Song Review: CNBLUE – Love Cut

CNBLUE - Love CutWith their return last year, CNBLUE joined the distinguished list of ‘post-enlistment’ idols. Not many K-pop groups last this long, and Korea’s military conscription laws create a natural fork in the road for any male act’s career. At this point, CNBLUE may wish to tweak their sound in search of continued chart relevancy, or simply cater to an existing fan base by honing the style they do best. Enlistment or not, this dilemma presents itself in every music market. How many bands have we seen fall out of favor due to predictable, uninspired material? I’m sure it’s challenging to navigate this stage of a career.

With Love Cut (싹둑), CNBLUE have decided to play it safe. Yes, the fun “old West” motif feels a bit different for them, but the song is mostly a straightforward, radio-friendly rocker. In other words, it sounds like exactly what you’d expect from CNBLUE. This doesn’t have to be a bad thing. From a fan’s perspective, I always want my favorite groups to play to their strengths (ahem.. Golcha..) and explore the musical color I fell in love with in the first place. But, this approach risks alienating more casual fans. And as a casual fan of CNBLUE’s music, I find Love Cut rather forgettable.

From a songwriting and performance perspective, the track is super solid. You don’t get where CNBLUE are now without that foundation. But placed alongside their best material, Love Cut lacks the necessary spark to stand out. Even so, the chorus is a great earworm, supported by brassy flourishes that lend the track texture and atmosphere. Nothing here is fussy or overly fancy, and that sense of continuity is kind of satisfying. However, “kind of satisfying” isn’t the description that lands songs on my personal playlist, so the perfectly pleasant Love Cut is earning a distinctly average rating.

 Hooks 8
 Production 8
 Longevity 8
 Bias 7
 RATING 7.75

4 thoughts on “Song Review: CNBLUE – Love Cut

  1. My first thought was if Nick would mind the whistle hook or not.

    Its not the most original sound palette, but there is some nice songcraft going on in there. You can tell they are musicians, and I presume they wrote it themselves, because the way the song shifts in and out of the themes and sections is seamless and not tied to a lock step preprogrammed beat.

    (As far as wild west themes go, nothing beats SuJu HEY Mamacita ay ya ya ya ya!)

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  2. The song is nice but what I really loved was the MV!🤭❤️ It always feels nice to see a little comedy really (something which isn’t very widespread in kpop songs themselves). It had a very easy vibe to it and it was more like the music was for the story – like a ballad thing. It was pretty funny really 😂😅 They way they sit tied to the chairs and sing the sad little part or when they all act so cocky with the scissors by the end…. I may not remember the song much but it was a pretty light and enjoyable viewing 🙂


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