Song Review: AB6IX – Cherry

AB6IX - CherryDespite debuted just over two years ago, AB6IX are already releasing their second full-length album. From its title Mo’ Complete, you get the sense the group is laying it all on the line, and that includes the first Lee Daehwi-composed title track since last year’s Salute. Cherry is the brightest, most cheerful single they’ve ever promoted, falling in line with 2021’s love of upbeat funk disco confections.

This style will always be a treat, and I love how Cherry’s instrumental remains exuberant all the way through. We’ve come to expect a certain ebb and flow in K-pop title tracks, where segments like the pre-chorus and second verse often lull in energy. Cherry is having none of this, and refuses to let the party stop. This is a total asset. I mean, who wants to stop dancing in the middle of a dance track? Frankly, I’d take a whole hour of this effusive rhythm guitar, bright synth and celebratory brass.

If Cherry disappoints in any way, its melody is the culprit. The song itself is engaging and exciting, but doesn’t quite find that knockout hook that would send it over the top. The “you’re my cherry on top” chant is used too often without modulation. It’s better-placed at the start of Woojin’s standout rap bridge. Meanwhile, the verses feel largely throwaway. It’s not until we hit the pre-chorus that Cherry starts to take shape. The melody here is breezy and fun and leads into a solid chorus. I feel like we’ve heard this refrain before, but its warmth pairs wonderfully with the splashy instrumental. And given its undeniable energy, I have a feeling Cherry’s going to age very well.

 Hooks 8
 Production 9
 Longevity 9
 Bias 9
 RATING 8.75

10 thoughts on “Song Review: AB6IX – Cherry

  1. I like it but not as much as the last comeback “Stay Young.” That song really hit me and grew and grew. I find it touching!

    This track is good and reminds me of Blue Hour being nice and being cynical it reminds me of every other track chasing the success of BTS’s recent western song.

    I’ll be happy when this trend subsides, I much prefer retro tracks are in the synth pop category.

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  2. I’ve developed a theory that South Korea is currently experiencing a shortage in professional translators/interpreters. This is based solely on the fact that I’m running into more content that isn’t captioned, including sources that used to be captioned consistently. Given how much demand for Korean content continues to grow worldwide, plus ongoing pandemic disruptions, it makes sense that translators/interpreters would be in high demand.

    All of which is to say that I really, really wish lyricists would at least sit down with ANYONE who speaks better English than them and ask if there’s anything fishy about the phrase “Imma bite you off your lips”. Or maybe go on Reddit and ask if “cherry” is slang for anything. Is Urban Dictionary available in South Korea?

    Coherence of the language aside, there’s just too much English in this for me, and the instrumental isn’t good enough to overcome that. I liked several of the b-sides better, but only ended up playlisting “LEVEL UP” and “SIMPLE LOVER”. Seems like the retro trend is full steam ahead. /shrug

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      • After about a year of K-Pop, it feels so weird to listen to English songs, just because I CAN understand what they’re saying. Honestly, I didn’t care for lyrics before, but when I find that there are songs I can understand, it instantly takes me out of the song and I can’t really concentrate on the production or on the melody.


    • I had to go find my english lyrics ranking, which Nick has helpfully kept for all is us.
      I’m going to say that the English lyrics here fall somewhere in the “Cringey” middle of the ranking range, with the occasional “Mispronounced” slightly higher livele of lyrics, or it went by so fast that I didn’t even hear that the line was in English. So on balance, slightly above average.

      I’m old, so yeah “Cherry” has other single entendre meanings to me. Cherry Bullet makes me quietly shake my head. Cherry on top, not so bad, relative to Cherry Bullet. Then again, there is Neil Diamond’s “Cherry Cherry” which is a great song. This song was the inspiration for “What I Like about you” with very similar chord changes.


  3. Trend or no trend, I’m starting to have serious doubts about Daehwi’s pen – it’s been ages since his melodies have landed for me. I know they have a solid fanbase, but AB6IX remains terminally bland for me.

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    • Honestly, I’ve had these doubts since day one. I’ve always found Daehwi’s melodies to have a dullness to them that makes the material feel generic. I just don’t know that he’s discovered his own voice yet.

      But on the plus side, I find that these same melodies usually improve with time.

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  4. Hard not to like this charming and upbeat song. Imma ignore the weirdness of squirting cherries and biting lips and such and just enjoy the energy.


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