Song Review: Weki Meki – Siesta

Weki Meki - SiestaWith Fantagio Entertainment laser-focused on Astro, it feels like Weki Meki have often been tossed by the wayside. This is despite a strong discography with a few big highlights. It’s been over a year since their last comeback, which might as well be a lifetime in K-pop standards. Last year’s Cool was well-titled, establishing a fashionable dance sound for the girls. In comparison, new single Siesta is a much more straightforward club track.

I should absolutely love this song. After all, I enjoy dance music that maintains or builds its energy all the way through. Siesta‘s straightforward drive is refreshing, and I definitely appreciate its insistent pulse of percussion. Unfortunately, the songwriting approaches “cloying” territory for me. While the verses feel generic and lack a strong melody, I’m onboard with their gradual climb to the chorus. The girls sound great and the performance crackles with energy.

However, I’m not a fan of Siesta‘s chorus at all. The melody feels repetitive and borderline obnoxious, through no fault of the group themselves. It’s just one of those times where a hook leaves me completely cold. Part of this is due to the English lyrics, which contrast in an odd way. I don’t get the connection with a siesta and fireworks, and the phrase “boom boom fireworks” feels overly juvenile for a group as cool as Weki Meki. Add this to a melody that’s structured more like a scream than a surge and you’ve got a totally competent track that just doesn’t connect with me. Then again, I never loved most of IZ*ONE’s later work for similar reasons, so I fully admit musical bias here (even more than normal!).

 Hooks 7
 Production 8
 Longevity 8
 Bias 7

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  1. hmm honestly i’m kinda surprised you gave this anything below an 8 (i would give it a solid 9), it really sounds like a fun summer night! i love how the verses build up to the explosive chorus (hence the BOOM BOOM FIREWORKS lyrics), and the sheer exuberance of this song already makes this better than the vast majority of kpop releases this year. yeah the lyrics in the chorus feels a tad undercooked but that does little to affect the amazing performance exhibited by weki meki today, this is easily a continuation of their best title tiki-taka (99%)

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  2. I agree with you completely, the chorus is really annoying to me which makes me sad. The first two b-sides on the album are much better imo.


  3. This sounds like the kind of song that is released because it is time to release another song. Its not bad, its just the latest of this type.

    … It sounds noisy? That is the part that annoys me, like noisy and heavy right smack in the middle, so it becomes unpleasant to listen to on my current best ear buds. I didnn’t notice it quite so much on the computer speaker on my first plays earlier this morning. And that noise lever is higher in the chorus.

    I didn’t notice the lyrics until Nick pointed it out, but yes, “You are my Siesta” and then “Boom boom fireworks”. Maybe it was supposed to be Fiesta, which would make sense, until that word and title was taken by another hit song and the word was swapped out. And no one at the agency notices or cares about the oddness.

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    • The lyrics in between those two lines roughly translate to “I’m rubbing my eyes” and “I’m waking up from a nap”
      So I guess it’s like, you take a siesta, wake up, and then its boom boom fireworks

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    • Agreed. It does indeed sound noisy. For one thing, It’s over zealous mastering – if you check out the waveform on the M/V is it pretty much smashing 100% all the way through. Yuk. Also, I’d also lay some blame on the mixing… there just isn’t enough space for each of the parts to breathe.

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  4. I love a lot of the songs Anna Timgren’s written. Lovelyz’s “Moonlight,” Oh My Girl’s “Checkmate,” Loona “So what” I’ve also really grown to love OMG’s “Dun Dun Dance.”
    But I think Nick’s spot on about “a melody that’s structured more like a scream than a surge.” I think this quality is consistent in a lot of her credits.
    She is one of the strongest, most prolific writers right now, so I don’t mean this to sharply critique or insult but more as an observation of an overanalyzing fan.

    Anna also penned my favorite track from the mini-album, “Luminous.” I understood why Fantiago picked a more upbeat track for the title, but I think it’s the strongest track on the release.

    Anna Timgren and Alawn’s are among the most consistent, prolific Western K-pop writers and producers this year. I appreciate their sound and am amazed by their success. But I hope their ubiquity creates a welcome opportunity for some new talent and sounds.

    I am delighted to see Weki Meki come back with pretty strong material and a great concept. This is a comeback I’ve highly awaited this year. I hope the promotion goes well, and I hope they become more consistent with future comebacks.

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  5. I don’t have too much to say on the song, I appreciate the consistent drive of energy, like you mentioned, and since I can tolerate the chorus, I’m guessing the song fares a little better for me. I’m mainly glad that Weki Meki is back – Cool was a 2020 highlight for me, and I was wondering where they were the whole year. Any Weki Meki fans have any explanation for the year-long wait other than Fantagio ignoring them?


