Song Review: Jo Yuri – Glassy

Jo Yuri - GlassyAs expected, we’re beginning to see the re-debut of former IZ*ONE members. Just like past Produce acts IOI and Wanna One, some of these artists slot into a new or existing group while others make their mark as a soloist. Neither path has guaranteed success, as post-Produce careers tend to be hit or miss. But as the third-highest vote-getter in IZ*ONE, Jo Yuri seems poised to reap a decent amount of interest from the public.

I wish I could say that debut track Glassy lived up to Yuri’s potential, but I find the track to be pretty dull. This style of vaguely retro, vaguely disco pop has enjoyed a huge resurgence this year. For me, it often feels like disco with the fun parts removed, and that’s a shame. In general, Western pop artists have fared better in this realm (Doja Cat and SZA’s addictive Kiss Me More comes immediately to mind). Too often, idol acts smooth away the edges of this style but forget to counter that blandness with a memorable hook.

Glassy’s chorus offers a breezy swoop, adding satisfying texture that matches the lightness of the instrumental. I could do without the “da da da” post-chorus hook, which feels too sing-song when placed against the smoother melodies preceding it. Yuri delivers a reserved performance, yet adds enough oomph to keep the track relatively engaging. Still, as debuts go this feels like a rather slight effort. Here’s hoping she’ll find her niche as time goes on.

 Hooks 7
 Production 8
 Longevity 8
 Bias 7

23 thoughts on “Song Review: Jo Yuri – Glassy

  1. “third-highest vote-getter” *glances nervously at the voting scandal*
    that being said, i really enjoyed it, especially that chorus. it feels really smooth and elegant ❤

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  2. Agree on every point. It reminds me of Taeyeon’s Weekend, except it doesn’t sound like an extremely blatant rip of Say So. Yuri’s one of my favs from IZONE and I was initially holding hope she’d slide over to HYBE with Kkura and Chaewon, but I’ll keep looking out for her in the near future. If I had my own way, she’d be going down the Kim Jaehwan route musically but I digress.

    SIDENOTE: AESPA’s mini was pretty solid 👀. Yeppi Yeppi, Iconic, and Savage have been getting decent play from me surprisingly. Still cringe everytime I start Savage but I somehow still go back to it. Sigh

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  3. It is perfectly pleasant,

    … I don’t follow the idol survival shows, but I guess we will be seeing a wave of post-Izone soloists who will sound and look more or less like this, if the pattern follows the post-WannaOne trend. I suppose eventually I will learn how to properly pronounce IZ One now after the fact, because from the spelling it seems it could be izz one, eyez one, or eye zone. Izz oh nay.

    That’s all I got.


  4. This debut is so unfortunately noneventful. It definitely does remind me of the majority of Wanna One solo comebacks, mostly boring. At its best, the vocal direction reminds me a little of Kim Kejeong’s Warning, which was good but pretty boring.

    It’s a bummer because I really liked how Yuri’s voice was utilized in Izone. I understand opting for a more subdued style for a solo performance, but I think she’s suited for more exciting material.

    I wonder if any ex-Izone solo debuts will have the resonance of Chungha or Somi. There’s a chance Yena’s now postponed solo could be awesome but I’m not holding my breath.


    • Yuri has undobutfully better vocals than chungha or somi. But know solo artist need a charisma and aura. I think all-rounder who can pull off sexy vibe ike eunbi is better solo material in this scene. Literally succesfull soloists in recent years have touched that territory.

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  5. Once you notice how many idol singers try to replicate IU’s vocal style it’s hard to unhear it. Compare this to how Yuri sounded in La Vie En Rose and it’s like night and day lol


  6. Honestly this debut is pretty cringe. Yuri’s voice can do more than what’s she’s given in this song. I can hardly remember anything about the song. I just know that I liked the chorus more than anything else. What were they thinking?

    Yuri also isn’t a convincing soloist. She looks super awkward in the music video. She really should’ve been put in a group.

    This screams “let’s just put something out there, Milk that popularity! The sooner the better!”

    After experiencing this landfill of a debut, I really appreciate Eunbi’s that much more.


  7. I guess I’ll say I’m glad she debuted with vaguely upbeat material and not with a ballad of some sort, which I was somewhat worried about. But yeah, “disco with the fun parts removed” is an apt way to describe it (I do really like Kiss Me More though). I did really enjoy her voice in IZ*ONE’s songs, so I find it a bit disappointing she sounds so subdued here. I guess we’ll keep looking forward to the next post-IZ*ONE redebuts – I agree with the commenter above that mentioned Yena’s solo debut, I’ve got some hope for that one…

    And yeah that “third-highest vote-getter” line 👀👀…I apologize for bringing rumours here but this is especially ironic given that among the IZ*ONE members, Yuri is among the members that are most suspected to have been rigged in, due to her suspicious jump in votes in the final episode. I did want to bring this up however to draw parallels to what’s going on with Girls Planet 999 right now. I’m actually *not* caught up on GP999 (so no spoilers guys! i’ll catch up some time lol, maybe this thanksgiving weekend?), but from what I’ve seen from online discourse about the show from fans, there was a point where many were disappointed in the current top lineup, in that there was a supposed lack of someone to fill the main vocal role (comments like “Mnet please rig in a main vocal 💀”).

    This is kinda funny to me, because obviously vote manipulation and rigging is bad (to make an understatement) and I’m assuming that Mnet is not dumb enough to blatantly do it again this time, but truly, the general public can’t be trusted with creating a balanced group for idol survival shows. If your show is based around public voting as the deciding factor in the final group, then you have to deal with a less-than-ideal group. However, if you have rules right from the beginning that the producers have some say, then that could work out imo. See the way Sixteen (Twice’s survival show) did it – obviously, given that it was basically JYP’s show, he could kind of do whatever he wanted, but at the end he had a “surprise twist”, changing Twice’s lineup from 7 to 9, adding Momo, who had been eliminated already, to fill in a main dancer hole (which I agree with), and adding Tzuyu as an “audience’s pick” as the most popular remaining participant. So say a show just made it clear straight from the start, making the public vote for the majority of the spots in the final lineup, and then letting the producers fill in the rest. Problem solved tbh…

    Sorry for the long comment 😅 I kinda went off on a tangent with some of my thoughts on idol survival shows…


      • Shhh what did i say about no spoilers? 😩💀

        But yeah, she was definitely one of the potential main vocal participants that I was referring to whose rankings people were upset by. I haven’t watched enough of the show to see her perform much (when I said I wasn’t caught up, I really did mean not caught up ^~^’) but from what I’ve heard, and also from her stuff with Cherry Bullet, I’m rooting for her too.


      • Ok it seems that many think that Mnet will introduce a Planet Pass for the debut lineup in the final episode…looks like they’ve been thinking the same thing LOL


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