Song Review: ONEUS & ONEWE – Stay

ONEUS x ONEWE - Stay“Brother” groups ONEUS and ONEWE have a history of collaborations, from a pre-debut single to a fun variety show. They also share real (twin) brothers. I’ve long hoped for another collaboration – perhaps a full album? In my mind, they need to unite their specific skills and release a full-on idol dance track backed by a blazing rock band — something like ONEUS’s rock version of Valkyrie or this performance of Last Song. I just love the image of an idol group dancing in front of a live band.

Stay isn’t exactly what I’d hoped for, but it’s a pleasant winter release. RBW isn’t thinking outside the box here. The song is essentially one of those agency-wide smile-fests boiled down to two groups instead of the whole RBW fleet. It’s sappy fan service, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But, the approach also holds the song back.

On the plus side, both groups’ vocalists are on full display. Seoho and Yonghoon are two of my favorite idol vocalists working right now (imagine if they did a unit album together?), and their moments are instant highlights. But, everyone gets a chance to shine here. The rap line has some sentimental fun in verse two and during the bridge, and Stay’s chanted post-chorus brings all voices together. The song builds to a satisfying climax, its melody surging as more vocals are brought into the mix. I’m not sure I’ll remember this in a year’s time, but it’s hard not to smile over such an earnest shot of feel-good pop.

 Hooks 8
 Production 8
 Longevity 7
 Bias 8
 RATING 7.75

4 thoughts on “Song Review: ONEUS & ONEWE – Stay

  1. Well, hey, this is pretty good. It sounds like a lovely warm cup of cocoa. I like how they keep it moving and a few bpm faster than most sentimental mid-tempos. I think that works out well to keep it from sinking into itself.

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  2. It’s a pretty old song so it’s not truly a collab in my mind. Just a ‘oh my! They’ve finally released it for music sites’. Apparently it was first seen in their predebut show ‘we/I will debut’ (depending on how you translate the name.)

    Either way they’ve been performing this song for the past 3 years so idk, I guess that brings up the nostalgia/sentimental feeling? It’s a bit unfortunate that we’ve been waiting for a current collab for so long, but they’re kept really busy with their individual schedules.

    This seems more like a special Christmas gift to fans. ONEUS filmed it while they were exhausted due to schedules for LUNA and ONEWE sandwiches this between two releases. It seems like we’ll just have to wait more.


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