  6. I was kinda disappointed with this song. I can’t remember anything but “Boom boom fireworks”,which might the desired effect. The track otherwise isn’t offensive which makes it a step up from “dazzle dazzle”, but I was hoping for more since I loved “cool” so much

    It really shows how they were just put on hold. If anytime a group took a long hiatus they just made it to come back with one really strong single I’d be happy. Making me wait raises my expectations, though it could be on me for not putting them in check

    Weki meki should still have a few years left so hopefully we get some more bangers


  7. Back when I was regularly commenting here, there would occasionally be posts from rabid fans accusing you of giving unfair low reviews of their faves because of anti-(insert group name here) bias. My replies defended you and tried to set them straight with a pen dipped in snark and sardonicism. I defended you because they were accusing you of having a hidden agenda against their specific group; which I knew wasn’t true. However, they weren’t completely wrong in their anger that an unfair standard had been set.

    You have freely admitted in the past that you favor boy bands over girl groups. You have also declared numerous times that your reviews will be slanted based on personal preferences. The site, itself, is clearly listed as “The Bias List”, so that should be a crystal clear outlier for visitor expectations. In the beginning, I was fine with this arrangement. Okay, not fine, but it’s your site, your rules. As long as I had context, I told myself that I could take seeing girl groups being told to sit in the back of the bus.

    Around the time when I stopped commenting here, I started to see an upsetting trend with both reviews and the comments. Everyone started turning into Anton Ego. Everyone was suddenly a critic with a discerning palate. Each new release was dissected and analyzed by increasingly difficult standards. A song was expected to meet “n” standards, then the football would be “Lucy”ed to a new “n” standard. The goal post seemed to shift continuously. It seemed to get to the point where any elements that weren’t perfect instantly disqualified a song.

    I’m no angel in all of this. Some of my replies were glib. Some were laced with poorly delivered Oscar Wildean idiocy. Some were just plain cruel. I went back and reread some of my comments/reviews and I was ashamed of myself. I wasn’t just being unfair to those artists, I was being mean to them so I could use them as props for my next great attempt at showing off my wit. I could have tried to redress myself and start making future posts more fair, but it wasn’t just me doing it and the entire “leave a comment/reply” experience was soured for me for an indeterminate amount of time; perhaps indefinitely.

    So why this post? I put myself in the time out box, but I’ve still been receiving the e-mail reviews. Some I read, some I didn’t. As I wrote as the start, I know girl groups on this site are like some girl in a teenage movie that’s trying to join an all boys high school sports team who at some point exclaims, “I have to work twice as hard just to receive half the recognition!”. But, as I also wrote, I had context as to why this was. You’re not being unfair, you’re being selective based on personal preferences that will supersede the actual merits of a song. But even with a pretense, is that fair? Would you trust the review of a dessert from someone that couldn’t taste sweetness? ..or an art critic that was color blind?

    Why should you have to be completely unbiased? It’s your site. It’s titled clearly. Who said life is always fair? However, not everyone that reads your reviews will have context. Not everyone will know you slant for boy bands or that there is fractional list of girl groups that you like; most of which have disbanded. These “unaware” individuals will see your review and apply a value to it. Therein lies my concern.

    This review for Weki Meki’s “Siesta” pulled the grenade pin. I’m not a die-hard WM fan, but I like them. Is “Siesta” a 10? Nope. Are there parts I like more than others? Yep. Still, it’s a good song. Given the offerings that 2021 has produced thus far, it’s ahead of the curve. To then see it being reduced in value over trivialities such as “but the lyrics aren’t poetry” seems petty. This is K-pop we’re talking about. When did it become necessary for lyrics to be Dickensian? They’ve always been more Lewis Carroll; or dare I say, Shakespearean.

    So.. ..I really think this review was.. ..unfair. It’s being put to an unusual standard that other groups will get a pass on. I know it seems strange that the hill I’m going to make a stand on is a Weki Meki release, but the last straw was going to rest on some location. WM just happened to be the group that drew the short one. I’m now on a fulcrum trying to decide if I want to drop from the email listing. Such a weird journey this has been.

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      • plus these unusual standards put on gg songs that bgs more easily get a pass on in the reviews feels… (and i don’t wanna say this word considering i know Nick most likely isn’t) misogynistic if im reading your comment correctly

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        • Here’s the thing, since I’ve seen this come up before. My thoughts about K-pop don’t automatically equate with my thoughts about life in general. I get frustrated when this becomes entangled, because readers on this blog start making personal judgements against me based on my opinion of a specific hobby.

