2. The album has a lot of upbeat, energetic, and contoured tracks that would be more to your cup of tea than this one! I think you’ll especially like “From the ending of a tragedy” and “Home Alone”! Thanks for sharing your opinion as always, Nick.


  3. Not a bad single. It took a few listens to click for me, maybe slightly forgetful. The albums not bad though, really like “Home”


  4. Personally I didnt like RTM that much too but I liked We or Walk during the first listen. After a few more listens, I got hooked to All The Things and Home Alone. I think their songs are just the type to linger on you if you only listen to it once.


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