Song Review: BZ-Boys – Close Your Eyes

BZ-Boys - Close Your EyesBZ-Boys debuted over two years ago as part of Chrome Entertainment (former home of Crayon Pop). Chrome has struggled to get any of its groups off the ground since Bar Bar Bar’s surprising success in 2013, and BZ-Boys haven’t made many waves yet. In fact, I had to search back to see if I’d ever written about them before. I haven’t, though I’m sure I’ve watched their music videos once or twice over the years.

Without a defining image or sound, it’s becoming harder for groups like this to stand out. I’ll never understand why agencies saddle these unknown acts with generic material. You’d think they’d seek out headlines however they could – preferably spawned by a release with its own character and charm. BZ-Boys appear to tick off all the necessary idol group boxes, but new single Close Your Eyes is too safe and forgettable to leave any mark.

There’s not a single element in this track that can’t be found elsewhere, delivered by a group with more funding and promotion. Close Your Eyes is serviceable but unexciting. Its chorus pulses with a pleasant energy while a descending arpeggio adds noteworthy texture that should have been explored further. The song was composed by Stardust, who also took the reigns on Golden Child’s recent Ra Pam Pam. This only goes to show the importance of performance and vocals. On a purely technical level, Ra Pam Pam’s bones aren’t all that more inventive. But, Golden Child perform the hell out of the song, resulting in a series of climaxes that add dynamic drive to a relatively straightforward production. Judging from Close Your Eyes, BZ-Boys still have a ways to go in this regard.

 Hooks 8
 Production 8
 Longevity 8
 Bias 7
 RATING 7.75

19 thoughts on “Song Review: BZ-Boys – Close Your Eyes

  1. I had to go back and look up BZ Boys as well.

    I think it is an above-average boy group song. It ticks all the boxes yes, but it also avoids all the pitfalls that some of us here loathe. A nice groove, sustained throughout.
    Sure, it doesn’t elevate the genre like some of our faves here, but for what it does, it does it well. Sure, a bigger group would have added more vocal layering, and some high harmonies. It has that oriental scale thing going on too on some traditional Korean instrument which is refreshing to hear.

    I’d give it low to mid 8’s.

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  2. Related – if you want to see what it means for a group to perform the hell out of a song, check out Maka Maka “Hey U” released today. The song is a burst of sunshine. Sure, it is a basic girl group song, but these girls are working it. They sound and look like they are having actual fun, and like what they are doing and like their own song too.

    I watched a few of the Kcontact videos, and so many performances were so lackluster! Mamamoo phoned it in. ‘ I even like the HIP song, but here, ugh.

    I’ll take the bouncy flouncy waving Hey U, Hey U’s anytime.

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    • Well, that certainly kicked “special seat” right out of my head! Fun! I like the new Gaho too – it’s got that a nice rock kick and there’s a funky bass and piano line that sounds great on the good headphones.

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      • I love the new Gaho too. We somehow convinced Nick to review one of his, but I doubt we will get another.

        Nick! Today’s Gaho is good! “Ride” Its also all about the performance.

        The awesome vocal is a complete contrast to the NCT U release today = Gaho just goes for it all, hits it all, doesn’t stop to hyper produce clip and snip and mix and match every word and every line to get the smoothest. He just does it, old school style.
        I really want to hear it live with a band, hear the empty space, the bass, then the crash of a cymbal with Gaho wailing whyeeyaieeeyaieeee.


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        • Fingers crossed for an It’s Live version – I’m pretty sure he’s a regular there.

          Speaking of live instruments, I’ve been taking advantage of an extremely tedious project at work to go back through the best of the month posts for 2020 and just got finished listening to Apink’s “Look” EP, and holy cow, they didn’t just get a live brass section, they got an orchestra and a marching band and a rock band and turned them all loose on “Everybody Ready?”

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          • Holy crap!
            Apink “Everybody Ready” = real kicking trumpets!
            If someone can’t hear how/why those are real horns, here are a few samples that only real horns can do:
            the long evolved note 0:11 (and lots of other long notes sprinkled throughout)
            the wah slide out of a note 0:47
            the flourishes at 2:55 = awesome!

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            • There’s an excellently juicy section starting around 1:36 that’s got me wanting to dig out the mouthpiece I’ve still got in a case in the basement even though I haven’t played in a decade + and just smell it.