          I hate to even bring this up because it sounds like I’m getting defensive, but if I were to publish a post of my favorite pop songs of 2021 *not* covered on this blog (which I may do next month), the gender split would be pretty much opposite of what you’re used to seeing here. It really comes down to musical concepts and approaches. I’ve said it before, but with K-pop I tend to rate newer bg tracks really high or quite low, while gg songs always seem to end up somewhere in the middle with far less extremes in either direction.

          With that said, I’d love to hear examples of unusual standards when you notice them so that I can reevaluate my thinking. I’m not even sure I realize when this is happening, and none of us can grow unless we’re challenged. I only ask that people not make snap judgements with only a sliver of the full picture.

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          • I read this reply after making my other reply to you (below), and I’m sensing an overlap. You wrote “I only ask that people not make snap judgements with only a sliver of the full picture.”, but there’s the rub. As I wrote in my other reply to you. People are quick to judge. People will not take the time to glean a “full picture”. Many won’t get to know you. Any one of your reviews might be the first and only review they read so they will extrapolate and digest based solely on that specific review. If that review contains contempt or condemnation based on your history or experience, which should then add perspective, it will be lost on those not familiar with you or this site. Should each review then be treated as a single entity apart from everything else in the genre? No, but more care needs to be taken to ensure the reader is not getting lost in comparisons or references they won’t understand.

            I understand the “misogynistic” reference made by eijidoesthings, and it kinds of exemplifies all of the points I’m trying to make. You may not be this negative “thing” you’re being compared to, but to someone that is trying to form an assessment based on available information, past familiarity, and willingness to delve deeper, you will come across a certain way. Welcome to the internet!

            As for it relating to my OP, what you write and what gets read, is subjective. I wouldn’t get too upset about a misinterpretation. He wasn’t attacking you personally, he was demonstrating to you how you can come across to someone that isn’t as familiar with you as some of your regulars are; which is good stuff for someone looking to become better at this. THAT is the point of my OP. It wasn’t an attack on you. It was a sincere attempt to explain to you the reasons for my absence.

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            • exactly what i was saying. i and many others may not think you’re misogynistic, but newcomers who may not be as familiar to you might get those vibes from your reviews.


              • Yep, I get it and I’ll try to be very intentional about the words and critiques I choose.

                At the same time, there’s only so much I can control. People are going to bring their own experiences / projections / allegiances to any review. This seems *especially* prevalent in K-pop, for whatever reason. I’m confident in who I am and what I’m not, so I didn’t see this as an attack. Constructive feedback is good!

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    • I’m sorry you feel that way, Xeno. However, I’m not sorry to see a long-awaited comment from you (we’ve missed you!).

      I think I understand where you’re coming from. Our tastes in music definitely differ, and it’s probably frustrating to constantly read reviews that are lifting up songs you don’t like and pulling down songs you do. I think about this a lot… especially when it comes to readers who prefer girl group music. It must be irritating. But like you said, I’m not sure there’s anything that can be done about opposing musical viewpoints. It is what it is, and if reading this blog causes eye rolls or annoyance then there are definitely more productive things to do with your life and I won’t be offended by anyone who finds their joy elsewhere.

      I try my best to be kind and respectful in my writing, but I’ll admit that my interest in K-pop comebacks has waned over the past month or two. Part of that is due to music I’m not connecting with, but the time and effort it takes to keep this blog updated each day also takes a toll. I’m probably not always fair or consistent, but I try to do my best.

      On this song specifically, I’m not sure I understand your point about standards. I mentioned how I *should* love it. It ticks a lot of boxes for me. But even after several plays, I definitely… didn’t love it. I was actually surprised by this. So, my next thought as a reviewer is to determine *why* I didn’t love it. Part of that is lyrics (clunky lyrics have always been a pet peeve, which is a big reason I love foreign pop music), but the larger stumbling block comes down to melody. I’ve dinged plenty of songs for melody. At this point, it’s become a bad Bias List trope.

      Similarly, I’m not sure I “disqualify” any songs. A lot of songs with ratings in the 7-8 range end up getting many plays from me after the fact. But, whenever I rate something lower than a nine I feel like I need to state why. That’s where a lot of the nit-pickiness comes from. It just so happens that my nit-pickiness gets pretty darn repetitive. But hey, writing about K-pop every day is also pretty darn repetitive. Maybe I need to reevaluate the focus points of my reviews.

      While we’re on this subject, I want to offer a different perspective on this blog as a whole. This may sound weird, but I get frustrated when anybody thinks of my writing as somehow “professional.” I’m so grateful for how much The Bias List has grown over the years. I’m honestly kind of shocked. But, this was never meant to be some central voice in K-pop fandom. It’s more like a personal music journal. I’m one fan with one set of musical preferences. I’m certainly not “right” and no one should claim me as an unbiased expert on anything. I hate when my words get dragged into pissing contests between fandoms or shared in a way that vaults them to some professional status. Sure, my writing style can be kind of formal. But… that’s just my writing style.

