Song Review: B.I.G – Flashback

B.I.G - FlashbackDebuting all the way back in 2014, B.I.G have made it through the K-pop wringer. Across those years, they’ve delivered a few killer singles. But, their releases are few and far between and it’s been over two years since we last heard from them. Now down to four members (from an original six), the guys have made an unexpected return with new single Flashback.

It’s hard not to root for a group who continues pushing forward, past roadblock after roadblock. B.I.G don’t have momentum fueling their sails, nor do they seem to have robust agency support. But, Flashback is a fun, generic dance track that captures them in good spirits. Co-written by Monotree’s Inner Child, the song is upbeat and enjoyable. It sidesteps K-pop’s current retro trend for tropical synths and a straightforward dance beat. In this way, its approach isn’t too dissimilar from Weki Meki’s Siesta last week. Both songs hit me in the same way. They’re fun and catchy, but lack the bite that would have me rushing back for more.

In Flashback’s case, this is due to a humdrum chorus and synths that sound too nondescript for their own good. The verses are better, with a percolating energy that builds interest. But as Flashback’s lyrics suggest, it’s hard not to consider past glories like 1.2.3, Aphrodite and Hello Hello. Those songs were all bolstered by unique aural calling cards that set them apart from the pack. Flashback is perfectly competent, but doesn’t push further to become a November standout.

 Hooks 7
 Production 7
 Longevity 8
 Bias 8


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