The Top Ten Best Songs by ONEUS

Top Ten Best Songs By ONEUSIt’s only been two and a half years since ONEUS debuted, but the group has been busy since then. From dark and edgy to bright and funky, they’ve released just enough title tracks and singles to qualify for a top ten list!

Here are all ten releases, ranked from my least to most favorite.

10. 808 (2019)

808 takes ONEUS’s sound and targets the Japanese market. As such, it feels like a more generic version of their better work, let down by an uninspired instrumental but lifted by enthusiastic performances. (full review)

9. Come Back Home (2020)

A Road To Kingdom track turned single, Come Back Home is a song of two extremes. Its verses are excellent, propelled by bombastic production. However, its half-time chorus is a major buzzkill. (full review)

8. To Be Or Not To Be (2020)

Haunting and theatrical, To Be Or Not To Be harnesses industrial elements to craft one of the group’s most aggressive, intimidating dance tracks. (full review)

7. Lit (2019)

Though Lit is a firm fan favorite, I’ve never been able to generate as much enthusiasm. The track’s traditional instrumentation is great fun, and the guys are clearly having a blast. But, I long for a stronger melody. (full review)

6. BBUSYEO (2020)

Easily the lightest title track in ONEUS’s arsenal, BBUSYEO is a funk pop party through and through, fueled by fun bursts of talkbox, retro synth and a rollicking performance. (full review)

5. No Diggity (2021)

No Diggity proved itself to be quite polarizing. I didn’t care for it at first, but the song’s high points quickly won me over. The pre-chorus is beautifully executed, and the noisy EDM drop has its off-kilter charm. (full review)

4. A Song Written Easily (2020)

ONEUS go tropical with the refreshing groove of A Song Written Easily. The track falls outside their usual wheelhouse, but a solid sense of melody makes it a definite standout. (full review)

3. Twilight (2019)

Opening with a dramatic hook that feels like successive punches to the gut, Twilight surges in and out with precision, pulling back for emotive verses before attacking with its dynamic chorus. (full review)

2. Black Mirror (2021)

ONEUS head to the disco, and the transition proves to be quite seamless. Black Mirror’s airy groove goes down easy, and the guys offer a continual volley of charismatic turns as the hooky melody weaves its way around the rhythm. (full review)

1. Valkyrie (2019)

Valkyrie is a killer debut, and one that’s stood the test of time. Immediately establishing the group’s powerful, evocative sound, the track fuses addictive bass with explosive melody, resulting in an EDM monster that feels as if it’s spasming in all sorts of inventive directions. (full review)



11 thoughts on “The Top Ten Best Songs by ONEUS

  1. Lit is by far my favourite. It’s fun, it’s catchy, it uses fun instrumentation. I still listen to it 2 years later. I wish they continued like that cos I didn’t enjoy anything between Lit and Black Mirror (sorry nnnnnn).

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  2. Oneus is my second favorite group ever, only behind Shinee so you could say I am hella biased but I am going to attempt my ranking of their titles anyway.

    10- BBuseyo- Has to be last for me simply because it’s not my style but I love watching them nail something so different for them.
    9- 808- I would love to see more Japanese releases from them that aren’t remakes of their korean titles in the future.
    8- No Diggity- Again not my preferred style but as with all Oneus titles it has its moments.
    7- Black Mirror- This has not stuck to me as much as I wanted it to, but they always look like their having so much fun performing it that I just can’t help but jam along.
    6- Come Back Home- Controversial perhaps but this is still my favorite finale song from RTK, its fierce as hell and I loved every second of it.
    5-To Be or Not to Be- I know many don’t like the second verse but I think it suits the songs concept so it doesn’t bother me, rather I focus on the fact that I will never get sick of the rock guitar fueled vocoder assisted chorus, not ever.
    4- A Song Written Easily- There are some kpop songs you just permanently associate with a specific season; well I permanently associate this song with spring. When spring rolls in again this song must be played.
    3- Twilight- This is the song that started it all for me. I missed out on their debut at the time but caught about 30 seconds of this song on some variety show and just had to track down its source. I have replayed this song a million times, but I have not grown tired of it even a little bit.
    2- Lit- I was lucky enough to witness this song live and the energy it gave off was unreal. It was genuinely thrilling, and I will never forget it.
    1- Valkyrie- I don’t even have anything else to add here, this is simply their best title track.

    Ranking Oneus title’s is very hard for me as I could come back in five minutes and want to rearrange the entire middle of my list, but this is what I’m going to go with now. But regardless of how I would rank them I have on some level enjoyed all of their titles, after all they are my favorites for a reason.
    Also, shameless plug for anyone interested, Oneus was recently on Immortal songs for the first time and covered Michael Jacksons’ Thriller. It was, as expect, totally awesome, so go check it out!

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    • Ug, I saw the BTS for the Thriller performance and it looks great but I can’t find it on YouTube – do you know if Immortal Songs has a delay before individual performances go up?


      • I have a viki account and have been waiting for them to uplaod the episode there but they seem to have messed up because the episode list skips Oneus’s episode.
        Outside of that the best I have found is this youtube video with a google drive link saved in the first pinned comment of their performance. Here is the link:

        Its not the best quality but its the best I have found yet. Hopefully the official video will be uploaded to youtube eventually.


  3. Other than the top 2, really surprised by your rankings. Wanna-Quote-Shakespeare-But-I-Don’t-Know-Shakespeare being lower than Dress-Cool-With-Pure-Fun-In-Traditional-Instrumentation and Bra Ta Ta in particular.

    That said, the rock version of Valkyrie is near perfect.

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  4. I’ve not warmed to No Diggity, but absolutely adore Black Mirror, To Be Or Not To Be, and the various iterations of Valkyrie.


  5. I do have to say I’m glad you ranked black mirror high up there. And as much as I love Valkyrie, I prefer the rock version they released.

    I would have put a song written easily lower, simply because the song is too…soft? Gentle? Flowing? For my typical taste. I still like it though! But I prefer comeback home to it.

    Overall, the general order I agree with! Cheers to you making a oneus ranking 🥰


  6. The thing I appreciate about ONEUS is how consistent they are, even while releasing tracks with very different sounds. With the possible exceptions of Valkyrie and 808, you could put #2-9 in basically any order depending on individual taste (“No Diggity” is my #2 because I love the loud stuff). “Black Mirror” and ASWE in particular aren’t my usual style, but the guys execute whatever’s put in front of them so well that both song have grown on me.


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