Song Review: Weki Meki – Cool

When Weki Meki debuted in the summer of 2017, they billed their concept as “teen crush.” Over the years, their singles have occasionally lived up to that moniker. However, their recent one-two punch of Dazzle Dazzle and Oopsy strayed too far into cutesy chant-pop for my taste. New single Cool returns them to their edgier roots, unveiling a group that feels revitalized and refocused.

The track opts for a throbbing club beat, employing dulled electronics to craft an instrumental that feels both exciting and aloof. The bassline is instantly reminiscent of ITZY’s hits, but Cool never feels like a copycat. Instead, it embraces the elements that made those ITZY singles so great, while targeting a specific energy all its own. The song is rap-heavy, but not in the way you’d expect of a K-pop track. The first verse feels more like spoken word, riding the groove with a too-cool-for-school attitude. When melody finally pops up in the pre-chorus, it doesn’t amount to much. But in a song of this style, it doesn’t really need to.

Cool’s chorus consists of two contrasting parts. First, we have another spoken word chant-along, delivered with verve. This blossoms into a more fleshed out refrain that stands as the song’s catchiest hook. As the track goes on, some of the attitude begins to feel a bit forced. I’m not a fan of the bridge, which feels too affected in its delivery. But, the vast majority of Cool lives up to its title. It comes across as a real turning point for Weki Meki, and a strong example of K-pop’s ubiquitous “girl crush” concept.

 Hooks 8
 Production 9
 Longevity 9
 Bias 8


16 thoughts on “Song Review: Weki Meki – Cool

  1. Ohh I didn’ t expect so high a rating! I think I am not entirely sold on the spoken word rap thing, but I do like the concept and the general sound. My thoughts also immediately went to ITZY, but I agree that this song has a different, unique energy.

    Nice to see Weki Meki go back to that teen crush concept- I think it suits them and it might help them stand out from other girl groups a bit more.


  2. I found effortless club sound executed so greatly and I will likely be listening to this for the following weeks.

    That bridge though. Wish it was something like Iron Boy where the bridge goes into an instrumental energy-filled dance break.

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      • I kind of wish it was a title track, tbh. I don’t understand the point of these short mvs. I’m sure they have enough footage to just make a full one, even if it’s lower-budget by SM standards. That would be much more exciting.

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        • My friend pointed out that the chorus has the same melody as Fiddler’s If I Were a Rich Man so, even though the chorus is my least favorite part (save for the bit in the middle with the different instrumental), I’m already super attached to it. That’s not a parallel I was expecting to have to draw!


          • Hah! I had to look it up just from the mention, and oh YES! it is. Once you hear it, you can’t unhear. SO the next question is what it intentional or just from the subconscious? Actually it would have been clever to make a mashup, like Ariana’s Seven Rings except she actually licensed “My favorite things”.


  3. I was smitten with this from the first MV preview and the full version far exceeded my expectations. Already a very strong contender for best girl group comeback this month and I hope they can squeak out a win somewhere.


  4. LOVE IT! Best song for me from them since Picky Picky. idk what happened to fantagio but they have really been pushing them 2019/2020 and the material has been nice


  5. The form is a good breakaway from their previous work, but I really hope there is some kind of climax somewhere in the song so that the return of the chorus in the end doesn’t ring hollow. I would say this is a “nice try”.

    It feels like NCT2018 + ITZY maybe? But not committed enough.


  6. I really enjoyed listening to the bassline. Even though this sound is quite common nowadays, it still felt unique. The rest of the song didn’t catch me as much but i can appreciate it as a whole.


  7. Oh I like this song a lot. I don’t think it is that different in style than prior Weki Meki songs – to me it is just an “octave down”. OK, more like a fifth or sixth down from their usual high chirpy chirps, but metaphorically speaking an octave down. This what cheerleader chants sound like when they aren’t on helium. Actually its quite cleverly done to evolve to a more mature look and feel.

    The groove is good too.


  8. Most tracks that are titled something along the lines of “cool” or “ha I’m badass” or “how you like that” (oops) mostly end up being not-so-good tracks. (I’m starting to like HYLT but honestly it’s just not a good song)

    This song is an exception. I love the runway sound. Weki Meki still has never disappoint me with their title tracks. Even Oopsy grew on me really quick. I hope they become more known.


  9. Awesome, I like this song a lot. I don’t think it is that different in style than prior Weki Meki songs. the best song for me from them since Picky Picky. This what cheerleader chants sound like when they aren’t on’s such a beautiful. That would be much more exciting.


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