Song Review: Epik High – Rosario (ft. CL & Zico)

I always feel guilty reviewing Epik High comebacks. I know that they’re beloved for their artistry, and there are quite a few Epik High tracks and albums that I love as well. But over the past years, their music just hasn’t been for me. At a certain level – and especially when it comes to K-pop – my taste tends to crave big hooks, exciting production and hearty melody. Call me basic if you’d like. It is what it is. As objectively good as Epik High’s subdued hip-hop sound may be, I’d much rather go back to their more commercial-leaning tracks like Don’t Hate Me, Run, or even Born Hater. This is all to say, please take my thoughts with a grain of salt. In fact, always take my thoughts with a grain of salt!

New single Rosario enlists CL and Zico as featured artists, and the song benefits from the textures their vocals bring. But on the whole, I find the track too downbeat, even as the performance opts for a more braggadocios flair. The brass undertones are a nice touch and give Rosario plenty of atmosphere, but the percussion remains too generic throughout. The song never really builds toward any moment that captures my attention.

Rosario’s centerpiece is a CL-led, semi-melodic hook that’s meant to come across as a legend schooling her peers. I’ve never been a fan of this thematic approach. I think a song and artist should show their legendary status rather than simply talk about it. It never feels convincing to me, unless the taunts are tethered to a beat as hearty and exciting as 2014’s Born Hater. Rosario is not that beat, despite its welcome flamenco guitar influence.

 Hooks 7
 Production 8
 Longevity 7
 Bias 6

19 thoughts on “Song Review: Epik High – Rosario (ft. CL & Zico)

  1. I have no interest talking about Epik High (very sorry) so I am here talking about Golden Child:

    I really hope that they could find a mash up of dramatic, feel good pop and classicality…. something in the name of Infinite’s Wind? Infinite’s Begin Again? Or their “lately” sound…. I really have high hopes for this comeback!


    • You know sometimes your comments come across as just borderline offensive to the artist and to the fans themselves. Though it’s good to see you saying your sorry in this comment, your past comments haven’t been as polite as I would’ve liked them to be.

      I am not offended and I don’t want to across to you as an angry person. I just want to say that in the future, a simple “thank you for taking the time to review this” and then say “by the way what do you think about this…” goes a long way in preventing passionate fans from possibly attacking you. This isn’t just for you but for everyone including me to be extra respectful when it comes to this blog that has become really popular.

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      • Very True. When I was re-reading my comment again, I saw how offensive it was, And I just came off as crazy. Honestly, I’ll tone down my addiction a bit, K-pop is always in my mind, Just when I start thinking about EXO it shifts to ATEEZ then Bigbang then Golden Child then the futures of Infinite…. It’s weird, and I hate my past comments in the site. I was an idiot, but anyways…

        The comment above was not only offensive but dumb.
        “I have no interest in talking about Epik High”
        I genuinely have no idea why I wrote this, because Epik High were one of my most look-forwarded(?) in this January, My phrasing was incredibly wrong, I think I meant to say “I don’t care much about the song” but that is still very disrespectful.

        I’ll turn a new leaf, and I am sorry to any artists or fans reading this, and I will try to phrase my sentences properly and I will be more respectful.

        Once again – whole heartedly – sorry, SOULE.
        From Me.

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        • I appreciate your reflection. And I understand why you get so excited. This is Kpop. It’s part of the community and the culture. But sometimes we ALL need to just take a little rain check.

          I hope you don’t get bogged down by my previous comment. As I’ve said before I don’t want to come across as being angry (cos I’m really not lol) but I just wanted to give you a little heads up because someone not so nice might come along and bite your head off ^^. I’m just concerned for you that’s all.

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        • Nice to see such a polite & civil way of bringing problems to attention and understanding ^^ If you want to talk about Golcha some more and you have twitter, let me know!

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          • I have a suspended account for whatever reason, I mean I joined last year and then just one second after, they tell me I have a suspended account… so I don’t have that, you have any other alternative… maybe Instagram?


  2. I’ve only listened to a couple of Epik High tracks before but I was really excited for this one with the CL and Zico feature, unfortunately the song didn’t really live up entirely to my prior expectations though I can see how powerful it is.

    I’m wondering if you’ll also review the other title track, the Heize feature? I actually liked that one a whole lot more, it felt different and punched me in the face with its dreamlike wistful melody.


  3. Yes, Epik High is back! And once again my high is epic! I think a review on Epik High feels out of place on your blog where you’ve placed a certain emphasis on the production aspects of the song rather than the lyrical aspects. Epik High always has been a group of outstanding writers and competent masters of their own production. IMO they are the only group in which English translations don’t do their songs justice and sometimes Tablo himself has to come in and provide the translations himself. Nevertheless, I appreciate you taking the time to review it even if it’s not your cup of tea.


    • That’s a really good way of putting it. The fact that I rarely even touch on lyrics makes reviewing these kinds of songs tricky. I hope you’re liking the title tracks and album!!

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    • Once again my thoughts. I have loved some Epik High songs (Fan is an all time favorite), but their style may not be for me. I am not going to review this song, because I probably will butcher it. Glad Nick reviewed it though

      Just saw, you seem to be prepping a WordPress blog. If you are, looking forward to it 🙂


      • Aha, thank you^^ It’s been a long time in the making. Unfortunately, the thing I need right now is free time and if I’m going to be publishing a blog I don’t want it to be inconsistent. Part of which makes me admire Nick’s tenacity to keep in constant touch with his readers. My blog is in the unforeseeable future for now.

        On a side note, I admire your blog. Keep to it sis/bro, I enjoy it.

        *And ignore the below comment. I stupidly posted it in the wrong spot. Smh.


        • Thanks Soule!!!

          Agree that it needs free time. Often times what I do is I write a lot of posts on the weekend in case the weekdays get busy, and even that can’t help at times because the weekdays can get really busy. Still, will look forward to your potential blog whenever it comes out 🙂


  4. Aha, thank you^^ It’s been a long time in the making. Unfortunately, the thing I need right now is free time and if I’m going to be publishing a blog I don’t want it to be inconsistent. Part of which makes me admire Nick’s tenacity to keep in constant touch with his readers. My blog is in the unforeseeable future for now.

    On a side note, I admire your blog. Keep to it sis/bro, I enjoy it.


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