Song Review: Do Hanse (Victon) – Take Over

Do Hanse - Take OverVicton is slowly proving to be a group of successful soloists. Han Seungwoo carved out a nice career for himself prior to enlistment, and now it’s rapper Do Hanse’s turn. His debut comes in the form of a digital album, with Take Over as the first of two title tracks. Surprisingly, it’s the only song not co-produced by Do Hanse himself (though he did compose the lyrics).

Because of the era I first became interested in K-pop, G-Dragon will always be my archetypal idol rapper. I can’t help but subconsciously have him in mind when listening to material like Take Over. I’m sure I’m not the only one, given his immense shadow over the idol world. There’s definitely a ton of G-Dragon in Take Over’s anarchic energy. Do Hanse has a similarly impish tone, as if he’s sneering every line. I appreciate this style – especially when paired with a good beat.

Breaking from idol rap’s expected sounds, Take Over opts for a thumping dance beat. The frenetic instrumental is the song’s greatest asset, and provides a compelling backdrop for Hanse’s spitfire rap. The production takes a glitchy turn as we head into the central drop, but I wish it would have been paired with a stronger hook. Weirdly, Do Hanse’s performance fades to the background just as it should grab us by the throat. The noisy EDM is thrilling enough to compensate, but this feels like a missed opportunity. Thankfully, Take Over’s unabashed confidence makes even these weaker moments stand out. The song may not be perfect, but I’m heartened to see Do Hanse debut with such a bold voice.

 Hooks 7
 Production 9
 Longevity 8
 Bias 8


12 thoughts on “Song Review: Do Hanse (Victon) – Take Over

      • Seungsik, the second oldest and main vocal has been their official leader since Nostalgic night/Howling era and yes it is permenant. As far as I understand it Seungwoo never really wanted to be the leader but I think they just made him it when they debuted because he was the oldest. After the whole X1 fiasco he reliquished the postion and when he rejoined Victon they just left it that way due to his choice I belive.

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        • It’s not that he didn’t want to be the leader. He was worn out going through so much crap (thanks, mnet !) and wanted to take some time for himself + he felt bad for rejoining the group midway and somehow casting a shadow over them (poor guy was aware of all the nasty sh** his solo fans were putting the other 6 and the fandom through) so he never took the position back.

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  1. I love absolutely everything about this. After “Black Dog” I wasn’t expecting such a prominent EDM sound, but it works! I’m less excited about the rest of the EP but I think that’s just me wanting more like “Take Over” – three minutes feels so short sometimes! And wow, that MV was a lot!

    I was thinking a bit ago about how long it’s been since a VICTON comeback and checked out what the members had been up to – as far as I can tell Hanse is the only one who isn’t acting or doing OSTs, so I’m extra glad he was next up for a solo debut.

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  2. The performance is immense. All well-placed swagger. The flow as Karen mentions above is amazing.
    I’ll probably try to avoid it for a while (due to noise) and then buy it anyway in a few week’s time. Its very “Catch a Crayon” updated by some years.

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