Ultimate K-pop Summer Song Match-Up: Red Velvet vs. SHINee

Song Of Summer Match-UpCongratulations to Astro’s Breathless! This is a fantastic song, and a personal favorite of mine. But, I’m a little salty with this result because it happened in the exact way I’ve been trying to prevent.

I’ve deliberately kept artist names and hashtags off of the polls because I didn’t want an artist’s fan base discovering this bracket and simply flooding the vote. But, the Arohas definitely found this one, as Breathless surged from 20 to 64 percent in a matter of hours as hundreds of votes were quickly added to its tally via retweets and shares. I mean… I can’t blame the twitter fan base, but it kind of defeats the purpose of a contest like this.

Regardless, Breathless moves on to fight another day. And, it makes a surprisingly good match for Let Me, as both songs have a very similar energy.

We’ve now completed the first round of the bracket, and things are only going to get tougher from here. Today’s match-up is momentous. Iconic vs. Iconic. SM vs. SM. Sister vs. Brother. I apologize in advance for forcing you to make such a choice.

Yes, it’s Red Velvet’s Red Flavor vs. SHINee’s View. Both songs sailed through the first round, but only one can move on to the semi-final. The choice is up to all of you. Feel free to advocate, cheerlead, cut deals, etc in the comments section!

The vote is open for twenty-four hours, and the winner will be celebrated in tomorrow’s bracket post.

Candidate One: Red Velvet – Red Flavor

Candidate Two: SHINee – View

Bracket Round 8

24 thoughts on “Ultimate K-pop Summer Song Match-Up: Red Velvet vs. SHINee

  1. You know, I might actually make a Twitter account just to vote for View.
    Red Flavor is amazing but.. View is practically the definition of a modern classic.

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  2. Please, this is the day I feared would come. I actually feel thankful for not having a twitter account to get caught here. Let’s see who the winner, though I’m already sure I’ll be disappointed for either of the results.

    That said, my non-existent vote goes to….neither. I’ll actually skip this one lol.

    Just kidding, I have an edge for red flavour, just a tiiiiny one, (it might change).

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  3. In defense of Aroha, as a Goldenness I can confirm that because I was worried Blinks would dominate the polls, I too shared the tweet so Let Me could get a boost so I understand where they come from.

    Pity Complete, which I voted for, didn’t win. Breathless is a great song of its own accord anyway, so I’m still pretty happy.

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    • Yeah, I think tweet-sharing has happened with most of these match-ups, and that’s totally fine! (It likely resulted in Golcha’s win, too)

      But, this is the first time that it went a bit “viral” in the sense that hundreds of people who haven’t even been following the bracket quickly upended the results.


  4. Both of these are just classics. But something about View just makes me feel so…magical. And for that feeling alone, I’ll have to give it the edge.


  5. Tough choice.

    I’m going to go with Red Flavor. Because for me, this poll is really about the ultimate summer song. I think View is more ultimate song territory- for me, it isn’t defined but it’s summeriness. There’s a coolness and melancholy in View.

    Whereas Red Flavor is like aggressively summer in a pretty addictive way. This song has lost its cool. It’s red hot.

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  6. This one is easy for me. I like both songs a lot, but Red Flavor really represents the summer, while View is more of an all-round classic.

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  7. Agree that Red Flavor is definitely more summery, but View for me can just about beat anything. Although, I would certainly not be mad if Red Flavor ended up winning the whole thing.


  8. I’m actually really surprised Complete didn’t go through! It gives me so many summer memories, I was in the car driving to the beach when I first heard it. And it came out on my birthday so it’s extra cool šŸ˜‰

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  9. Damn, I’m actually kind of salty with the results, even though I promised myself I would be happy with any results. It was just so unexpected. Given the community of your blog, I would’ve thought that this competition would’ve escaped the grasps of popularity-obsessed mania. You did your best Nick, don’t worry. I feel like if it’s going to turn into a popularity contest then there’s no point in having a voting criterion. Well, at least now we know there’s a bunch of Arohas lurking around this website…


  10. Oof, at this rate, the wrong song will end up winning. I was preparing myself to make the impossible decision between Solo Day and Wave, and SD didn’t even make the cut. I suppose that makes it easier for my contender (Wave) to advance, but feeling somewhat robbed. Same with Blackpink and ONF, ONF especially. It looks like Red Flavor is being set up to lose and nothing baffles me more. That song is summer incarnate.


      • As I check the polls, I realise I am completely wrong. The previous night I noticed they were 50-50 but it appears this morning (in my time zone) the scales have tipped in favour of SHINee


  11. Honestly, between the toxic Taeyeon rant, the Aroha vote-mongering, and the surprisingly toxic comment section for Taeyeon’s Weekend, trolls and haters are beginning to find this site. I genuinely hope they don’t begin to ruin the whole thing, as the comments section on this blog is really one of my favorite places on the internet.

    I was afraid one fandom would go hard on the votes. The issue is, this site is filled with fans. Now that the Arohas did this, who will do it next? This happened a few weeks ago in K-Ville. After the WEi fans pulled a few moves to get WEi to the top spot, Shawols made sure SHINee got the top 3 for weeks. Eventually, Hanbin fans got in the action too, until it was a big mess. I can’t view the votes, but from what KPOPFANGIRL78 said, Shawols have begun to pull their strings.

    To be honest, Let Me’s win too was not really fair either, as this blog is already quite popular with Goldeness, making the spreading easy. I just hope that the fans do play fair.

    Onto the two songs. My support is fully for View. I went on a drive with my family the other day, and I played View in the car near the beach. The song is a legendary summer single.

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