      In short, I really don’t consider myself a critic and I don’t want others to consider me that way either. I’m a fan who came up with their own arbitrary system for writing about and classifying their hobby. I thought it would be fun to also write about the songs I didn’t care for, since K-pop is such a nice microcosm to play around in. Unfortunately, there are times when there are A LOT of songs I don’t care for, and the reviews suffer from that repetition. Trust me, it’s monotonous for me as well! I look forward to some great boy AND girl group releases in the future. In the meantime, I hope you’re finding great music to add to your playlist. After all, that’s what it all comes down to: connecting with whatever music ticks your boxes and cranking it up.

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      • I told myself I wasn’t going to reply to anything in my OP, but.. ..well, you know me.

        I don’t think there’s anything disingenuous with your “I’m just little ole me.” belief when it comes to how seriously you think you should be taken, but you do have greater reach than you’re giving yourself credit for. Your posts show up in aggregate news feeds such as Google News. Your reviews get pigeonholed on other K-pop sites such as AsianJunkie, et al. So you may not hear from some people in the comments or see them in your site metrics, but more people are viewing your posts than you’re aware of.

        I’m not going to go all “with great power comes great respons..” yadda, yadda, on you. I know the site hasn’t gone to your head. However, I think you may be more dismissive of the fact that many people are associative. If they see something that looks authoritative and reads as intellectual, then there must be some weight to it. Add to that the “TL;DR” impatience of many surfers who will lunge for the score table, or the likelihood that many who will actually read the review don’t know you or your predilections and you’ve got people walking away with skewed perspective on a song before they’ve even listened to it. What was your peeve or dissatisfaction is now seeded in the back of their minds when they do finally listen.

        I get that tropes and trends can wear you down; as they do with me. I also understand how a simple peeve can manifest into a full blown attack on your nerves due to repetitive Chinese water torture exposure, but there are a lot of K-pop fans that are extremely passive. Some have very little exposure to this genre. Others are locked into a single group. So when they see you give a “meh” review to a group they may not even know about, then they’ll either bypass the group entirely, or pass on that specific song.

        Does that mean you should love everything? Nope. This “is” an opinion site. You’ve a right to yours. But some of your opinions may be overly subjective. Giving a low score to a song because it’s slotted into a current trend you’ve grown weary of isn’t completely fair. The songs that were early in this trend get an “Oh, that’s so fresh and new” boost and the latter songs get a “Oh, this again.. ..ugh!” slam. To someone that doesn’t listen to every song from every group, they won’t get the inference. They’ll see the dissatisfaction and move on.

        There are other areas that trigger you. Westernization. Sing-speak. Drops/Anti-drops. Production choices. So on and so on. While it is important to maintain a “To thine ownself be true” mentality for yourself and your site, I think applying too much weight to a specific release based on the entirety of all prior releases in this genre places too much burden on that single release.

        I’m babbling; which is my forte, I know. I guess my main points are, you’re taken more serious than you realize, you’re not taking that fact as serious as maybe you should be, and many people suck at math. Meaning, they won’t take the time to try to understand you, what makes you tick, or what goes into your reviews. Maybe a small effort needs to be applied to those realities. Take into account that the person reading your sentiments doesn’t know you, or the issues you have with the current genre, or your predilections.

        Then again.. you.. ..I’m just a guy voicing an opinion on the internet; for whatever it matters.

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        • I appreciate this feedback and the thought put into it. This part resonated with me in particular: “applying too much weight to a specific release based on the entirety of all prior releases in this genre places too much burden on that single release.”

          Guilty as charged on that one! 😳

          I’ve been re-expanding my musical net over the past few months in the hope that less musical monotony for me will equal less K-pop trend burnout and more balanced blogging, so your points are surprisingly timely. We’ll see how it goes!

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      • I may be a few days late but if I can add something, I read here a lot (haven’t been commenting a lot recently due to time zones and work) and it doesn’t bother me whatever ratings you give anything really (e.g. I absolutely love aespa – Savage and NCT 127 – Sticker but the vast majority of this site does not lmao). But what I do think is a bit odd is how narrow the rating system is. To me a 7 or 8 is still a really good score, there are several songs that I love that I would give 7-8 to. But on here bad review can be still scored within this range. So when people see say 7.5 like this review has they either: feel confused if they aren’t a regular reader (“he just spent the review saying it is disappointing yet it’s a 7.5?”) or they are a regular reader and see “oh he isn’t feeling this”. I think this has contributed to an expectation that when you like something it is 8.5 and above. I know your Twitter explains the rating system in relation to like grades at school so I know why you grade reviews like that but I do think you’ve narrowed yourself into a box by doing it this way. And yeah I know that if you ever dared give reviews using a full scope of 0-10 k-pop fans would probably flame you.

