Ultimate K-pop Summer Song Match-Up: Golden Child vs. Astro

Song Of Summer Match-UpCongratulations to ATEEZ’s Wave! This was a tough fight, with Sistar leading through much of the day. But, ATEEZ turned things around and ended up snatching victory with 54.6% of the vote. Pour one out for Sistar, everyone. They would have gotten my vote!

We’re down to our last match-up in this second round of the bracket. Today, it’s boy group vs. boy group. Both debuted within a year of each other, launching their careers with a bright, poppy sound perfectly suited to summer. I have a feeling this one’s gonna be tight! It’s Golden Child’s Let Me vs. Astro’s Breathless. Which song will go on to compete in the semi-final?

The choice is up to all of you. Feel free to advocate, cheerlead, cut deals, etc in the comments section!

The vote is open for twenty-four hours, and the winner will be celebrated in tomorrow’s bracket post.

Candidate One: Golden Child – Let Me

Candidate Two: Astro – Breathless

Bracket Round 11

5 thoughts on “Ultimate K-pop Summer Song Match-Up: Golden Child vs. Astro

  1. Two songs that scream summer, from two of my favourite groups.. I might have to sit this one out because there is no way for me to come to a fair decision here.


  2. On one hand, Breathless is my least favorite song from Astro’s first two or three years. On the other… it’s still a really, really good song.


  3. Congrats to Wave, even if I love Loving U, I think I like Wave only a teensy bit more.

    For this week’s competition, I don’t think either fandom has shown up yet, so it might be fair. I think I lean towards Let Me, but I really don’t care that much.


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