Song Review: Adora – Make U Dance (ft. Eunha)

Adora - Make U Dance (ft. Eunha)Adora is an in-house producer for Big Hit/HYBE Entertainment, at least partially responsible for highlights like BTS’s Spring Day, TXT’s Our Summer and GFriend’s Labyrinth (!). Because of this pedigree, fans were excited to hear what she would craft for her own solo debut. Even better, Make U Dance brings along former GFriend member Eunha, marking her first work credited under the soon-to-debut VIVIZ moniker. There’s certainly a lot of talent on offer here, so how does the song stack up?

Well, as with so many recent releases, Make U Dance is… fine. It doesn’t make me want to dance, but I don’t think that’s the purpose (despite its title). Instead, the track conveys an alt-pop sound, a bit unsettled and unexpected. The instrumental is fussy, never content to deliver a straightforward groove when it could push and pull the beat along instead. I admire the craft that goes into this approach, but I find the style too aloof to really sink my teeth into. Still, the start/stop nature of the beat is artfully executed and gives Make U Dance a haunting appeal.

Both vocalists are well-suited to this sound, even if the melody prevents them from breaking free and delivering any standout moments. Make U Dance could have done with a chorus more robust than “la la la,” but I’m sure you’re all sick of hearing me level that same criticism again and again. In truth, the track draws strength from its skeletal nature. The approach isn’t really for me, but I’m sure it will find many enthusiastic fans.

 Hooks 7
 Production 8
 Longevity 8
 Bias 7


9 thoughts on “Song Review: Adora – Make U Dance (ft. Eunha)

  1. I don’t have anything to say about this one – it’s not bad and it’s not good either. It’s just okay.

    I was curious if you’ve heard the Red Velvet Bad Boy remixes? I really like the SLOM remix, maybe as much as the original.

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  2. I like a lot here, but it doesn’t do it in totality for me either.

    It’s fun to see Eunha here.
    I feel like she’s putting some fun personality into the singing even though the song lets her down. I’m curious how the Viviz tracks will sound. Eunha was a core component of the Gfriend vocal sound. Assuming she’s the “main vocalist” in Viviz will completely shift the group’s musical direction. Not speaking about the concept here, I’ve never once thought Viviz would debut with a power innocence concept.

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  3. I think it is interesting in a interesting way, but not enough to make me want to listen to it several times over. People have done much more with much less.

    …. reaches into grab bag of old memories, again, and this oldie came to mind. As I was listening to the song here, I was thinking it sounds like if some one like a Somi were to cover a more obscure New Wave song, like this The Colourfield, “Running Away”, it might sound like what Adora was going for. Just when you have had enough of jaunty instruments coming in and out, there is a breath of major key, then back at the banging on pipes and pots and pans and dissonance.


  4. The production does a good job of keeping my attention. The chorus has a nice groove but I don’t know how I would move to it lol. I really like their voices on here: I’m so used to getting Eunha sing really high. Overall I probably wouldn’t skip it Everytime it came on, but I wouldn’t seek it out


    • Hah, I kind of loved the MV. It reminded me of an amazing Japanese horror/comedy I watched recently “One Cut of the Dead”. If you like horror comedies, don’t read anything about it, just go watch it now.


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