        And the fact that you have to “explain” yourself when you score below 9. Honestly I don’t know any other reviewers that use a scoring system that have to “explain” their reasonings for not giving what is essentially a score that to me very few songs/records achieve. Maybe this is just my own outlook but 9> is a score I would hold to only the very best releases? For example looking over my own end year lists for 2021 I would probably give around 5-6 songs that.

        Then when you explain yourself, you have probably found little things to try and come up with reasons why you might not have liked a song as much as you hoped, which others might consider to be nitpicking. If we take Siesta, I found it to be a straightforward dance pop song. The English was not bothering to me in the slightest, I don’t find it any more bad then other songs this year (like Park Jihoon’s “sit in a special set” Gallery, which I love). It gets from A to B. Is it amazing? No. But I would not describe it as cloying or obnoxious, I don’t actually think something that is described as straightforward can also be described as cloying or obnoxious. And since you also mentioned in a comment somewhere that girl group songs usually fall within the middle for you, you probably come off as more nitpicky towards girl groups because you are giving scores in the range where you feel you have to explain yourself.

        I know you are a reviewer, and whether it is professional or personal, reviewers like to dissect songs down, but sometimes I think it might be a benefit to every once in a while be like “I just didn’t vibe” (obviously in a better way than that lmao).

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      • MYMA! Wassup, m’lady?!?

        Umm.. ..okay, I’ll slap something together and post it on that page. Not sure how I’m going to word it, but.. ..yeah, I’ll make a post.

        I never did get around to asking you. Are you the XX chromosmal version of Iljimae, or the reincarnation of Dal Yi?


        • Jung Il Woo will always be my one and only, The Moon Embracing the Sun being what introduced me to kdrama and then kpop, and Iljimae being the 2nd kdrama I ever watched.

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    • Everything else aside, I am going to take this as a reminder not to get caught up in trying to be clever all the time. So many k-pop fan spaces are so all-or-nothing that it can feel relaxing to have a place to relax and feel okay saying I don’t like something, but that’s no excuse to be snarky for the sake of snark.

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    • Although I have some disagreements with this commentary, I really appreciate this perspective and it is really refreshing to see someone take accountability and ownership for the way they may have contributed to these types of dynamics in the past! I 100% agree that it is on each of us to address the unconscious biases we might have around these issues, and why most of us have, to some extent, been conditioned against our will to devalue the feminine- girl groups included.

      However, I feel like there is an angle that is missing from this discussion which is the fact that individual reviewers cannot really be unbiased because this industry is, at its core, extremely biased itself (and note, I believe this bias exists in certain ways in western music as well so I am not just trying to single out kpop although some of these examples are more specific to it).

      I’m sure most of us are aware of how devalued girl groups tend to be compared to their boy group counterparts- Weki Meki is a good example of how the bgs often end up with the most resources and attention within a company (which often translates to better quality music…). Even when a girl group is well-resourced and promoted, there is a chronic running joke about how companies seem to struggle with managing more than one gg at a time (ie, YG with 2ne1 and Blackpink, Cube with CLC and (G)I-dle, SM with aespa and basically all of their other ggs at this point just to name a few). I remember under Nick’s review of Queendom by Red Velvet, there was an obnoxious troll comment by an aespa fan who stated that RV was basically irrelevant and unneeded because aespa has taken their places! I nearly left a snarky comment but ultimately, I just felt sad for that (probably very young) person and their internalized misogyny. Meanwhile, nobody bats an eye when SM attempts to manage like 50000 NCT subunits in ADDITION to multiple other 2nd and 3rd gen boy groups who are still active.

      Combine that with more limiting options for concepts that are “acceptable” for ggs, ggs being less likely to be allowed to produce their own music, and probably tons of other reasons, it really isn’t surprising that the quality and originality of the music would be affected. This is no fault of the performers themselves btw, solely of an industry and specific companies that trend towards toxic and misogynistic.

      So all of that to say…I don’t know if it is fair to call out specific critics for having a bias around girl group music because…yes, sometimes the music girl groups record is subpar because certain companies and societal expectations only allow them to go so far. Which is sad. I think it is changing, albeit slowly (and sometimes I have the feeling we may just be exchanging one set of cliched, manufactured aesthetics for another- ie, cutesy concepts to girl crush ones), but that is another conversation entirely!

