Ultimate K-pop Summer Song Match-Up: BLACKPINK vs. Golden Child

Song Of Summer Match-UpCongratulations to Sistar’s Loving U! This was a slightly tighter race than I’d anticipated, but the song scored an easy victory with 64.7% of the vote.

Next up, we have a duel between two tracks with quite opposite charms. It’s BLACKPINK‘s 2017 hit As If It’s Your Last versus Golden Child’s Let Me, which came out one year later.

In some ways, these songs both subvert expectations. Even with their “pink” concept, BLACKPINK prove to be edgier than many 2017-era girl groups. Meanwhile, Golden Child forgo dark, broody boy band tropes for a lighter, more refreshing summer sound.

But, only one song can move onto the next round. The choice is up to all of you. Feel free to advocate, cheerlead, cut deals, etc in the comments section!

The vote is open for twenty-four hours, and the winner will be celebrated in tomorrow’s bracket post.

Candidate One: BLACKPINK – As If It’s Your Last

Candidate Two: Golden Child – Let Me

Bracket Round 6

16 thoughts on “Ultimate K-pop Summer Song Match-Up: BLACKPINK vs. Golden Child

  1. “Let Me” was the song which launched Golden Child into one of my favorite groups of all time! And it sound-tracked my summer, So it’s going to be my personal choice for this battle!

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  2. ‘Let Me’was the song that really got me into Golcha. I remember falling for their charms and energy in that video..good times. It still instantly makes me feel like the sun just broke through and I’m going on holiday.

    ‘As If It’s Your Last’ is one of my favourite BlackPink songs, but it does not really evoke summer for me. On top of that, I have none of the bias or attachment to BlackPink that
    I have to Golcha.

    In this matchup, AIIYL was never even a contender for me.

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  3. “As If It’s Your Last” is my favorite K-Pop song of all-time so its a no brainer who im voting for. Its just such a great Song not only during the Summer. Blackpink has the clear advantage in popularity, but i know that a lot of readers on this site really like Golden Child, so it shouldn’t be easy for Blackpink to advance.


  4. Let Me IS Summer. As If It’s Your Last just isn’t summery to me at all. I’m not much of a BlackPink fan anyway so Golcha has the advantage..

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    • I do enjoy Kiss You still! I do not think it comes close to Let Me though. I find Kiss You much more repetitive and the lyrics a bit cringy (though I adored it back in my 1D phase, of course). Let Me has the advantage of being in Korean which I can’t understand :’)

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  5. This is another hard choice! Both songs are great but I think I gotta go with As If It’s Your Last. Although I’m certainly no Blink, AIIYL was one of the first K-Pop songs I ever heard (and I’m aware I’m revealing how relatively new to K-Pop I am by admitting that…lol) so there is more of a personal connection for me.

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  6. Congrats to Loving U!

    Ooh, As If It Is Your Last should technically crush Let Me. The one thing Let Me has is that this site is drench-soaked in Goldeness, and arguably a sort of home-base for them at times. That said, my non-existent vote is for AIIIYL. It is less summery, but much more cohesive, Let Me needed a better chorus.

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  7. Hmm, I honestly don’t get any summer vibes from As If It’s Your Last, but it’s the best song from BLACKPINK. Let Me… it is a summer song I suppose… I’m just really stingy with these bright cutesy boy group songs. I’m just not in the demographic in which these kinds of songs are targeted towards.

    Super stoked that Loving U won. I honestly don’t know how it’ll fare against View. View is so slick, so smooth.


    • I just realised I’m jumping to a lot of conclusions here! It seems I have mixed up the chart a little. We still got more competition! More great songs!


  8. BLACKPINK definitely has more popularity but almost everyone here including the owner of this site poves golden child, I can’t even guess who’ll win…

    Let Me is obviously made to be a summer track while AIIYL is a song that fits summer, but the thing is Let Me’s chorus doesn’t hit me the way AIIYL does. So my vote goes to BLACKPINK.


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