Song Review: ATEEZ – Dreamers

ATEEZ - DreamersThough it may not represent their definitive sound, 2019’s Wave is still my favorite ATEEZ single. It’s one of the most uplifting K-pop tracks in recent memory, with a brilliant build that saves all its vocal and instrumental fireworks for one knockout climax. New Japanese single Dreamers feels like a sonic successor, harnessing a tropical pop sound that’s perfect for summer. And while it’s pleasant and palatable, it lacks the punch I had hoped for.

Even so, I much prefer a song like Dreamers over ATEEZ’s most recent Korean comeback track. While Fireworks opted for a cooler, edgier sound, Dreamers is content to unveil its buoyant, sunny pop without interruption. As the ending theme for a Digimon anime, I’m not surprised by the track’s lightweight, amiable sound. The group are still without rapper Mingi, and his boisterous vocal is definitely missed here. Seonghwa does his best to fill in the gap, and offers a surprisingly credible rap. But, Dreamers is not a rap-heavy track. It’s much more concerned with painting a satisfying melody.

In this regard, I think the song succeeds. I’m not knocked over by anything Dreamers dishes out, but it vibes along a swelling energy that feels optimistic and satisfying. The tropical percussion paints an enticing rhythm that matches the group’s solid vocals. The arrangement makes good use of every member, saving the always-impressive Jongho for the chorus where he can make the most impact. The hook here could be stronger, devolving into the kind of chant-along refrain we’ve heard many times before. But, it’s all wrapped up in an engaging, feel-good groove that’s hard to resist.

 Hooks 8
 Production 9
 Longevity 9
 Bias 8

6 thoughts on “Song Review: ATEEZ – Dreamers

  1. While I don’t think this is a 8.5 for me, I still like it way more than their previous comeback, for the reasons that you already stated in your review. Also, I really don’t mind that the hook isn’t strong. I feel like it kind of fits the flow of the song.

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  2. possibly an unpopular opinion, but I actually really liked their latest comeback Fireworks lol (maybe it did sound a bit obnoxious, but it was catchy and loud… BULNORIYA BULNORIYA EH all the way) anyways, this was a cute song + mv and rapper Seonghwa was nice to see. I’m pretty curious about what their next Korean release will sound like because the instrumental at the end of Fireworks turned out to be for The Real

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  3. I am still waiting for a steel drum sound to come to all these “tropical” songs, because on my side of the planet tropical means caribbean steel drums with a frosty beverage in hand.

    That said, this one does very nicely. The instrumental is packed with goodies. It teases about a reggae beat without sticking to a strict reggae beat. In true Japanese style releases, the song cruises along at a good 10 or 20 bpm faster than any other style would think prudent. And then adds layers upon layers of percussion and flute sounds to fill space.

    With all that going on, the boys do a great job of being fully present above the instrumental. Yeah, good job! As a bonus, somehow it is available on US itunes!

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  4. I completely agree with the sonic successor of Wave statement! I really liked the vibe they were going for and I agree Seonghwa did a really good job with the rap. 😄

    Now as a fan of kpop and anime I have some thoughts in this….. this isn’t a negative,just some thoughts.😅

    For me Digimon is so much more than just an anime. It’s nostalgia. Stronger and more powerful than anything else 😂

    The thing that set Digimon apart from the other anime similar to it back then was the music. Every song, beginning or ending had that Digimon touch – catchy, hummable, strong voices and a “old” feel ❤️

    Dreamers is a really good song,but it’s very hard for me to think if it as a Digimon song. 😅 I agree that it’s very close to the op and ed style of animes today – it gives me a sports anime or even a My Hero Academia feel, but I don’t feel a Digimon vibe from it. I have a good feeling that this is because I’m looking at everything through my nostalgia tinted glasses 😂😂

    For me the only part in the entire song which really felt closer to Digimon was Yeosang’s part. I think his voice really fit the song the best in the “anime ending song” style.🤗❤️

    I realise the kpop style and japanese music style are very different so I shouldn’t be comparing their style really… There are kpop songs which give the anime vibe very strongly to me- BTOB’s debut Insane is something I think would fit an action (shonen)/fantasy anime very well …. and Dreamcatcher has very anime mood songs 🙃 And the “perfect sports anime opening” – Golcha’s Breathe

    So many kpop songs do fit the anime vibe❤️ So compared to them I feel while Dreamers “can have” an anime vibe it doesn’t really give the Digimon vibe as much as I expected 😅

    And yeah…. I miss Mingi’s voice too!! I’m really looking forward to his return so that we can get Fireworks~ FULL IMPACT live version!!😂❤️❤️

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    • I just listened to it again and can I say that Yeosang is simply amazing!!!😂😂 Like I know I already said it, but I honestly feel his parts are brilliant and he fits the song so well!!❤️

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