      And btw, all of this is coming from me, a woman and very left-leaning feminist. And also a huge girl group stan! Basically the entire first year I got into kpop, I only listened to ggs and I still love them the best. So my natural bias is essentially in the opposite direction as Nick’s but even I have been disappointed with most gg releases this year! So there is nuance to it I guess is my point. But all this said, yes, we all should all be examining our own prejudices all the time bc none of us are except from these kinds of systemic, societal biases.

      Sorry if this posts takes things too off topic, I guess I was just fired up today lol. I really appreciate the mature conversations that can happen in this space!

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      • There isn’t a single part of the entertainment industry that doesn’t have a seedy side. Everything from rust belt carnies to major motion picture studios is littered with societal dregs. That’s because whenever you take individuals that think fame is worth more than dignity, personal identity, or their very lives and put them in the care of others that are aware of that desperation, the ugliness of humanity can and often will consume them like chum in shark infested waters.

        It could range from basic acts of unfairness such as wage equality, workplace standards, contract values, industry recognition, etc., up to mental/physical/sexual harassment/violence, to extremes such as forced drug addiction, prostitution, trafficking, etc.. It really is a quagmire of deviancy and depravity. Yes, women make up the greater percentile of victims, but many males befall the same fates.

        The K-pop genre is one of the worst in the entire entertainment industry. That’s not hyperbole. It’s a fact. It’s a perfect storm of a society that is programmed from birth to be obedient and self-sacrificing thrown into and industry that will bleed anyone dry through any means possible. Knowing this, I’m suppose to be repulsed. I should boycott any and all things K-pop. How many of us are actually prepared to do that?

        Does our willingness to continue propping up this genre negate the need for change? Not at all. I think I have a much deeper understanding of the madness that is going on behind the curtain that the wizard is telling me to ignore. I also realize the infinitesimal odds I have of producing any positive changes through action. So, I have a choice: apathy or empathy. My presence here demonstrates which one I chose.

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    • Missed you, Xeno. Mainly because of the “Anton Ego-esque” tone you seem to be the counterpoint of. You are one of several voices in my discovery of kpop two years ago who motivated me to start engaging with the community beyond just listening to music.

      I usually use reviewers to introduce me to new songs. It’s too much work to comb through all the new releases myself, and Youtube doesn’t recommend to me the nugus or the 2nd-gen groups. So I attach myself to TheBiasLists and use their preferences to guide mine. It’s been a long time since I found a song I “loved” completely on my own rather than linked to me from a blogger or Youtuber, which is… sad, but I’m not really sure how to change that. And following bloggers with similar taste to me does seem to help in curating my future playlists. I used to have pretty similar tastes to Nick, but I have noticed the general trend of him lavishing praise on boy group songs I thought were just okay while giving mid-7 rankings to girl group songs I was SURE were hits. For me, that’s okay (beyond the faux-frustration of “WHAT? Crush by Weki Meki is amazing! “Star” by Loona is just a mid 8? WHAT???”. But luckily I have better things to do with my time than comment some variant of that on every review I disagree with. Definitely not saying that’s what you’re doing by the way.) Fortunately thebiaslist isn’t an autocracy—Nick doesn’t have a monopoly over kpop reviews (though his are certainly more popular than most). There are other reviewers out there, with different sets of preferences, and his taste has never struck me as misogynistic or insincere. Everyone’s taste is arbitrary to some extent.

      I also think that Nick, who writes full-length reviews to most songs he listens to, is under a bit more pressure to make things “interesting” than those with different writing styles. “I didn’t love the hook” “I didn’t love the melody” over and over again would strike people as pretty repetitive, so he ends up hitting on things that might not worsen the quality of the song THAT much, but are “unique elements” of the song.

      I hope you stick around somewhere.

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      • Hey you! 🙂

        Yeah, I get the “I don’t want to trudge through an archipelago of blogs and fan sites trying to discover what’s new!” sentiment. It’s messy and by no means all encompassing. Being on the TBL email feed certainly helps. But Nick is only one man with a finite ability to cover broad landscape. So, I use other avenues to keep up with everything that drops. Here’s a couple of my regular pitstops that I use:

        1. Reddit – with the MV flair tagged:

        This way, you’ll see every listing posted on Reddit for only full music videos. You can also use other flair searches such as “Teaser”, “Cover”, etc., but those can contain a lot of overlapped content you may not be interested in.

        2. Wikipedia – Not perfect, but still considerable.

        I like the table format and the links for most of the listings. Note: If you bookmark it, remember to update the bookmark at the end of the year by changing “2021” to “2022” and so on, then save; or create a new bookmark and leave the old one to easily go back to it.

        There’s a couple other links I use, but those two should keep you comfortably up to date.