          • Are you ready for this? Are you sitting down? Looky loo what I found!


            OK, so the song itself is canned, but for a minute there, kpop did something different.

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            • Sniff! That was delightful! Also, no wonder the kcon-tact performances just get more and more lifeless – imagine going from live shows like that to singing to a green screen. Some of the best performances I’ve seen in the last year were on Immortal Songs or It’s Live or even the first round of KINGDOM where at least you have a small live audience of the other performers/musicians/judges.

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        • You got me to review one on a slow day! This is solid too, but doesn’t do much for me. Certainly not enough to write about.

          I like Gaho as a performer, but his material often strikes me as too middle-of-the-road. (Sorry!)

          And yeah, “middle-of-the-road” also describes the NCT song today, but that just happens to be the kind of middle-of-the-road I enjoy.


    • *gasp*
      Maka Maka? Man I haven’t heard of them in so long… Welcome back girls!

      Super happy that you recommended this song here MyMaGoogle!
      I’m so glad that they made a comeback after almost a year (since their debut) so it’s cool to see them back!

      I agree with your comment that their music is not out of this world or anything (as of now), but I got a soft spot for them because of their cute simplicity. Plus I like their debut “Burning Power” for what it is: a cutesy, simple song fitted for summer.

      After your post about how they appear to have fun performing as well as in what they do, that prompted me to think more about them. I think the best I can describe them is that they’re charming in their own fun way. Their comeback feels like a nice successor to their debut, mainly cute whilst sprinkled with the girl crush elements to differentiate slightly from their debut.

      I don’t follow the group but I’m rooting for them!

      On an unrelated, more personal note:
      I’ve mentioned before that I’ve been following this blog for a while now, and it’s only recently that I got the courage (and finally being able to sign in via Twitter here with no issues!) to comment, but I’ve noticed how you shared other artists that you discovered who are generally unknown (i.e. Yunsae, and now Maka Maka)
      I just want to say thank you for sharing your enthusiasm in talking about those artists as well as sharing their music! I find your recommendations encouraging when people give artists (especially more unknown ones) a chance, and I hope I can do the same as well 🙂

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      • Aw shucks.
        I am on a personal mission to get Yunsae a songwriting deal. I may be only one voice shouting in a rain storm, but something is better than nothing.

        Speaking of Yunsae, she put out a live version of her “Cool Your Mind” this week. It is such a cute song. Self composed, self recorded, self produced. Here is the original release from almost exactly a year ago.

        Maybe, just maybe, since it is a slow day, maybe Nick will retro-actively review it?!


  3. I prefer this to Ra Pam Pam, it’s way more interesting to me. The twinkles of traditional instruments are so very pleasing to my ears. Sure BZ-Boys could do with a defining sound, and I hope they get one soon. But I think they do perform what they are given well.

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  4. This was the first time I’m listening to this group and actually I really liked it. They had the vocal tones and pitches I prefer – mid to low.

    The song was easy listening and yeah I’m not going to say it’s an instant catch or memorable on first listen – but I enjoyed it more than a few other recent releases from bigger groups 😅

    I kinda feel the comparison with Golcha is a bit… um harsh 😂 I’m sorry, I respect your opinion but the comparison based on the producer alone is a bit difficult.

    The song felt nothing like Ra Pam Pam. I didn’t think it was designed for a strong or energetic vibe and that’s why I felt the non-distracting MV and mood was quite suitable.

    I can see how Golcha would have executed the same song. I don’t really expect other groups to execute it like them because the strength of their vocals and presence is what carries all the songs they do and I feel BZ-Boyz doing it in their own way was better than trying to recreate the Golcha style 🙂

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  5. I like a lot of the production choices (especially the lovely traditional instruments that populate the post-chorus) and I actually really like the chorus. The melody just strikes a nice balance and very pleasant to the ears. I just really liked it haha.

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  6. They did this on Inkigayo last night (this morning?) and I actually quite like the choreography – it reminds me a bit of a couple of A.C.E’s b-sides – maybe “Clover” or “So Sick”. I’m not sure the song is a terribly good fit for their vocalists, unfortunately. It really does feel like it was written for *insert boy group with a couple of rappers and a high-note guy here*, and their agency was like “shrug, do your best” rather than actually adapting it to suit their voices.


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