Song Review: Epik High – Face ID (ft. Giriboy, Sik-K & JUSTHIS)

Epik High - Face ID (ft. GIRIBOY, Sik-K & JUSTHIS)After releasing the first part of their newest full-length album back in January, Epik High are set to complete the project in the coming weeks. Before that, they’ve teamed with fellow rappers Giriboy, Sik-K and JUSTHIS for pre-release Face ID. The group’s past few title tracks have been restrained and emotional, so it’s fun to hear something more energetic.

My favorite Epik High tracks tend to be these big, boisterous ones, and Face ID reminds me of 2014’s fantastic Born Hater. In fact, as soon as the song’s rock-infused instrumental kicked off, my anticipation shot threw the roof. Face ID’s verses conjure a great groove, offering plenty of dynamic rhythm for the guys to sink their teeth into. It’s almost impossible to sit still when listening to a track like this.

Unfortunately, the theme of today seems to be “mixed bag,” with songs that promise one thing before moving into something else. I adore Face ID’s verses, but I’m not as sold on the chorus. I get what they’re going for, and further listens make the transition less jarring. But, I’m tired of songs that pull back during their chorus. Face ID’s core groove is so satisfying that I want it to bound to a whole new level during the hook. Instead, the tempo changes, the vocals become muffled and processed and the song decelerates. The alt-rock influence carries through, lending just enough connective tissue for this big transition to work. But, every time the chorus hits I’m reminded how great the verses are. Thankfully, Face ID wraps up with a fun, chant-along climax that sends us off on a high.

 Hooks 7
 Production 9
 Longevity 9
 Bias 8
 RATING 8.25


8 thoughts on “Song Review: Epik High – Face ID (ft. Giriboy, Sik-K & JUSTHIS)

  1. I remember spamming Golden Child for no reason in the comments…
    Thinking about that makes my guts knot or somethin…

    I decided to go back and listen to Rosario and…damn, it’s not something I would listen to willingly but whenever I listen to it, I can certainly appreciate the talent holding it. These guys have a darn good flow, so I decided to hear the verses on Face ID and got to say….a lot of new generation K-pop rappers should take an example from them. They’re rap is powerful and sleek, effortless and forceful and bad@ss without looking like a snarky butthole.
    I took a deepdive into Born Hater and have to say that it sounds awesome. Can anyone recommend me some more songs of theirs? They are really talented.

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    • You mean in the roots of Born Hater? Or just in general? They have really good songs. No bad songs gereally.

      I recommend

      Hard-hitting: No Thanxx, The entire album of Remapping the Human Soul (Nocturne, FAQ, White Night, Mr. Doctor, Flow esp.), Amor Fati, Burj Khalifa, Origin (Tablo), Breakdown (Supreme Mix), Here Come the Regrets, Top Gun, Lesson 3,4,5, Run

      Emotional/Nostalgic: Umbrella, Fly, Still Life, One Minute One Second, One, Peace Day, Fallen Blossom, Lost One, Piece of You, Encore, Shoebox, Bleed, Love Story, Even If I’m Alone, Pencil Sharpener, 1825, Breathe, Gift, Don’t Hate Me, Rich, Eyes Nose Lips (Cover)

      I highly recommend just listening to their whole discography and finding what you like. I will probably fill the whole space here if I wrote ALL of my favorite songs lol


        • Great suggestions by LoveBoaForever, I’d double down on One, Shoebox, Don’t Hate Me, the Remapping the Soul album (dissing MOTS7 years before it came out with the title lol), and Run.

          At the same time, I’d add Born Hater and Based On A True Story from their latest album, along with my favorite by them, the ultimate song on stalker fans, ‘Fan’. It is a masterpiece.

          Good luck on the exam!


  2. Yeah, rock infused hip hop track is always great. I have always liked hip hop tracks that actually have faster bpm since it lends itself much better to rapping most of the times.

    Even the tempo killing chorus can’t stop me from bopping to this, justthis in particular did the best like he always had. If anyone want to listen to other fast khiphop track, i recommend “Gottasadae” by bewhy


  3. I’m good with it! Only now I have a real problem, because they’re going to be visiting my city on their tour next year, pandemic allowing, and I be it will be a great show, only I had a panic attack at my last live hip-hop show so maybe not? Arg!


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