        It can be disheartening to like something, yet see others disapprove that same thing. It’s like.. ..reverse FOMO (fear of missing out). Makes you almost ask yourself, “What’s wrong with me?” I’m not suggesting meltdown, hair-pulling “Leave Britney Alone!” levels of trauma, but yeah.. stings. Most of the time, I’ll find myself liking something and see a 50/50 split among other peoples sentiments. At that point I wave the “different strokes/different folks” flag and call it a day. But if I really, really like something and see most of the other responses trashing it, I raise an eyebrow and begin to question the situation? Is it me? Is it them? Does this mean I make poor decisions? Oh God! Should I have really purchased those ultra-cool bling’ed out 6 inch platform sneakers?!? *cough* umm.. ..back to reality (BTW, I didn’t buy those sneakers. Really! You have no witnesses!).

        You just be you. Music is one of those great gifts you get to give yourself year round. It’s personal and validating. If a particular piece imprints on you and you suddenly find your head bobbling, your fingers drumming, and your feet tap-tap-tapping away, then you did it right.

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    • Super late to the party but nonetheless just want to echo some of the fellow The Bias List readers here saying welcome back! It’s good to see you again.

      I appreciate you sharing your input. Not only did yours got me reflecting on my views on K-pop as a whole and how I should approach an artist’s music, but also starting such an insightful thread here! It’s so refreshing to see fans coming together and share their perspectives in such a civil space.
      Just like what mybrainisonfire said, what you have said is a really good reminder on how I shouldn’t get so invested in being snarky for the sake of being snarky , especially for something I nitpick out of a song that I dislike.

      I doubt we’ve interacted before but regardless, it’s nice to see you commenting here again.

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  8. According to Melon’s album notes, the explanation is that siesta is an afternoon nap/rest and that afterwards you feel recharged and full of energy (hence boom boom fireworks)… It’s a bit of a stretch, but i get the link and I get the idea. It’s not overly farfetched.

    I was a little surprised with your rating — this song had such clean verses, a good build up, an actual non-drop chorus, a catchy postchorus, no trap section just to fit in a rap (this song had no rap at all), and an extra section (outro? not too familiar with music terms) at the end of the song.

    Your gripe with the lyrics is new to me too; i don’t read ALL your reviews so I’m not sure if this comes up a lot. Songs like Dun Dun Dance and Popping (Hey You There Hey You There please don’t sing sad song, come closer come closer can you feel it summer is coming, let’s get loud let’s get loud let me sing a song for love…) have equally if not worse-fitting English lyrics in my opinion, but they’re catchy and they’re fun, much like Siesta’s. Which is why I love all three songs.

    Just sharing my thoughts! I completely understand that this is your website, your opinion, and your musical preferences. And like you’ve said in another comment, it’s not like you intend to be the central voice in reviewing K-pop.

    Hope you have a good day!


    • You guys are all echoing the thoughts I had myself. I went into this song fully expecting to love it. And then… I didn’t. It kind of baffles me too, which is probably why this review reads weird. Maybe I’ll have an about-face in a few days? Or maybe I’m just not in the right mood today? It happens.


      • I’ve thought many times that trying to review everything the day it comes out would be pretty tough for me – sometimes I’m just not in the mood for whatever. I’m sure it’s occurred to you that you could shake up your posting schedule, but seriously, I think those of us with the patience to read a multi-paragraph review would be okay if you took a day or two to let something sink in sometimes, or started doing “catch up” style posts for stuff you don’t want to write a whole post on.


        • i definitely don’t think that’s gonna happen soon, seeing that nick is DEADLY determined to get at least one post posted every single day lol

          But I get you, there are times when I am just not in the mood for doing anything….


          • Streaks are tricky that way – they take on a life of their own! I assiduously avoid them because I get obsessive about that kind of thing way too easily. But still, he could keep the streak going with features if he wanted to give a new release time to digest and there are frequently a couple of reviews up per day.


  9. The English lyrics don’t bother me at all, it’s more about why the song chose the Spanish word “siesta” as the main theme because it can sound strange for someone who uses that word in our daily lives and with that in a dance song. But the song is pretty good!

