Song Review: lilli lilli – Barcode

lilli lilli - BarcodeIt’s not often that we see duos debut in K-pop, especially those who aren’t already related to an existing group or survival series. Lilli lilli’s name is stylized to look like a barcode, which matches the theme of their debut. I’m not sure what this is all supposed to mean, but it’s nice to see an unusual configuration in K-pop. Eagle-eyed fans might also recognize member Luce, formerly of short-lived girl group P.O.P.

Like many recent tracks, Barcode kicks off with a ton of potential. The whistling synth is a little grating, but the thundering percussion promises a hard-hitting sound. The opening verse blends funky guitar with a nimble beat, speeding along with great energy. With only two voices driving the melody, the performance gets a chance to really settle in. And though there aren’t any moments that feel unique or surprising, the vocal is confident.

Sadly, Barcode succumbs to a dull drop-style chorus. Melody filters out, replaced by hulking percussion that kills most of the song’s momentum. A welcome flourish of brass points toward more thrilling directions, but Barcode never pulls itself free from this murky misstep. It’s a shame, because when the track gets going it’s quite enjoyable. There’s just too much set-up and too little pay-off. With only two members, it makes sense that the producers would want to clear space for focus on dance (and a chance for the girls to catch their breath!), but despite a fun second verse rap, Barcode struggles to pull its ideas together.

 Hooks 7
 Production 8
 Longevity 7
 Bias 7
 RATING 7.25

5 thoughts on “Song Review: lilli lilli – Barcode

  1. The songcraft hits every mark and yet somehow misses the target. Maybe because it hits every expected mark. Trying too hard sitch.

    The girls do their best to sell the shit out of the this song, and that is the main reason why it has some merit to me. I enjoyed watching them perform.

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  2. Agreed – close but not quite, and I really don’t like that synth whistle. I could see it growing on me if the stages are solid.


  3. The song reminds me of AoA’s magic spell. I’m quite fond of whistle his hooks and I really like this one. I have to agree the drop chorus was a bummer, but I think the biggest disappointment of the song was how they had that big high note only to ruin what couldve been a good moment of tension and release. I really appreciate how the momentum never really stalls in the verses. Can’t wait to hear more from them


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