Song Review: Cosmic Girls (WJSN) – Let Me In

WJSN - Let Me InThe Universe app continues to bear musical fruit — if you’re willing to go through all the rigmarole to view the full mv! Luckily, the complete audio is available for anyone who wants to listen, and the latest act to deliver a new song is WJSN.

Most Universe releases have elicited little more than an apathetic shrug from me, but Let Me In (너의 세계로) slots nicely within WJSN’s existing discography. This is largely due to producers Full8loom and ARTiffect, who’ve already contributed their fair share of material to the group. Let Me In doesn’t scream ‘industry-conquering title track,’ but it would make a solid b-side on any of WJSN’s albums. The production retains their spacey sound, while borrowing chirpy synth loops that feel as if they’ve been ripped from an IZ*ONE track. The instrumental has a welcome fullness, and improves as surging electro percussion joins the fray.

Let Me In’s verses are too fragmented for my taste, but that’s a criticism I’ve become almost numb to. This generation of K-pop loves its messy, sing-talk verses – a symptom of large group configurations, I’d wager. Thankfully, the pre-chorus is a breezy wonder, adding a welcome sense of propulsion to the song. The chorus follows suit, bounding along a catchy synth riff. It’s giddy fun, simple and to the point. An exciting bridge and climactic chant morph Let Me In’s structure just enough to end the track on a high.

 Hooks 8
 Production 8
 Longevity 9
 Bias 8
 RATING 8.25

21 thoughts on “Song Review: Cosmic Girls (WJSN) – Let Me In

  1. I really like this song. It definitely has this distinct WJSN sound which I love! However, the release through the horrible Universe app is honestly a disaster (like every Universe release so far). Gorgeous 4K teasers get uploaded to YouTube which are absolutely stunning to watch and the end product gets delivered through the sluggish, buggy Universe app (+ the video quality is way worse). It’s such a shame!

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  2. As Chris said, i think it’s pretty good but I’m also a whore for anything WJSN. I hope we get another comeback from them before the year closes out.

    SIDENOTE: Have you heard Lisa’s money song. I thought Lalisa was bad but this song is horrible I can’t lie. I genuinely find it hard to believe it was written by an actual person. Especially with the “Twerking, twerking, when I buy the things I like” line

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  3. Totally agree with the review except I add a couple points for bias.
    Love WJSN. And this is a pretty fun suiting song, chorus in particular.
    Also structurally really enjoying the last minute… bridge and ending section ..what’s going on there is just pure WJSN vocal bliss and the vocoder addition is pretty interesting.

    Also I’ve defended questionable Exy rap verses before, but this one is not good lol.

    Enjoying this until the next way too long from now true comeback.

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    • The main melody is pitched at about the same range as usual for these kind of girl songs, and possibly even a note or two lower than usual. Its well within the range of Oh My Girl type songs, or even some of the Twice songs.

      I think it may be the high synth hook behind the vocal (the one that starts the song) that makes the song as a whole sound a higher range of noisy than usual.

      There is also a descant aka a high harmony about a third above the main melody that pops in now and then, especially in the chorus. It is very clear in the measure just prior to the chorus. The voicing of the chord is different than conventional girl kpop. Those lines may be making it sound higher than usual. (And to be clear, no one will ever sing those high harmony lines live.)

      Well, so, I have now listened to the song several more times, and it is already growing on me. The break or outro starting about 2:20 is quite good and also fun too.


  4. For the Universe universe of songs, it actually is pretty good. To be honest, I couldn’t tell from the sound if it was WJSN or GWSN or WekiMeki or twelve other groups. The song as a whole is very girly and skews young, so it isn’t for me, but for what it is, its alright by me.

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