Song Review: CRAXY – Gaia

CRAXY - GaiaCRAXY scored one of my favorite debuts of last year with their bonkers Aria. The group went all out on a splashy music video and a song that changed structure and style at the drop of a hat. I love when K-pop goes weird and over-the-top while retaining a melody worth coming back for. Unfortunately, Aria marked the first and last time we’d hear from CRAXY in 2020 (and most of 2021). A promised comeback never materialized, and the group has spent the last few days dropping bizarre still-frame teasers that quote historical economists and point toward nebulous comeback dates in 2022.

Never one to take a traditional route, CRAXY have now returned with Gaia (가이아), and a long-form music video that hints at the kind of world-building we once saw from earlier-gen groups like T-ara. I remain invested in the sheer ridiculousness of CRAXY’s career, but when it comes to the actual music Gaia isn’t nearly as strong as Aria.

There are so many ideas colliding within this track. It feels more like a highlight medley for an album than a single song. The only repeated segment is its chorus, which should be strong enough to hold the madness together. But, its shouty structure gets lost within Gaia’s more colorful moments. I’m especially drawn to the cool psy-trance pulse in verse two, and the carnivalesque burst of bubblegum that makes up Gaia’s climax. It’s hard not to be entertained when there’s a new surprise lurking around every corner. But, I wish the producers had given themselves space to develop each of these highlights. Gaia could easily be twice as long and be all the stronger for it.

 Hooks 7
 Production 8
 Longevity 8
 Bias 8
 RATING 7.75

10 thoughts on “Song Review: CRAXY – Gaia

  1. I waited a year and a half, and all I got was this t-shirt.

    Wait, where is the song. Oh THAT was the song, followed by a short movie that I didn’t care to see.

    The song sounded like every big girl group promoting sound, in 20 second turns. Someone then BP then aespa then G-idle and etc. Sure, it could have been longer. Just add more verses that sound like other groups. *sigh* It seems Aria was a one off bonkers guilty pleasure. Do we have to wait another year+half for them to try again?

    I managed to skip all the economist quoting stills, as I was too distracted by SuJu D&E teasers that mimic bad commercials.

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  2. Huh, WordPress ate my comment maybe? I was pretty much just repeating Myma’s comment less coherently, with a dig at “Next Level” because I don’t get why that’s catchy and this is messy.

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  3. I like it. I don’t love it, but I like it. It’s WAYYYY too short which is frustrating since I think another minute of run time would make it feel far more complete and fulfilling. Yes the chorus is a “badass” beat drop but on the bright side, there is an actual top-line sung over it. Mostly composed of adlibs, but a top-line nonetheless. I also appreciate that bit of guitar in the background of the chorus as it makes it feel more unique and less generic. The energy is great too. The verses feel pretty forgettable for me, I feel like the members voices could’ve been used better. Especially Swan, I loved her voice in Aria and it sounds GREAT here but idk…I feel like they could’ve still done more with it if you know what I mean. The “dance break” part with the beat switch up was by far the strongest part. I’ve been wanting Itzy and Aespa to make a song with that sort of beat, so I’m glad I got it even though it was only for like 20 seconds. Mixing could’ve been better for sure, but I like the MV. Overall I would give it like a 7.5 out of 10. With better mixing, stronger verses, and at least 45 more seconds of runtime, this could easily go up to an 8.75 imo. there is SO much potential for Craxy to be a genre-pushing, unique group.


  4. Aria played with structure but there was an edm energy that held the whole thing together. Plus, the chorus of Aria was pretty anthemic. Gaia’s chorus sounds too much like what other small agency groups are trying to do. I wish they used more of the psytrance in the song. I miss when I thought that was actually going to be a trend in kpop. Even the music video isn’t as pretty as Aria, still very good but definitely a step back. Craxy seems to be promising more music in 2022 so I have high hopes, I love how ambitious they’ve been. Kinda funny how they’re rivaling aespa in that regard considering they’re backgrounds.

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