Song Review: DRIPPIN – Vertigo

DRIPPIN - VertigoDuring my last Universe app song review, we had some fun with poetry. This eased the monotony of these pointless releases, so let’s keep the tradition going! I proudly present a word puzzle. Use a mirror or your phone to flip the words and decode the review:

drippin review

 Hooks 7
 Production 7
 Longevity 7
 Bias 6
 RATING 6.75


27 thoughts on “Song Review: DRIPPIN – Vertigo

  1. Keep these creative Universe reviews going 😂 for those who don’t want to decode the review, here it is:

    “Congratulations! By taking the time to decode this review, you’ve put in more effort than any of these Universe songs. The app remains a waste of valuable time and resources. Please use this funding for an actual DRIPPIN comeback that pushes their sound forward instead of this joyless noise that replaces their individual character with generic tropes.”

    I definitely enjoyed reading the review backwards and writing it down here than listening to the song 😩

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    • I wonder how common it is to be able to read reversed text, because I can do it too, even if it takes a bit longer and I occasionally have to spell out a word to figure out what it is.


      • I’m pretty certain most people should be able to do it, though it might be harder for some to visualize than others. For me it’s always come naturally, but yeah occasionally I have to stop and spell out a word.

        Though I actually missed the line in Nick’s review which mentioned to use a phone or mirror to read the review, which would have been easier anyways 😂


  2. I would much, much rather spend 30 minutes aimlessly wandering around this site than download and register for another app and end up with this.

    That is just as much a compliment to the site as it is a complaint towards this app.

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  3. I feel like if you made a bot watch every k-pop boy group release from the past few years and then had it create its own song, it might come up with something like this lmao. It’s not that it is unlistenable necessarily, it’s just so painfully generic. Is there some rule that all of these universe releases have to be so damn boring??

    I get that artists probably want to save their stronger material for actual comebacks, but these releases could be an interesting opportunity for a group do do something more experimental with their sound. Have yet to see that happen though:(

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  4. I like this okay, but only because, as has been fairly firmly established, I like the current fourth gen BG sound and this should sound pretty good in the car. It’s actually the first DRIPPIN song on my library, probably because it sounds nothing like DRIPPIN. I know the next time it comes up I’m going to go “who is this again? Huh, oh yeah, them.”

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  5. Either you’ve been binge-reading the Kpopalypse blog or you *are* Kpopalypse, in which case I ask you, sir, to kindly return him unharmed as soon as possible.

    And also, please write more fan-fiction soon.


      • And now you gave me an idea: It’s probably time to create a Twitter account once and for all and see by myself what the whole infamous “stan twitter” thing is.

        Problem is, at some point I might feel compelled to say something…

        P.S. now I remember I should be mad bc Nick didn’t do an exception for Tesseract, which remains *the* good Universe song, in his review 😤


        • Tweet at your own risk. That place can be so toxic. They’ll hate you if you love something and they’ll hate you if you don’t love something. It’s really a weird sociology experiment.


  6. Me : downloads picture, finds edit photo feature in gallery somehow, flips picture, reads review….

    Yeah it was worth the effort 😂😂 This cracked me up. Next time let’s have a crossword XD


  7. This is really funny 😂😂 but i actually don’t hate just like the comment above, i also have high tolerance for this sound (as long as they’re not shouting). I think the chord progression used in the song is so predictable that’s why we perceive it as generic


  8. Well, at least Drink It and Let Me In were pretty good,
    . After the first few I’ve completely stopped even giving any Universe song a listen unless it’s recommended to me or I hear a clip of it in a YouTube video and it sounds interesting.


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