Song Review: Lucy – Irrelevant Answer

Lucy - Irrelevant AnswerOne advantage of being a self-produced band is that you can release new music whenever you like. Irrelevant Answer (동문서답) is a special surprise single from Lucy, released alongside a lo-fi music video that focuses on the group’s performance. Without the gloss of a full-fledged comeback, the song feels more extraneous than essential. But, more Lucy material is always welcome.

Irrelevant Answer opens with its mammoth riff: a swirl of violin, guitar and percussion. Right off the bat, this is one of the most aggressive sounds we’ve heard from the band. It captures the energy of a jam session, at odds with the electronic touches that peppered the bulk of their (excellent) Gatcha album. Beyond this signature riff, the rest of the track isn’t quite as memorable as Lucy’s best work. The melodies are hard to parse, mainly serving to drive the energy forward rather than stand on their own. For a song of this style, I think the approach works just fine. But, a stronger vocal hook would have catapulted Irrelevant Answer to another level.

With that said, Lucy have quickly proven themselves a band to be reckoned with. Their ingredients are so perfect that any combination is bound to end up tasty. Irrelevant Answer may land on the lower end of their discography, but they attack the song with relish. Lead vocal Sangyeop is as fierce and dynamic as always, imbuing the track with climaxes where you least expect them. And as usual, Yechan’s violin becomes a central force within the musical brew – not just some pretty, inconsequential ornamentation.

 Hooks 8
 Production 8
 Longevity 8
 Bias 8

12 thoughts on “Song Review: Lucy – Irrelevant Answer

  1. I agree, its all about the hook and how it doesn’t develop or match the vocal hook. There is a point but no matching counterpoint. Instead it feels like the song was written by the band as a collection of ideas all compiled in one week and because they were created the same week, they all went into the same song.
    It’s OK, but they have stronger work.


    • I did relisten a few times with the title of the song in mind “Irrelevant Answer”, because with a title like that one really could have one hook which is answered by something completely and is, one might say, irrelevant to the first. But that didn’t happen strongly enough to be that clever.

      Back in the day, I had a Charles Ives CD I listened to a lot. This exact CD, actually. I still have it somewhere but in the modern day I can call these things up instantly. He has a composition called “The Unanswered Question”, which was my teenage angst mood calmer soother go to.


  2. This is the first time that I felt a prog-rock background infusing one of their songs. In that respect, it makes sense that the song is a bit more aggressive. However, it also avoids the sort of careful melody that anchored their debut, “Flare,” and their recent mini.

    This feels closer to “Snooze” and “Jogging,” songs that are fine but not exceptional.


    • I was thinking prog rock flavor too, but prog rock would have a lot more interesting chromatic chord changes because it is like, yanno, progressive.

      Being old, my mind went to old rock like Jethro Tull or Kansas with something like this ‘

      or this gem which I just came across by the band called UK. The violinist is just shredding it here, on a clear electric violin too, natch.


  3. I like the song. I think it fits better as an album track, although this isn’t really being promoted as a title track or anything so I’ll take it. Not top tier, but a great sound regardless.


  4. That intro is incredible.

    I remember hearing the first few seconds of LUCY playing this song for a concert (super happy this song got an official release) they had a little while ago and thought “wow, this sounds great”. The exhilarating rush of the instruments coming together gave me a lot of anime nostalgia.

    But I can definitely understand the slight disheartened reactions to this song. I can’t lay my finger on why, but the song feels like it’s going a little too fast? Like there’s not enough time to flesh out the instruments fully.
    Not that “Irrelevant Answer” had to be a 5 minute gradual build like “Flare” or “Stove” of course! LUCY are capable of performing fast-paced tracks like “Hero”, but I think they are masters in forging an emotional and sentimental atmosphere, and those songs happen to be longer than the usual 3 minute mark.

    Aside from that, more LUCY songs are always welcomed!
    Though I really hope the company is taking these guys easy. I don’t actively follow LUCY, but an online friend is a big fan of this group and from what I’ve been informed, LUCY had a concert that clashed with the promotion of “I Got U” (which meant “I Got U” was rushed; both the schedule and concept photos). And then right before this comeback (“Irrelevant Answer”) they had another concert.
    Any fans of LUCY please feel free to correct me if I had gotten any of this information wrong!


  5. A general rule of thumb for me is the more a song sounds like an anime OP, the better. So… yeah, I love this! I get why everyone else finds a bit of weakness relative to Lucy’s other offerings, but (like Hero) I’d still hesitate to put it any lower than an 8.5 or 8.75. They just have such an excellent sound and personality to them that it’d take a really bad song for me to pay any less attention!

    Speaking of bands, though: I’ve been on a real ONEWE kick this week (after listening to Rain To Be most every day all month and liking a handful of their past releases, I finally gave in and did a deep dive) and I was wondering if anyone around here had any thoughts on their latest album! I really enjoy all three songs that got MVs and Cosmos has a killer melody. That seems to be the case for most of their other ballads, too — I am far from a ballad enthusiast, but these guys really know their way around a slow chorus.


      • oh yes, I thought I was the only one who was reminded of kagerou project. the starting few notes remind me of konoha’s state of the world while the overall song is very jin’s style, like some of the chords chosen, the prechorus etc.


        • No way! Now I can hear the Kagerou Project sound within “Irrelevant Answer” too. No wonder the song felt so… familiar to me.

          And after you mentioned about Jin’s style, I can hear it a lot here in this song too.

          I never thought the discussion of Kagerou Project will come up here of all places. This is awesome!


          • Haha it’s so cool to find fellow kagepro fans in the wild! I think for me, the tracks this is most similar to are the anime album version of Shounen Brave and one of the newer ones, Never Lost Word. Probably the latter because of how prominent the violin and bass are


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