Song Review: HiHi Jets – Eyes Of The Future

HiHi Jets - Eyes Of The FutureOne of the cool (and frustrating) things about the Johnny’s Entertainment system is its junior groups. Yes, all agencies have trainees waiting for debut, but Johnny’s Junior have their own televised performance show and their own songs. They also star in dramas, stage plays and variety. It’s a way to build fan bases and cut their teeth before official debut. It’s fun following these groups, but as someone who’s primarily concerned with the music, it’s annoying to hear a great junior song that won’t be officially released for years (if ever!). I’d love Johnny’s to normalize the idea of pre-debut music videos. SixTONES had one in 2018. Travis Japan had a really great one a year later. And now, HiHi Jets have released their first video.

HiHi Jets are one of the junior groups I’m pulling for most. From personality to style, I feel they’re bringing something a little different than any other act currently promoting with the agency. They’ve also got some killer tracks that are begging for official release. Their 2019 song Eyes Of The Future isn’t particularly original, but it’s a ton of goofy fun.

To fully enjoy some movies, you have to suspend disbelief. It’s the same with pop music. Eyes Of The Future coaxes listeners to toss off their critical hat and join the revelry without feeling self-conscious. The vocals are rough around the edges (especially in verse one) and the production feels cut-and-paste straight from 2011. But, I’ve recently been going back to 2011-era pop and realizing just how fun and bombastic and unfussy it was. To be honest, I’m ready for this cheesy, hands-in-the-air EDM to make a comeback. Eyes Of The Future’s megawatt chorus holds nothing back, triggering all your pop music pressure points in ways that are derivative but potent. And that instrumental breakdown during the bridge? What a blast of dancefloor energy!

Is this song objectively “good”? Probably not. But, that won’t stop me from jumping up and down to its silly beat. It’s a vibe best characterized by the so-bad-they’re-awesome lyrics “Imma supa dupa zap.” I don’t know what that means, but I’m kind of into it.

 Hooks 8
 Production 9
 Longevity 8
 Bias 9

3 thoughts on “Song Review: HiHi Jets – Eyes Of The Future

  1. I love Johnny’s bombast, but this does not do it for me. The vocals are actively terrible and raw, and really destroy the tune. Old Johnny’s groups may not have been legendary vocals, but Kinki Kids, Arashi, and most recently, SixTONES, had just enough diverse tones to make the bombast make sense. Plus, the dance beat here is super generic, lacking the classic Johnny’s charm.

    Grandeur from January actually found a really clever way to hide the vocal errors, courtesy of Tommy Cline. A lot of hooks used a mild fader vocal effect, while the energy was scrappy and over-the-top, it made sense that the vocals would not be perfect. Also, the chorus plays on the vocals just enough that I don’t actively hate them.


  2. I’ve been listening to this for the past few days too!~ I think it’s nothing new or remarkable, but it’s exciting because getting an MV means they’re a step closer to debuting. *fingers crossed*

    Btw, it’s interesting how your current fav. Johnny’s group is Kisumai, which is the other Johnny’s roller skating group. You must have some kind of affinity with roller skates!! Or the roller skating groups are just all great, since Hikaru Genji was also awesome. I think they have the best songs compared to all the other sempais.

    Anyway, I personally am rooting most for Bishounen amongst the Junior units, but the HiHi boys are super charming and have great variety personas. I hope they all debut with the current members! I hate it when they pick and choose members to form a new debut group *cough* NEWS *cough* JUMP – I just feel so bad for the others who are passed over and eventually have to quit despite being popular Juniors (although a few could still debut later).



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