Song Review: Mamamoo – Mumumumuch

Mamamoo - mumumumuchBest-of albums are uncommon in K-pop, and usually mark a special occasion. With the news surrounding Wheein’s contract negotiations, I can’t help but feel like this new album is a sign that Mamamoo may be taking a hiatus or at least slowing down. If I’m being honest, I haven’t been excited about a new Mamamoo release in years. It feels like the group has drifted from the strengths that made them so appealing in the first place. A chance to recharge may be a blessing in disguise.

Whether that happens or not, I Say Mamamoo puts a nice bookend on this stage of their career. Rather than simply compile all their singles together, their agency has given us a wealth of reworkings and remixes, breathing new life into old favorites. I only wish this sense of adventure extended into new single Mumumumuch (하늘 땅 바다만큼). I may just be in one of my grumpy phases when it comes to K-pop, but this feels like the latest example of a great idol group stuck on autopilot.

Nothing about Mumumumuch is bad, but nothing sticks out either. The ladies adopt a trendy disco style, but forget to bring the energy. The track’s instrumental is light and largely forgettable. Like so many recent K-pop songs, it flits around rather than finding one excellent groove and sticking too it. Mumumumumuch is most effective during its chorus, when the production loosens up and Mamamoo deliver an engaging melody. However, the entire song is performed in a muted — almost disinterested — style. What happened to the group’s focus on incredible vocal arrangements? They often sound half-asleep here. Maybe they’re trying to come across as aloof and unbothered, but their best material has always seen them shooting for the stars.

 Hooks 7
 Production 7
 Longevity 8
 Bias 7
 RATING 7.25

14 thoughts on “Song Review: Mamamoo – Mumumumuch

  1. Mrs. Grumpy is here and reporting for duty. She says “Well, at least they are singing together on this song, a bit, enough”.

    Kpop best of’s are so rare? Whyyeeee? Its seems like it could be easy free money from the current stans, and easy free money from the new stans. I mean, Queen best of is still a best seller, as is Journey, as is the Eagles, as the Beatles red and blue, as are a dozen or twelve others.

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    • That’s a great point honestly, especially in comparison to western artists…why aren’t there more kpop best of’s?? With kpop stan culture there’s no worry about fans not wanting to buy an album filled with old songs they already bought before, and speaking as a relatively newer fan, I would love to buy a best of album from my favourite groups…

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      • i am convinced their sales would improve in the rest of the world if they did Greatest Hits, and in the case of someone with a large catalog, a lovingly packaged box set compilation. That’s how most of the people I known get into lesser known artists.


  2. Mamamoo is a very interesting group. Despite the praise they recieve for their amazing vocals and great stage presence, 80% of their music bores the hell out of me. Miss their jazz sound to this day 😒. At least this is better than Aya

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  3. I lost hope in finding anything good from them years ago. Since 2018 they have just been releasing trendy songs with no soul and no mamamoo. Their songs since 2018 have centred around Hwasa (in terms of concepts, vocal style etc) which has robbed mamamoo of what made them good in the first place. This was bound to happen when Hwasa found success as a solo artist. While they are known as the vocal queens of kpop, their discography mostly remains unimpressive.


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