Song Review: Eunhyuk – Be

Eunhyuk - Be
A week after Super Junior’s Donghae pre-released his solo track California Love, Eunhyuk is back with his own song. This double shot of D&E heralds the release of their upcoming unit album. I think this promotional tactic is cool – allowing each member to offer a taste of their own style before a comeback that will (presumably) meld their charms together. However, I found Donghae’s track to be an overly autotuned bore. With expectations low, Eunhyuk’s Be moves us back toward the right track, even if personal bias prevents me from absolutely loving the song.

Here’s the thing about this style of pop track: I just don’t know what to do with them! I’m reminded of 2012, when Gotye’s Somebody That I Used To Know was the biggest Billboard hit of the year. I never really found time for that song, but then I discovered an upbeat remix that worked its way into constant rotation. It’s not that I live in a persistent state of dancefloor bliss (let that image sink in!). It’s just that I prefer some oomph to my music. An amazing vocalist, dynamic arrangement or indelible groove can overcome this personal roadblock, but otherwise I need the song to take me on a journey that feels more sprawling.

I mention this as evidence to why Eunhyuk’s Be starts at a disadvantage. It’s a nice track with a very pretty melody and solid performance. I enjoy hearing him pull back and focus on more emotional material rather than the silly, swag-heavy fare often given to D&E. And as a dancer, Be allows Eunhyuk to display a more contemporary, lyrical style. All of this adds to the song’s ‘plus column,’ but none of it feels too compelling to me. Luckily, it’ll make a strong album track, and that’s more than enough to warrant its place in the duo’s discography.

 Hooks 8
 Production 8
 Longevity 8
 Bias 8


15 thoughts on “Song Review: Eunhyuk – Be

  1. Well hot damn and I am quite surprised, who would have thought that my new favorite vocal performance du jour is from the lead dancer – main dancer – rapper of an old 2ndgen group?

    Then he drops in all this lyrical choreo stuff, and I don’t hate it, somehow. The green shirt, yeah that has got to go, but the movements are aiight.


    • Uggg, I guess I can try to make “finding a stage of this” accomplishment number 5 of the day. I’ve fallen behind on the music shows recently, too, although I think that’s more because most of the stages have actually been pretty dull rather than the generalized lack of interest in activities that usually bring me happiness that’s otherwise been making my life such a joy recently.


      • Replying to both your comments, here and IU:
        I don’t watch the music shows either unless I seek out a particular one.

        Have I introduced you to Forestella yet? They bring me joy! Here, here is the four hour loop. Click, sit back, and enjoy!

        They start with “Magic Castle” by TVXQ, which I have heard was itself a cover of an older song from the early 90’s. That note HyungHo hits at 2:44 is a Bb5, and its better than any high note IU ever hit. The double falsetto harmony at 5:00 just kills me. Then Mingyu hits a high C6 at 5:33, like Sohyang high. MK is the one who looks like an elf with baby vampire teeth.

        High notes aside, because Forestella are so well trained on the art and craft of singing, the audience can marvel, yes, but also sit back and just enjoy the musicianship on the stage.

        The other 3 hour 55 minutes are really good too. My other favorite is Hijo De La Luna starting at 1:15:21, an old Monserrat Caballe song.

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        • Yes, you introduced me to them a while ago – they’re sooooo good! I think it was also from one of your comments that I found out they’d signed with Beat Interactive, which is not an insignificant part of why I retain some hope that A.C.E will make it through the military shuffle.


  2. I like this a decent bit. Eunhyuk’s vocal performance is really nice on this. Reminds me of Taemin’s 2 Kids from last…which I also enjoyed. Might be one of my top songs of the month.

    SIDENOTE: I feel like as times gone on and the bar for kpop dancing & choreography has been raised countless times over the years, people really don’t talk about how great Eunhyuk is cuz BOY is he great.

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    • Based on this and other comments I tracked down the performance video and wow, yes, he is a fantastic dancer. I can hear some of the Taemin comparison musically as well.


  3. This is very Taemin-esque, more like his performance pieces and I love the lyrical choreography. Feels very contemporary and beautiful. The vocal performance is also very light and calming here. It could’ve done with a slightly shorter running time but the mv is quite captivating


  4. “Be” by Eunhyuk and “Blue Moon” by Donghae (ft. Miyeon of Gidle) are 2 of my favorite songs in the upcoming D&E album already 💙


  5. I used to listen to a lot of ambient music so I really love when bits of that style pop up in k-pop – Sigur Ros is one of the few non-Korean artists I still listen to regularly, usually when I’m reading before bed when even Korean lyrics can be too distracting. I’ve recently been listening to aEon’s “Fragile” EP a lot because I’m in the middle of a depressive episode and haven’t been up for anything remotely uptempo until today – today’s MV catch-up is accomplishment #4 for today, which I think doubles my productive output from yesterday. Anyhow, I like this a lot, and anyone who likes it too should check out “Fragile”.


    • Also, I love “Somebody That I Used to Know” so thank you for the reminder to dust that one off for a listen. It’s been a while!


    • I just had a listen to aeon, oh so soft and squishy music, like comfy pajamas all warm and cozy under the duvet music.

      May I suggest from my days gone by some Corey Hart. Hang in there, this time will pass. I played these two a lot in my down days, just in my car driving around, driving to nowhere, singing along.


  6. Wow Gotye was a hit in the States? I can attest he’s very good live, but a bit self important. He get’s upset if you pronounce his made up stage name wrong lol. Mate, if you want people to call you Gautier spell it properly!
    I never expected this one from Eunhyuk! So excited for the D&E comeback. Growing Pains is still one of my favorite songs ever! Up there with View, Sober, 11:11, and It’s Okay as my top 5 of all time. Please no more “swag” guys!


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