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  10. Hi! Please excuse my English! This is long and drabbley

    I think you’re very honest in what your opinions are and I dont think theres anything wrong with that, and its not your job to hold people’s hands to make sure they feel good about your preferences. There’s been plenty of times where Ive disagreed with you, IATFB, or Kpopalypse but that’s all that it is. Disagreement.
    Kpopalypse tends to prefer GG tracks, and despite how people try to make it out to be as some horny response its 100% because hes all about melody and his work in metal and rock pushes him towards certain sounds.
    Ive noted IATFB is really hook focused and he seems to prefer more blues-based rhythm songs that get turned into pop songs. And its not their job to hold peoples hands into not feeling bad, because they personally dislike a couple of tracks, or even an artist’s overall work. I actually tend to like that they feel confident enough/don’t care enough to make jokes about songs they dont care for too. This also extends to you and your site too!
    Its not your job to make sure people understand that your reviews are coming from a place of preference versus whatever thing they’re projecting. I understand that this site has grown a lot, AJ and Kpopalypse included but I think a lot of the individual charm of all of your sites would disappear if you guys started writing to cater to fans. There’s a billion websites willing to write generic think pieces or both side-isims, and very honestly youre more than willing to always start with a positive in a song before going into your dislikes.

    People are fickle and contradictory and thats okay. We weigh and care for different things at certain times, and we frequently let things fly for certain groups/artists/whatever not even music-related that we wouldn’t let pass for others. That’s the nature of the game, or like just musical preference.

    In my own life I don’t care for anything Taylor Swift releases unless its a pure pop song because I just don’t find her vocally stimulating, her tone bores me and her songs just ring tepid to me, there feels like there’s no backing melody. But I love Lana Del Rey and those same things can be said about her and definitely have. Personally, I love the effect she sings with and her vocal melodies are my favorite, and despite having far different musical styles it really is just that I like what one is selling more than the other.
    In Kpop Ive been a sone for ages and basically love everything SNSD has put out but other than Fancy/HeartShaker/Cant Stop Me and maybe a few B-sides Twice hasnt progressed in a way that’s interesting to me and they’re basically following a laid-out blueprint, (like snsd did SES). Though the Feels has definitely made me excited that they may go back to more peppy pop songs because the girls themselves are so charming. Does that make me a hypocrite or unfair to twice? I dont think so, sometimes some things weigh more for other groups,like lyrics or hooks and melodies etc.

    Im sure for a lot of people in “stan” spaces theres a conscious kind of spitefulness that occurs of going out to unfairly like one thing for one group over the other, but Ive never felt that from you. Youre just someone running a blog and sharing their thoughts, and hopefully having fun doing it. I dont know what the point of this comment is but thank you for always updating and sharing your thoughts, even when Ive disagreed. I wanted to say thank you for all the hard work you put into this website with what I’m assuming is minimal to no pay, and if you are being paid-all the better.

    Liked by 7 people

  11. I rather liked this song and playlisted it and 4 of the 5 b-sides. I also had a “let’s catch up on the ballads” morning take came up with a couple winners, and then checked out the new EP from the dude from Forestella who I now know also goes by PITTA and holy cow, it’s full of bangers! I was not expecting that! 85 songs playlisted this month and we still have a half dozen releases I’m really looking forward to. I also bought tickets to my first K- anything concert today, so pandemic willing, will be seeing Epik High when they drop by my backyard in March! Toss in ONEUS’ first win and I’ve just been very happy with the state of the k-music world these days.


    • Yassssss, Kang Hyung Ho aka Pitta aka Peaches (being the fan name for him because of the perfect skin on his enormous chipmunk cheeks). Pitta is actually the name of his old band before he auditioned for Phantom Singer.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I am really loving this EP – I haven’t gone through his singles yet, but is this really his first non-single release? Good on Beat, then! I don’t love it as much as Miyavi’s album a few months ago, but I like it better than anything I’ve heard from a Korean rock group this year. I was starting to wonder if Korean guitarists knew how to do anything but mid-tempo and acoustic.


          • Yes! I did know about him on account of his appearance in “Poison” but I never dug into his music. I should clearly do that! Heechul too, for that matter. The list is so long!

            Also, I know I should be used to it by now, but good grief, the two of them are absurdly good looking. Heechul is my age, even!

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  12. The song is very gentle but has a nice feel to it. I liked the buildup a lot too! There was a surprising pitch variation there and it’s probably the highlight. The chorus was repetitive but the girls pulled it off and it wasn’t an annoyingly peppy chorus but more of a gentle one! 🙂

    It’s surprising that I actually liked it because I think I’m one of those rare people who didn’t really like OMG’s Dun Dun Dance and Siesta started off feeling like that… but it has a different vibe. The girls looked really adorable throughout so I have a feeling I will enjoy the lives! 🙂

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  13. At first listen it seemed simple for me but after some days it grew on me a lot, now i love it and even appreciate it as the beautiful song I think it is.


  14. if you even cared to read the lyrics you would know why there’s the verse ‘boom fireworks’… well, to each their own but to me at least this song is everything that a song needs to be, it didn’t follow a certain trend, musically it’s great and the lyrics are good too. genuinely one of my favorite title tracks of weme.


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