Song Review: The Boyz – Drink It

The Boyz - Drink ItUp to this point, music released through the Universe app has felt extraneous to an artist’s discography, making its restricted music videos less frustrating. Still, I’m surprised by just how much content this platform is churning out. Whoever’s funding this launch seems to have an unlimited budget, releasing glossy videos almost every week. The latest on the docket is Drink It from The Boyz, who will be making their full comeback sometime next month. For now, this is their first new music since last September.

Drink it is the strongest Universe-related track yet, though I guess that’s faint praise. Much of the song’s appeal can be found under its hood. Looking at the production/composition team, I was surprised to see Park Chella Kim listed as co-writer. Known for his blues-meets-hip-hop guitar sound, he’s not the type of artist to usually work with an idol group. This unexpected pairing helps make Drink It feel fresh. It also puts the song’s striking band sound in context.

Drink It bounds along a confident beat, coming across as a dance pop version of a storming rock track. In this way, its energy reminds me of Infinite’s 2014 Japanese single Dilemma – only with less guitar. Both songs share a commanding presence – dark, but never mopey or dull. Much of this energy is found within Drink It’s lively percussion, which keeps a steady groove while slamming in here and there to accent the group’s vocals. The two-part chorus echoes the frame set up by this instrumental, hitting hard while making room for a smooth vocal performance. The second verse rap compliments this brew, maintaining momentum as we stomp toward Drink It’s climax. I think the whole thing could stand to go even more over-the-top, but this is still a pleasant surprise.

 Hooks 9
 Production 9
 Longevity 8
 Bias 8

7 thoughts on “Song Review: The Boyz – Drink It

  1. I’m pleasantly surprised with how the quality of the boyz tracks is heading up a steady upwards incline(not to say their previous work wasn’t strong)

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  2. Hi! Finally I join the comment section of The Bias List for the first time (I was going to do that earlier with your post on Blitzer’s debut, I think… but I had trouble connecting my Twitter account to here haha).

    Now for The Boyz becoming vampires in “Drink It”… I quite like it!
    When I first heard of this song, I couldn’t help but compare this to their early 2020 comeback “Reveal”. I feel like both songs do aim to capture that sleek, cool (maybe tiptoeing in alluring territory) image. But the difference which you, Nick, have pointed out is the “lively percussion” that propels “Drink It” in such an exciting fashion.

    The Boyz’s musical journey in side stepping from their energetic youthfulness into adopting a much darker image has been interesting to watch. I was also a bit disappointed when I first heard “Reveal”, and whilst I did like the chorus, the verses felt a bit too… slow and murky for me. But since then The Boyz have been trying out some new genres since. If “The Stealer” and their Kingdom song “Kingdom Come” have proven to explore more musical elements just like “Drink It”, then I’m really excited to see what The Boyz will release for their latest comeback.

    (Oh gosh I wrote so much. I’m just, really excited to finally get the chance to comment here after reading this site for a little over a year now)

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  3. Nice song! Old school, and yet contemporary. Its sounds to me like The Boyz covering Vixx covering TVXQ, which I think is a good thing!

    Also, actual hooks, and an actual sung chorus. plus and plus.

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  4. Even though SKZ won Kingdom and I’m a stay, I think TBZ are probably the strongest group just based on the consistency of their discography (imo). This is another impressive track. They’re sort of spiritual winners post-Kingdom because I think overall they gained a ton of exposure from both series and now they’re FREEEEE and poised to focus on what they do best which is coming out with great dynamic pop music.

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