The Top Ten Best Songs by CRAYON POP

top-ten-best-songs-by-crayon-popAs their name suggests, Crayon Pop are one of k-pop’s most upbeat, energetic creations of the past few years. Though their discography is comparatively small, it’s remarkably consistent. They’re also a group overshadowed by their one impossibly enormous hit. But beyond that is a treasure trove of fun, smart and even experimental pop music. Here’s the best of the best.

10. Lonely Christmas (2013)

Without looking at their outfits in the music video, it would be hard to find anything Christmassy about this unhinged, latin-flavored dance workout.

9. Bing Bing (2012)

As the group’s debut track, Bing Bing has a more restrained appeal than the bonkers pop mania that would soon follow.

8. Saturday Night (2012)

Floating along a retro dance beat straight from the 80’s, Saturday Night proved that the girls were onto something with their candy-coated pop sound.

7. Hey Mister (2014)

Keeping true to the group’s trademark electro dance sound, Hey Mister smooths over the rough edges with a supple disco throb and a touch of actual cowbell.

6. Uh-ee (2014)

Following up one viral smash with another track designed to be just as addictive in its gimmickry, Uh-ee’s silliness goes down easy thanks to that elastic beat.

5. C’mon C’mon (2014)

Crayon Pop’s music has almost always taken influence from the 80’s, but C’mon C’mon is the closest to sounding like it actually belongs in that decade, with its programmed drums and irresistible synth.

4. Dancing Queen 2.0 (2013)

Though a version of this song had been released a year prior, the girls gave it a full single release after their successful breakout. It’s easy to see why, with the track’s addictive hook and throwback instrumentation.

3. FM (2015)

Drenched in lush synths, FM represents a stately shift into more melodic territory. Its propulsive hook hits the mark, even if it was criminally ignored upon its release.

2. Hero (2014)

Paired with the rock singer Kim Jang-hoon for a charity single, this unlikely release is not among one of the group’s most-known tracks. But, its hook is one of their stickiest, punctuated by chugs of stadium guitar and a palpable sense of fun.

1. Bar Bar Bar (2013)

What else could make the top? Though Bar Bar Bar undoubtedly gets by on its novelty, it was hard to find a catchier k-pop song in 2013. Yes, they’ve sounded more refined before, but once that irresistible beat kicks in, soon joined by the chirpiest of chants imaginable, resistance is truly futile. There’s a reason why it’s their definitive hit.



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